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  • blue water high is amazing

    love this believe only now i actually heard of it though
  • OMG, I love blue water high. its the best show on abc3. I love all series. The characters are great.I was wondering if they were as kind in real person not just on the show? make more series please i dont want to not see another series plea

    OMG, I love blue water high. its the best show on abc3 i tape it every time its on. I love all series. All the characters are great. i was wondering if they were as nice and kind in real person not just on the show? Love teagan

    make more series please i dont want to not see another series

    please, please

    All the characters are hot u did a great job. could u make all blue water high episodes on dvd. please

    i give all episodes 11 out of 10 there just so great. There all ging to be so famous even when they say it in an episode.

    i love blue water high dont get rid of it
  • I love this show.

    What can I say, I love ths show, it's awesome! It has a good plot, good character build up, and awesome story lines. It also has surfing and a little romance/ little dating. So I dare you to check it out. All and all it's a really great show. So as my review of Blue Water High comes to a close, I just want to say, Blue Water High is awesome. I also want to say I think alot of people would really like it, so check it out. Also if anyone knows if there is going to be a season 4 please let me know.
  • Amazing it is absolutly fabulous! Its about teenagers who are chosen to come to a surf school and surf! watch it, it is amazing!

    I love this show it gets better and better every episode! I choose a classification of ahead of its time simply because it is. It is absoultly amazing. I would reccomened Blue water high to anybody who was looking for a good programme to watch. Even if you just watch one episode you just love it, then you just have to watch more. The actors and actresses are absolutly fabulous they know how to create chemistry between the and they work so well together. I love this show so much. It is definently ahead of its time. It is absolutly amazing. I love it.
  • a group of surfers compete for the prize of a surfing career

    A bunch of surfers who are good at surfing have been given a chance to compete for a chance to win a surfing career at a surfing academy. The group of teenagers must train and practise and compete in competitions, all the while being observed by Simmo, their instructor, and staying at a house. The characters and personalities of the people are sometimes not so obvious considering this show is about surfing and school and not about people with character interacting, but sometimes they argue on an issue or come to disagreements. At the end of the year one boy and one girl get picked to win the prize. On the way they face challenges such as being stuck in someone elses caravan whilst its moving or Peri wondering whether she should accept a modelling career offer. The activities range from removing graffiti and listening to german music to competing in surf competitions, but it really isn't that interesting. Perhaps some of my bias against this show comes from the fact i don't know anything about surfing, but it really seems a pointless waste of time and i can hardly believe people make a career out of doing practically nothing. Hardly worth watching.
  • It may be corny but I love it none the less.

    Blue water high one of the best quality teen shows around. I'm not really a surfy person but for some reason I find myself drawn to this show, it may be my love for teen shows who knows. But one thing I do know for sure is that each character is memorable, unique and always have certain qualities that make me like/dislike them. Besides the characters the thing I love about this show the most is the relationships, I find them adorable. I also find the story lines believable and dramatic, and what can I say I love a good scandal.
  • Don't think I'd be in the recommended viewing age for this but I love it just the same.

    This is on at an awkard time for me as I am usually just leaving work when it is on but when BWH is on I try at get home it time to watch. Although I hate to admit it as I am a little old to be watching it but I think it is great. Am disapointed they didn't have anything like this on when I was younger. Decent actors and likeable characters(although I think the first series was better than the second) without using shock tactics to get the viewer interested. A show I try to to miss but if you ever met me in person I would deny everything!
  • Blue Water High it's a show about kisses and surfing, what could be better?

    This show it's fabulous and fun to watch, just waves, surf, kisses, great music, and a prize, sooo..... let's review it:
    Sound: The songs in this show are addictive, even when you hear them without the show, that's all I have to say:
    Entertainment: This show it's mostly entertaining, as I said, it's kisses and surf:
    Characters: The characters in the show match the theme pretty well, almost perfectly:
    Popularity: This show could be more popular, but it's just like another show:
    Conclusion: Kisses and surf it's the perfect combinaton for a show, a must see for almost every age, and one of my favorite shows.
  • This show is amazing!

    I do love Blue Water High, is so cool! I do love it I can not lose an episode because I feel I die! I live in Peru and here Season 2 was presented the 2007, one year after the presentation in Australian television. The first epeisode was incredible with some of the old characters it was just beautiful, I miss season 1 characters but the new guys are great too. It was displayed on Saturday, at 8:30 p.m. on Boomerang it was presented as the best teen drama series of the momment, who can say that it is not true? BWH is amazing!
  • Probly the best teen drama series there has been in along time

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  • omg, the best show ever... that involves surfing...

    From my experience of watching this show, it is just the best iv watched....

    If u like surfing, hot guys and hot gals, u will love this show...

    I love the charcs, Eric, James and Amy..
    From the first series i liked Beck, Heath and Fly...

