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  • Season 3
    • Episode 3.26
      Episode 3.26
      Episode 26
      On the day of the final competition, Angus shocks the kids with troubling news that Solar Blue is to be closed effective immediately and that there's no money for a wild card or a one year sponsorship deal, throwing the entire event into turmoil. Simmo returns as a surprise judge and convinces a local surf company to supply the team with the wild cards and sponsorship money needed. But now it's down to one issue - which boy and which girl will win the wild cards?moreless
    • Episode 3.25
      Episode 3.25
      Episode 25
      As the final competition looms, Cassie becomes suspicious that Garry is playing favourites through his extra coaching sessions of Loren. And when Cassie overhears Loren, Garry and Bec talking to each other, she becomes convinced that Loren has been pre-determined to win the tournament.
    • Episode 3.24
      Episode 3.24
      Episode 24
      In order of standing a chance of winning the finals, Guy thinks he needs to become much more competitive in his outlook and approach, this results in everything he does turning into a competition. Charley and Adam soon catch on and instinctively rise to the challenge that Guy's thrown down. This results into trouble when they must sell cookies for charity.moreless
    • Episode 3.23
      Episode 3.23
      Episode 23
      When a discussion about success comes up, Loren becomes crestfallen when Charley says that his whole year a Solar Blue will be a waste unless he wins. Which makes Loren think that their whole relationship means nothing to him. Meanwhile, through discussing the issue of success on different terms with the other members in the house, it is discovered that it's not all it's cut out to be.moreless
    • Episode 3.22
      Episode 3.22
      Episode 22
      Gary organises an adventure training camp for the kids with his old training buddy, Dan. When the girls input their opinion of Dan's appearance, coupled with the close attention Dan is paying to Cassie, Adam becomes infuriated and jealous.
    • Episode 3.21
      Episode 3.21
      Episode 21
      With summer approaching, the Solar Blue Kids discover what it's really like to share the waves, when Cassie gets hurt by a young surfer's wayward surfboard. Adam tries to come to terms with the offending surfers, but his attempt is ignored and suddenly finds himself a victim of some blatant racism. The following day at school, he finds an offensive drawing posted on his locker.moreless
    • Episode 3.20
      Episode 3.20
      Episode 20
      Guy becomes smitten with a french girl named Natalie, and does whatever it takes to impress her. He soon becomes distracted and his attention is taken away from his goal at Solar Blue, which causes him to fail required training for a comp. His poor performance leads to Solar Blue placing second and causes a sponsorship deal with their parent company to be cancelled.moreless
    • Episode 3.19
      Episode 3.19
      Episode 19
      While surfing a new break at Swordfish Bay, Cassie accidentally injures her foot. When given her prognosis, she finds out that it won't be healed in time for the next competition, and becomes worried that her whole year at Solar Blue is in jeopardy. Adam then decides to help her out by entering her in an ocean swim race, so she can score the required points to keep up with her team-mates.moreless
    • Episode 3.18
      Episode 3.18
      Episode 18
      Adam and Cassie go on a relaxing day at the nature park, but while they are there they see Charly with another girl. Back at Solar Blue Charly is evasive about his motovations for doing so for the next week or so he makes up excuses of hes where abouts. Cassie emmediatly jumps for conclusions and confronts him about cheating on loren only to learn that it was his sister, Elle. She had run away from her school and wanted to see Charly.moreless
    • Episode 3.17
      Episode 3.17
      Episode 17
      Bridget is delighted when her older brother, James, comes for a visit. He's on a mercy mission :sopposidly their younger brother, Ben, broke his ankle. Unable to convince Bec and Gary that skateboarding isn't safe, but then when Bridget leaves tells them that it is a plot to get the entire family together for their mothers birthday.moreless
    • Episode 3.16
      Episode 3.16
      Episode 16
      According to Charly everyonehas their weird side even though they may seem "normal." As the kids at Solar Blue enjoy a day of surfing they spot an elderly man, he tells them who he is and why he is there. Back at the house Charly reads about an elderly woman gone missing.moreless
    • Episode 3.15
      Episode 3.15
      Episode 15
      The kids at Solar Blue take a day off at the beach. Charlie and Loren became the year's first official couple.
