Blue's Clues

Season 5 Episode 39

Blue's First Holiday

Aired Weekdays 10:30 AM Dec 12, 2003 on Nickelodeon

Episode Recap

Joe invites us in and wishes us happy holidays. He and Blue have made us a happy holidays picture. He says that it's they're way of saying happy holidays to us. We head into the living room and Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper annonunce a special present. They have two videotapes that they want us to watch. Everyone can't wait to see them and wonder who's in them. We begin viewing the first movie and see Tickety and Slippery when they were very little. We also see Baby Joe, who's sleeping under a duck blanket, his very first holiday present. Then we see Shovel and Pail and finally Young Steve. Everyone, though, wonders where Blue is. It turns out that Blue wasn't there yet. We continue watching and find out about the day Steve first met Blue. Everyone was getting presents - Joe his duck blanket, Slippery a bubble wand, Tickety Tock blocks, Shovel and Pail toy animals and Side Table Drawer, her very first telephone. Steve hadn't gotten anything yet, but he knew what he wanted, a puppy. Mailbox pops in and delivers a present for Steve. It's a book called "About A Puppy." In the story, there are black puppies and brown puppies, but one very special blue puppy. She acted a lot different from the other dogs and what she wanted more than anything else was a friend that she could play with. Steve loves the book and reads it over and over. That night, he reads the book one more time and goes to sleep. Early the next morning, the book sparkles and Blue skiddoos out of it. She sees what's to become her favorite starrred beach ball and starts playing with it. Young Steve wakes up and sees that the blue puppy isn't on the cover of the book anymore. Then she shows up and Young Steve is very happy. He introduces her to everybody, saying that he name is Blue. Mr. Salt says that she was there to stay. Once they're done with the video, Joe gets a phone call. It turns out that it's Steve, calling all the way from college. He wishes us happy holidays. Later, we watch a second video called "Blue's First Clue." We see everyone out having fun in the snow. Everyone has as a favorite thing to do - for Baby Joe, it's just sitting. But that night, once everyone comes in out of the snow, they can't find Baby Joe's blanket. In this episode, Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper present a video called "Blue's First Clue." In it, Blue creates the game of Blue's Clues when she can't figure out how to communicate something. Young Steve plays Blue's Clues for the first time ever to figure out where Baby Joe's blanket is. Since time is of the essence, Blue places her pawprint on all of the clues very quickly. Also, appropriately, Young Steve is able to both find and solve the clues without any help. The three clues are: Clue 1: [highlight to see]A Circle[/highlight to see] Clue 2: [highlight to see]A Carrot[/highlight to see] Clue 3: [highlight to see]Snow[/highlight to see] Based on one or more of these clues, can you figure out where Baby Joe's blanket is? The correct answer is: [Highlight to See]Outside on a Snowman[/Highlight to See]
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