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  • Entertaining

    Yes, this show breaks the fourth wall in almost every episode, but it's really enjoyable after all. It's actually EDUCATIONAL, unlike other Nick Jr. shows. In this show, they teach math, how to draw, numbers, ABC's, etc. There are talking inanimate objects, but not a lot, unlike *cough cough* Dora the Explorer *cough cough*.

    I wish they can bring this show back someday.

    My grade: A++
  • My Greatest Childhood Along With The Big Comfy Couch.

    I loved this show when I was a young kid, and I'll always will love this show, even when I'm growing up. Because Blue's Clues is my favorite Nick Jr. Shows and it is much much better than lots of other cheesy shows that Nick Jr. has today. Honestly, The Big Comfy Couch & Blue's Clues will always be on my sacred heart of love because these two children TV Show is so much better than lots and lots of cheesy and corny children show that they put on today. I'll recommend my kids to watch this show, and have a childlike life. So yeah, I give this kid's Thumbs Up!!!!!
  • Loved The Show

    Blue's Clues: An old time Nick classic. Perfect for any growing child in preschool. 10/10

    (500th Review. :D)
  • One of my Childhood Favorites!

    I LOVED this show when I was little. It's just.. how could somebody not love it?

    Charaters: 7/10- I loved all the charaters except for when Joe came in. I liked Steve so much better, and Joe kind of ruined it for me.

    Plots: 10/10- Cute, and not hard for young children.

    Orginality: 10/10- That's obvious. The charaters go into paintings and books!

    Animation (or charaters like Blue and Perriwinkle Cat): 5/10- The charaters just mainly hop around, but still.

  • Wow!!! I can't believe I was a little boy when this cartoon came out and whenever I watch reruns once in a while... it brings back my childhood memories

    This was one of my favorite little kids cartoon and I still enjoy watching this little kids cartoon even though I'm older now. I wish this cartoon was still on television and "Dora the Explorer" would already be canceled. This is what you call an enjoyable little kids cartoon. I was sad when I found out that this cartoon got canceled when I was little. Once in a while, I would watch the reruns of this cartoon and I would absolutely enjoy it. Whenever I need my childhood memories back... this cartoon helps me with that and makes me smile because I would say to myself "Man, I can't believe how fast the years have gone by... this cartoon sure gave me a wonderful childhood memory because I enjoy it so much". I love of the characters in this cartoon. The only irritating thing about this cartoon (now that I'm older) is that it takes Steve (or Joe) forever to look at the clue. Blue is one of my favorite characters and she will always be in my heart. Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper were also very good characters. I also loved Shovel and Pail. There were a couple of more characters in this cartoon that I really liked as well. Overall, whenever I need to look back at my childhood memories... I watch this cartoon because this cartoon is my childhood memory and it will always stay in my heart... I love you "Blue's Clues" and thanks for bringing me so much happiness from when I was a little boy and even now that I'm older. 10/10
  • memories

    blue puts pawprints on various things around the house, and blue's owner steve (or joe, depending what era you're watching) have to find them and figure out what blue wants to do at the end of the day, and then they do it.

    childhood nostalgia show right here. i watched this show like every day and i really liked it. i do not know how i would feel about it if i watched it now, but i do think it is an overall good show, and so my grade for the show is an easy and well deserved (IMO) A+
  • The best show in the history of children TV shows! PERIOD!

