Blue's Clues

Season 5 Episode 32

Magenta's Messages

Aired Weekdays 10:30 AM Sep 18, 2003 on Nickelodeon

Episode Recap

We're outside and Joe tells us that we're saying goodbye to Magenta. She's leaving for a trip to the beach. She wants us to care of her house and to help out, she's left us a set of messages that tell us what to do. We read the first one, which features a picture of the key and says "Get the Key." It turns out that Magenta's mailbox (who sounds like the female version of our usual Mailbox) has the key. We use the key to go inside and follow the messages to take care of the next thing, water the plants. We find more messages that tell us which watering pot to use for the flowers and which to use for the spider plant. Next, we have to feed the fish. We choose the right food, read the instructions to find out how much fish food to use and then feed the fish. We find that Magenta's out of food, so we create a message and post it on her refrigerator to let her know that she needs more fish food. Finally, we help out by taking out the recycling from the kitchen. In this episode, Joe plays Blue's Clues to figure out what Blue wants to write in her message. The three clues in this episode are: Clue 1: [highlight to see]Magenta[/highlight to see] Clue 2: [highlight to see]An Arrow[/highlight to see] Clue 3: [highlight to see]The Blue's Clues House[/highlight to see] Based on one or more of these clues, can you figure out what Blue wants to write in her message? The correct answer is: [highlight to see]Come to Our House[/highlight to see] Epilogue: Joe plops down in a wooden lawn chair outside and uses it as a thinking chair. Blue creates her message and leaves it on Magenta's desk. She finds the message and comes over, with the seashell that she found at the beach for Blue.
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