Blue's Clues

Season 3 Episode 2

Art Appreciation

Aired Weekdays 10:30 AM Apr 26, 1999 on Nickelodeon

Episode Recap

Steve invites us in. He says he's glad we're here because there's going to be an art show in the backyard. He's still trying to figure out what to make for the show, but then says that we gave him an inspiration. He creates a picture of us. Later, we take a look at the artwork of some of our other friends. We find fish popping up all over as we try to spot fish in three different pieces of artwork from our friends, including felt friend Phaedrus. We also learn about Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper's vegetable sculpture. In the Blue Skidoo segment, we find three friends who have popped out of the paintings they belong in and can't figure out which one to go back too. We match them up by color, shape and lines to get them back to the right paintings.

In this episode, Steve plays Blue's Clues to figure what Blue is going to make for the art show. The three clues in this episode are:

Clue 1: [highlight to see]A Pie Plate[/highlight to see]

Clue 2: [highlight to see]String[/highlight to see]

Clue 3: [highlight to see]Spoons[/highlight to see]

Based on one or more of these clues, can you figure out what Blue is going to make for the art show? The correct answer is: [highlight to see]A Wind Chime[/highlight to see]
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