    The Blue puppy. The host(s). The paw prints clues. The notebooks. The red chair. The Skidooing. The magenta and green puppies. The cats. The kangaroo. The mailbox, soap bar, clock, drawer, salt, pepper, paprika, cinnamon, the shovel, the pail, the felt friends, the pink snail and all the characters: These are all parts of one the best, if not the best, children television shows that I've ever seen in the whole of my life! I'm talking ,of course, about Blue's Clues! Blue's Clues has been on for over 10 years, and it's still one of the most unique shows ever! The show is about a little blue puppy who's name is simply Blue. She lives in a house with he family and friends, and her best friend Steve, played by Steven Burns, and she loves to play a game called "Blue's Clues". To play all you need are some paw prints, a notebook, a chair, and, of course, the clues! Whenever there was a problem in the house, the school, the neighborhood, or anywhere for that matter, Blue would quickly think of an answer and jump to the screen and leave a giant paw print on it: that means she wanted to play Blue's Clues! Then Steve would erase the paw print from the screen in thousands of ways and then get his handy dandy notebook from side table drawer, a draw character, and starts singing to the viewers about the rules of the game. Then he starts looking around the house for the clues, the clues have to be anything with Blue's paw prints on it. Sometimes, he would have to follow Blue when she jumps, or "Skidoo" as the say, into a picture frame, book, board game-Basically into anything that's not a real doorway. That's my favorite part of the show. Then when he got all 3 clues he would go back to the living room and go to the Thinking Chair, a red chair where he thinks of the answer to the clues. And once he would solve it he would sing: "We just figured out Blue's clues!
    We just figured out Blue's clues!
    We just figured out Blue's clues!
    We just figured out Blue's clues,
    Because we're really smart!"

    But on the 3-part episode in Season 5, Steve's younger, but taller brother, Joe burns, played by Donovan Patton, was put in his place when Steve "went to collage". (In reality, Steve Burns quit because he was going bald.) Whether it's Steve, Joe, Blue or anyone, Blue's Clues will always be in the hearts of children all over the world, young and old.
  • Great show for kids!

    I don't really like this now since I'm a teen now, but I LOVED it when I was young. I started watching this when I was probably two years old, but I don't remember when I stopped watching it. I always loved it more than Dora the Explorer. I think it's a great, fun show for little kids. It's flawless. No bad grammar and no bad behavior that kids will imitate. It teaches kids to be adventurous, creative, and outgoing. I highly recommend it to parents who are looking for a good show for their children to watch. I loved Blue, Magenta, Periwinkle, and everyone else! I was kinda disappointed when Steve left the show, but I still liked it when Joe was in it. I loved it, so I'm sure lots of kids will, too.

    Animation: A+
    Characters: A+
    Education: A+
    Dialogue: A+
    Entertainment/Fun: A+
    Overall score: A+
  • greatest little kids show of all time

    im going to be a freshmen for school this year. and i use to watch this show all the time with steve (i never watched joe. i hate joe) and now i watch it with my niece who just loves this show. if u have a kid this is a great show to learn things. it a really great learning show. in one episode u might be learning about one thing. but then u think about what blues clue is going to be. and all the people you have to help along the way.

    this is a great kids show and whenever i watch it, it really brings me back to when i was a care free kid.
  • It was good untill Joe came...

    Best show for little kids from 2 to 6 or something.I used to love this show,and heck I still do!At least with Steve....Joe made it suck eggs!!!!!!I wish Steve never went bald!:[Joe for one sucks at singing.My ears turn inside out[if they could]!!!!!!!!!They also made blues room[WHAT THE HECK PPL?!].When Steve was on,I used to [and sometimes still do] sit on the couch and watch it all day[maybe thats an exaggeration]!I love Blues clues[with Steve],My little sister loves it,and even MOM loves it!!!!Best little kids show ever!Makes Wonder pets look like peasants[no offense I like your show a little too]!
  • A childhood favorite

    Back when I was a child, this show was not only my favorite show or a show, but it was THE children's show for me. I never liked Barney, Teletubbies, or any of those other shows, only because they creped me out beyond anything. However this show was always fun to watch, it didn't have little children running around or have grown adults acting too far into a children's actions, nor did it have crazy puppet like creatures running around and singing.

    This was a fun, educational program where you actually had to solve certain things by using clues, it wasn't like some where you didn't even have to think to solve something, you definitely had to use your head. Of course, I liked Steve better and I kept up with the show for years, but as time passed, I grew from the show and decided not to watch it. However, if it's ever on, I may just slip over to the show and watch it every now and then. Still a good show to watch I suppose, it is interesting to watch when there's nothing better on. I still enjoy it, I'm guilty, but it's better than most other children shows out there, in my opinion.
  • When I was little this was the best show in the world!

