Blue's Clues

Season 5 Episode 41

Classic Clues

Aired Weekdays 10:30 AM Jan 27, 2004 on Nickelodeon



  • Trivia

    • In "Blue's School," the third clue is on a jar sitting on a table. The blue pawprint is facing the viewer and Steve is at the other end of the table. A kid yells out "a clue" and Steve just sort of lowers his head a bit, looks down quickly and says that it is a clue. Steve's quick responsiveness is unusual for him, but what's even more odd is that unless there's a pawprint on the other side of the jar, there's no way he can see the clue. The jar is too far away from him and the table is fairly level, such that there is no way for him to see the pawprint which is facing us.

  • Quotes

    • Quotes from "Blue's School"

      Steve: (singing) We're looking out the window / Driving down the street / sittin' next to my buddy / 'Cause that's my favorite seat / Yeah! On the bus, riding on the bus

    • Steve: You know, I really don't think Teacher Blue would really want us to just leave the pawprint up there.

    • Steve: That makes me feel... How do you think that makes the school bus feel?

    • Steve: Do you go to school? Really? You know, one day I want to go to college.

    • Quotes from "Something to Do Blue"

      Steve: We could play the guitar, sing some songs. What do you think Blue?
      Blue: (barks "no")

    • Periwinkle: Steve, out here.
      Sock Puppet 2.0: Steve, there appears to be some sort of cat, or, uh, kitten at the window.

    • Steve: You know, this is so cool. Blue doesn't even know what the answer to Blue's Clues will be.

    • Sock Puppet 2.0: It was very nice to meet you.

    • Periwinkle: Do you want to see my best trick ever?

    • Steve: You know, I never knew you could make so many things out of two squares.

    • Steve: So "G" is for guitar and "A" is for acorn. Good to know.

    • Mrs. Pepper: (starting a song) Just go on down to the kitchen of life /
      Mr. Salt: Then pick out a flavor or two /
      Mrs. Pepper: Then you stir it up, stir it up, stir it up tasty /
      Mr. Salt: You wanna get something new!
      Both: Because they're all ingredients in the Something to Do Stew.

  • Notes

    • When Blue creates Saturn out of a hula hoop and a ball in the skidoo segment in "Something to Do Blue," a few bars of the "Planets" song from "What Experiment Does Blue Want To Try?" play in the background.

    • In "Blue's School," Steve states that someday he'd like to go to college, notable because his character actually did leave the show to "go to college" in "Steve Goes to College."

    • Throughout "Blue's School," the icon at Tickety's "12" position changes to indicate the activity that the characters are participating in at "school."

    • Nick Balaban, the voice of Mr. Salt, is also one of Steve's Friends (additional voices) in "Blue's School." Angela Santomero is credited as Angela C. Santomero and Jennifer Twomey is credited as Jennifer Twomey Perello. Shadoe Alan Brandt is credited as Shadoe Brandt and Jennifer Michelle Brown is credited as Jennifer Brown. Angela Santomero and Jennifer Twomey wrote both episodes and both were directed by Bruce Caines.

    • Video version is prefaced by upwards of ten minutes of promos and previews. Promos include "Rugrats Go Wild" on VHS + DVD, Dora the Explorer direct-to-video and DVD 50-minute special "Dora's Pirate Adventure" (released on the same day as this video/DVD), Nick Jr. video and DVD collection, Oswald video and DVD debut, Charlotte's Web and Charlotte's Web 2 on video and DVD and Nick Jr. promo "Wanna Play?"

    • Production numbers on the two unaired episodes: 418, 414.

    • Mailtime Segment for "Blue's School:" Mailbox asks Steve what he's doing. Steve explains about the pretend school and Mailbox quips that he learned about "letters" in school. In the letter, a little girl shows us the different areas of her classroom. We see that there are areas for playing with blocks, reading and painting.

      Mailtime Segment for "Something to Do Blue:" Steve takes the sock that Side Table Drawer gave him and makes Mailbox into an elephant. In the letter, a girl and a boy have fun placing googly eyes on things and creating characters such as "Mrs. Bowl of Bananas" and "Mr. Spatula."

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