Blue's Clues

Season 7 Episode 2

Meet Blue's Baby Brother

Aired Weekdays 10:30 AM Aug 06, 2006 on Nickelodeon

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  • It is a baby show.

    I loved this because Blue has a baby brother just like me. If my baby was older, he will like it. He is tired now. Jonathan named Blue's baby boy Sprinkles just like me.
    We were angry when the show is over. We cried like our baby.
    It is rockin. We hope to get the dvd.
  • This special episode is not actually a Blue's Clues episode!

    Yeah, it has some characters and elements from the origanal series but when I went to the Blue's Clues wiki I saw that it said it's not actually a season 6 episode of the show but the fact a Blue's Room episode. And Behind the Clues was only a documentary none of these episodes were not quite the continuation of the Origanal Show. Do you agree of my comment? Am I right or wrong? Let me know!
  • Miss Blue's Clues a lot!

    I thought that this show was good and just don't Like it that it airs no more. Despite that, Glad to see human hosts, original Steve and Joe(whom I
    Liked a lot more better!) But seeing Blue talk was really great because I was thinking how come in the original series that she didn't talk while the other animals did? Still it was a treat to see her new baby brother being born!