Blue's Clues

Season 6 Episode 2

Love Day

Aired Weekdays 10:30 AM Feb 16, 2004 on Nickelodeon



  • Notes

    • First new episode combining the traditional Blue's Clues elements and the new "Blue's Room" segment. The following changes have been made:

      New opening sequences that still includes the "Blue's Clues Day" opening theme, but features the puppet version of Blue opening the pop-up book from her playroom.
      Modified "To Play Blue's Clues" song with the lyric "To play Blue's Clues we have to find three pawprints," instead of inidividual lines discussing each pawprint, most likely in an attempt to save time
      Video letters during Mailtime as well as the closing credits sequence generally seem to run a bit shorter
      Following the solving of Blue's Clues and the activity associated with it, Blue visits "Blue's Room" where she participates in a game or two.
      The "So Long Song" has been replaced by the "Goodbye Song" with lyrics including "See ya' latah / Sweet potatah."