    • Episode 3.14
      Episode 3.14
      Episode 14
      The kids at Solar Blue enter a mid-year slump, the girls suggest somthing new, a dance class. Only one person isn't into it after all the guys had accepted it, Guy. He just thinks that it's a change for the sake of a change.
    • Episode 3.13
      Episode 3.13
      Episode 13
      The kids reach the half-way mark in the year. Angus Lee visits Solar Blue, the kids recieve new boards, but they don't work too well.
    • Episode 3.12
      Episode 3.12
      Episode 12
      Bridget tells of her childhood dreams, and how in every story there should be a prince charming. She compares herself to others in the house, and wonders if she and Guy are in a relationship or not.
    • Episode 3.11
      Episode 3.11
      Episode 11
      Charley is still stuck at home still being bummed. Fly visits Solar Blue, Loren tells Fly about Charley. Then Fly pays a visit to Charley and gets him to help out with a surf camp near his home.
    • Episode 3.10
      Episode 3.10
      Episode 10
      The Solar Blue students are discussing their fears and anxieties, though Adam remains quiet. He has always had a fear, though he has always been too embarrassed to share it, but when his fear threatens his future at Solar Blue and his wish to be a professional surfer, something has to be done about it. Upon discovering his fear, Cassie decides to help him conquer it, and won't take no for an answer.moreless
    • Episode 3.09
      Episode 3.09
      Episode 9
      Loren is extremely happy when her father unexpectedly arrives at Solar Blue. She has always gotten on well with him and respects everything about him. But how will she feel when he demands that she returns home as he believes that Garry's training programme is ruining her chances of becoming a professional surfer? Loren doesn't want to leave and is forced to make a choice between her family and her life at Solar Blue.moreless
    • Episode 3.08
      Episode 3.08
      Episode 8
      Charley has always pushed himself to the very extreme of his limits, and is pumped for the upcoming regional surf comp. As the big day arrives he feels great, and even manages to attract his own personal cheer squad of three girls. However, after the competition, he feels lethargic, and unable to perform the simplest of tasks. Bec, concerned for him, takes Charley to the doctor for a blood test, and the diagnosis is not good.moreless
    • Episode 3.07
      Episode 3.07
      Episode 7
      Cassie has been enjoying her time at Solar Blue, and everything has gone without incident. However, things are about to change when she develops feelings for Adam, and upon discovering a birdwatching magazine for him in the mail develops an obsession in the subject to impress him. Only, it wasn't Adam's magazine...moreless
    • Episode 3.06
      Episode 3.06
      Episode 6
      Guy has always been carefree and always goes with the flow, but he is about to get a taste of the harshness of reality following an altercation at the local cafe. This escalates further while he is out shopping with Bridget when he is accused of shoplifting. The evidence is damning and is future at Solar Blue appears to be short. But is he really guilty? Did Bridget plant the clothes in his bag? Or is there a hidden agenda at play?moreless
    • Episode 3.05
      Episode 3.05
      Episode 5
      It has finally come that time of year when the students of Solar Blue have to begin their new school year, joining the local school of Blue Water High. However the new school year does not go without incident. The boys have to deal with the two school bullies, while Bridget's drive to succeed in all facets of her life leads her to be perceived as bossy and her classmates talk about her behind her back.moreless
    • Episode 3.04
      Episode 3.04
      Episode 4
      Garry's coaching techniques come under question when the students begin to believe that he is working them too hard. Adam is especially affected and loses it when instructed to partake in an orienteering exercise in the scorching heat while carrying heavy backpacks. But what is the real reason behind Garry's motives?moreless
    • Episode 3.03
      Episode 3.03
      Episode 3
      Loren begins to feel insecure about herself and doubts why she has been included at Solar Blue and feels out of place next to the other five students. She also begins to doubt her own surfing abilities, especially after Garry comments on her incorrect posture. Will these insecurities see her leaving Solar Blue forever?moreless
    • Episode 3.02
      Episode 3.02
      Episode 2
      As the kids gets settled into the Solar Blue house, they find out that making decisions is a little complexed when Bec assigns the group the task of choosing their surf coach from two completely opposite candidates.
    • Episode 3.01
      Episode 3.01
      Episode 1
      Some fresh new teenage faces arrive at Solar Blue, ready for the tough year ahead in the competitive search for the next big thing in surfing. As the first two arrivals, Cassie and Adam, investigate their new home, the police arrest them for trespassing.
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