Blueprint America

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Blueprint America

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Blueprint America is a television program that airs on the PBS Network. Each episode deals with a different topic related to the infrastructure of the United States in the context of current events. Recent episodes have covered President Obama's high-speed rail plan, demographic shifts in American suburbs, the current economic recession, the Republican-dominated United States Transportation Committee, and issues in urban planning and design. The program aims to increase awareness of the problems facing the aging and neglected infrastructure in the United States, and to promote discussion about the most efficient and beneficial ways to update and improve the nation's roads, railways, and other public works. The developers of Blueprint America believe that the nation's decaying infrastructure forms a serious impediment to the American quality of life, and is causing serious damage to our economy as well. Each episode stresses the urgency to find funding to fix American airports, bridges, dams, levees, roads, waterways, and other elements of the infrastructure, and urges Americans to put aside partisan differences and collaborate towards these important goals.moreless

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