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  • Really awesome.

    This show was so cool. Steve & Joe are good at this job. It's a good show to watch. If your kids want a challenge & want to learn, this show is for them. Don't let them watch Maggie & the Ferocious Beast. It is a bad show. This show would be of best choice.
  • great show!

    this show is great, but i truly prefer steve to joe, no offense to him. i think steve just fit better as far as the owner of the house goes. also, i think that blue has always been amazing. she is such a great dog, i wish i had her
  • It's such a creative little show; I hope it stays on, even if it's just reruns!

    I heard through the grapevine that there won't be any new episodes of Blue's Clues. That's a shame, because my children are just getting into it, and I fear that Nick won't show Blue's Clues as often as it has in the past.

    I kind of guessed it was past its prime when Blue's Room was thrown into the mix, Joe started singing new songs (I can't believe someone would want to replace "Now it's time for so long..."), and the clues just drew themselves. In other words, it was getting very gimmicky.

    This is the only children's show that my boys will sit through, and they even dance along with Steve or Joe, especially during the "Mail Time" segment! I hope this show lives a long life in reruns or syndication, because I enjoy watching it, too.

    It's much more enjoyable than Dora The Explorer or that creepy new show, Lazytown. There's no shouting in Blue's Clues (a la Dora), and there's no techno music or freaky puppets (Lazytown). It seems to me that, in a watered-down market of kid shows, perfectly good shows are being replaced by newer shows (not necessarily better ones) in an effort to attract new viewers. This has resulted in a huge turnover rate, and I can tell that Blue's Clues has fallen victim to its age. It's no longer "fresh". What a shame, but it's still at the top of my list.
  • A great show I found alot of fun when I was a child.

    “Blue’s Clues” is one of those Nick Jr. shows that does not drive me to kick the creator’s ass. It originally starred Steve and his blue dog, Blue (of course). Every day, Blue leaves Steve with three clues that pertain to what Blue wants to do for the day. These “clues” are actually Blue’s paw prints on objects that relate to the activity she wants to do. Everytime that Steve finds one of Blue’s clues, he writes them down (actually, he draws them) on his handy dandy… his handy dandy… HIS HANDY DANDY…?! (“Notebook!”) Notebook!

    “Blue’s Clues” is another one of those interactive children’s shows that counts on you (the viewer) to help Steve in his search for clues and finding out what Blue wants to do. But, unlike some other interactive shows, a girl’s voice coming from out of nowhere shouts out the answer. I think this idea is better than the “moment of silence” treatment because it tells you the answer and brings you a better understanding of what is going on (if you are slow, that is). Take this little example…

    VOICE FROM NOWHERE: “A clue! A clue!”
    STEVE: “A clue? Where?”
    VOICE FROM NOWHERE: “On the box of condoms!”
    STEVE: “…Cut! Cut! Cut! I thought we wouldn’t make a sex episode!”

    While other shows like “Dora the Explorer” do this…

    DORA: “What are we going to do with this obviously rotten tomato sandwich?”
    *Dora stares at you with her big, creepy eyes for five seconds*
    DORA: “Yeah! Eat it! Good job, amigo! Give yourself a pat on the back!”
    *You pat yourself on the back, knowing you did not do anything*

    After Steve Burns’s departure from Blue’s Clues in the early millennium due to college purposes, his brother Joe takes his place! While Joe does not liven up the show like his brother did, I still found him a great replacement for Steve, albeit he was not as dramatic.

    JOE: “Oh. We found a clue. Yayyy…”

    Still, I loved this show as a child. Actually, this was the only show I loved as a child. Regardless, though, I will not be watching it anymore because it is too low-grade-level for me. I will still miss the show, however.
  • 0.1
    Who thought of this? I never liked this show, even when I was little I didn\\\'t like it. All the songs that they sing are so stupid. They need to take singing lessons. And what\\\'s up with everything being alive? Every single object can talk. Blues Clues is just so messed up.
  • Educational program for children to watch if they do watch TV one of mine and the childrens first picks. It is also only 30 min so it is not a strugle to get then to ture it off and change activities.

    Educational program for children to watch if they do watch TV one of mine and the childrens first picks. It is also only 30 min so it is not a strugle to get then to ture it off and change activities. Space is alowed for the children to inter act and the correct anser is ginen insted of praise.
  • I used to totally love this show when I was little..

    I used to LOVE Blue's Clues, but ever since the idiot that plays Joe came in, it went downhill. I mean, Steve was cool! He was a fun and kinda dim kind of guy, but Joe is just stupid..
    The episodes also got weird. I mean, Magenta getting glasses? What's THAT all about?! The old episodes used to have good messeges: Healthy Snacks, Get rest when you're sick, etc. Now, they hardly have them at ALL.
    Now, Blue's Room time. What the--?? Blue talks and is a puppet now?! Holy cow! And, now she hangs out with retarted puppets that don't know sqat?! What the heck is that!?

    Honestly, I sometimes miss the old Blue's Clues..
  • I really do not like this show, but I did when I was younger but now I don't like it.

    accually I almost hate it but it is for like 2-5 year olds but still I pratically hate it it was hard for me to even come here also the reason I give it a 2.1 is that I liked it when I was 3-4. And thats all I have to say.
  • Blues clues is very educational and an enjoyable show.

    I've been watching Blue's Clues since it first came on in 1998.I was seven.Now I'm fourteen,and my love for the show has never changed.Sure as you get older it seems a little...slower,but the point I am trying to make is that this is a show that keeps some of your childhood memories.So if your five,fifteen,or even fifty,this show is always enjoyable.You can enjoy watching it as a kid,you can enjoy watching it as a teenager,and you can enjoy watching it with your own kids.
  • Blue and steve and/or Joes play Blue's Clue's by Finding Blue's pawprint on something and figuring out what Blue is trying to tell them.

    It is a good show but I only watch it for entertainment. But still the show is OK but it's good for kids ages 3-6. I think that this show was good but it was to young for me. But still I watch it on videos when I am bored.
  • Great, educational show, moves at just the right speed!

    Great show. Learns basic skills, as well as how to discover and reason, yet moves at a lively pace. Unlike Dora which seems to drag along, Blues Clues is really a great, healthy show.

    I also like the fact that, while a formula based show, Blues Clues does deviate its' style frequently. Again, much better than Dora's repetition!
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