    I rekon simmo is a bit uptight but i suppose he shuld be...
    I wuld luv if James culd cum to the formal with me but that wuld never happen..
    my friend is dieing to have ryan corr as her formal date its really funny....

    But if u like Romance, Surfing and Hot Gus and Gals, just watch this show...
  • Healthy, happy teens enjoying life

    Great to see a show that gives us some healthy happy teens making the most out of life.The producers of blue water high have given kids positive role models with these characters.Yeah the girls are gorgeous but they have healthy physiques and lead active healthy lifestyles.Friendship, fun and humour and the way the characters work together to solve problems are the elements that make this show different and refreshing.Oh did I mention the surfing. This show is relatable to aussie kids because it could be based on any teens life that that lives along the australian coast.I have to agree with gurlsrus all the characters in this show are great but Ryan Corr(Eric) and Gabrielle Scollay(Amy)are definately my favourites.

  • Blue Water High is a Kids show that has not only the kids watching but also adults of varying ages. Kid’s love it, Teens love it, Young Adults love it and people that I know and work with who are in their 50s watch it and really enjoy it.

    The second season of Blue Water High has started the year well and is going great with six new and talented up-coming actors/actresses. All the young people on the show this year are much closer in age to their characters then in the previous season.

    I was in the meal room at work watching BWH with one of my work colleagues and she said she enjoyed the show because it took her back to times when things were simpler and the problems that the young teens deal with are real issues that many kids experience.

    She said it was good to see a show depicting teenagers being resilient and showing that teenagers were good at problem solving for themselves and that they are capable of sorting out and fixing problems without an adult coming to the rescue.

    Other friends my age with children tell me their kids watch it but admit that they watch it themselves and really enjoy it. The consensus is that the ABC has quality rather then quantity. So no more feeling guilty at this guilty pleasure. I like Blue Water High and it could be on TV every night of the week. The only thing that has me puzzled is why it has a kids rating when it is obviously more then that.

    It has only been the 3rd episode for this season but I think so far my favourites are Eric (Ryan Corr) and Amy Gabrielle Scollay) I think because their characters are similar they are both fun kids who enjoy life to the full. Neither waits for life to find them but go out and embrace it for themselves. I hope this is only the beginning of a bright future for all the new stars on Blue Water High.
  • Blue Water High is about a group of teenagers who are all competing to win a wildcard spot on the Pro circuit tour. The show displays their lives during this year.

    Blue Water HIgh is a fantastic show for all ages. The filming takes place in the beautiful northern beaches in sydney and is a great Australian show. The characters are all typical teenagers and their freindship dilemas etc are all shown in a highly interesting way. The show is a bit predictable but is still very entertaining to watch.My favourite characters are Fly (fiona) and Heath who always goes everywhere with a camera on him. The actors although newcomers show very good acting. i wouldnt be suprised if they pop up more often on tv. I hope a second series is made of this show!
  • Blue Water High is based on a surfing competition between two teams. The series is filmed on a beach in Australia.

    Blue Water Hight is an amazing teen series. It is set on a beach in Australia. The water is crystal clear.

    The series centre's on Fly, Anna, Bec, Perri, Edge, Heath and Matt who are competing for a place in the world surfing circuit.

    Most teens watch the show because there are some hot actors and actresses in it.

    Will they win or will they loose? You'll just have to watch the show to find out.
  • best show cool chicks and hot guys

    This program rocks. you get sweet surf, cool chiks and hot guys wot more could u ask 4! The show is based around teenagers that guys and girls like myself wanna be like. and doesnt the surf look wicked! I know that i would love to be in any of those girls shoes and im not the only one
    I say6 keep this going and you should agree with me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Blue water high is the best show eva. it has great perspective on teenage life as well as surfing it should neva have breaks from tv

    i love this show. neva cut it what so eva. i could watch this all day i f wanted to. heath is so cute and i think that perrie is heaps pretty. where is this show made. i love anna's accent it is so awesome. i'd love to learn to surf one day but i don't live near the beach. 2 hours away
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  • A great show with good themes.

    This show is a fantastic example of what can go right in Australian programming if the ABC is involved. The characters are well developed and likeable and I know a lot of people who are tuning into this show. The question is will the ABC commission a second series I'm one of the people who certainly hope so.
  • Blue Water High rocks my socks....

    Blue Water High is one of the best shows for teens that I've seen in a while. It centre's around Fly, Anna, Bec, Perri, Edge, Heath and Matt, teen surfers who are competing for a place in the world surfing circuit, and a fully payed sponsership from Solar Blue. The show rolls together everything teens want to see from a tv show- romance, growing up and fun. The cast is fantastic, with a fresh cast, who are so loveable. The guys are hot, the girls are pretty and all in all its everything I want in a show. I hope it contines for ages....