    I always loved the idea of objects coming to life and interacting with humans, as silly as that may sound it's true! I loved this show when I was little, I kind of stopped watching after Steve left. I didn't HATE Joe he just wasn't as good! I love all the characters especially Mailbox. My favorite characters were alway Mr. Salt, Mrs. Pepper, and Paprika. I didn't remember much until I found some old eps on ON DEMAND. Blue was such a fun little dog! Then I remembered how much I loved it. Now I'm obsessed with it again. I love Blue.
  • I used to love Blue's Clue!

    Well, I barely ever watch this show anymore but when I was younger I used to love it. This is about a dog named Blue and her owner Steve, and their life. During the show they find three clues, and in the end of the episode Steve goes to his "thinking chair" and puts the three clues together and forms a central image. I used to try and put the clues together but when I came up with an answer, it would always be wrong. I am sad Steve left the show, because he plays the charaxter better than Joe. No one can compare to Steve.
  • Cool Show!

    Welcome to the Blue's Clues guide at!

    "To empower, to challenge, and build the self-esteem of preschoolers...all while making them laugh!" --- show slogan

    Blue's Clues is now celebrating its tenth anniversary. The tenth anniversary special, "Meet Blue's Baby Brother," was a hit. A new album is now out and keep watching for the DVD release of the tenth annivesary special.
  • This show is a musty have in my house. My young daughter recently went off of her daily Dora fix and is now totally engrossed in Blue's Clues. She is at the age where she is really starting to get the show.

    This is one of the best show's on tv for young viewers. My 20 month old recently started needing a daily fix of Blue. IT has been really awesome to watch her start to interact with the show. And she is really learning something as well. She knows spanish words and is learning some social interaction from the show. It is also a show that keeps the parents interested. My wife and I try to guess the clues before the end, and jsut this weekend my wife guessed that it was Sprinkles who is Blue's brother by the time the first clue was shown. It keeps my attention because I am on a mission to find the snails in every episode. For those who do not know what I am talking about, there are two snails hidden in the background of every episode. I am in the process of trying to add them to the notes section of the individual episodes here.
  • Really awesome.

    This show was so cool. Steve & Joe are good at this job. It's a good show to watch. If your kids want a challenge & want to learn, this show is for them. Don't let them watch Maggie & the Ferocious Beast. It is a bad show. This show would be of best choice.
  • great show!

    this show is great, but i truly prefer steve to joe, no offense to him. i think steve just fit better as far as the owner of the house goes. also, i think that blue has always been amazing. she is such a great dog, i wish i had her
  • It's such a creative little show; I hope it stays on, even if it's just reruns!

    I heard through the grapevine that there won't be any new episodes of Blue's Clues. That's a shame, because my children are just getting into it, and I fear that Nick won't show Blue's Clues as often as it has in the past.

    I kind of guessed it was past its prime when Blue's Room was thrown into the mix, Joe started singing new songs (I can't believe someone would want to replace "Now it's time for so long..."), and the clues just drew themselves. In other words, it was getting very gimmicky.

    This is the only children's show that my boys will sit through, and they even dance along with Steve or Joe, especially during the "Mail Time" segment! I hope this show lives a long life in reruns or syndication, because I enjoy watching it, too.

    It's much more enjoyable than Dora The Explorer or that creepy new show, Lazytown. There's no shouting in Blue's Clues (a la Dora), and there's no techno music or freaky puppets (Lazytown). It seems to me that, in a watered-down market of kid shows, perfectly good shows are being replaced by newer shows (not necessarily better ones) in an effort to attract new viewers. This has resulted in a huge turnover rate, and I can tell that Blue's Clues has fallen victim to its age. It's no longer "fresh". What a shame, but it's still at the top of my list.
  • Blues clues is very educational and an enjoyable show.

    I've been watching Blue's Clues since it first came on in 1998.I was seven.Now I'm fourteen,and my love for the show has never changed.Sure as you get older it seems a little...slower,but the point I am trying to make is that this is a show that keeps some of your childhood memories.So if your five,fifteen,or even fifty,this show is always enjoyable.You can enjoy watching it as a kid,you can enjoy watching it as a teenager,and you can enjoy watching it with your own kids.
  • This show was a big part of my childhood. I loved it!! (Though I hate what's been done to it now.)

    Blue's Clues. Almost every little kid in America knows that show. I grew up watching it and it holds so many memories for me. (I don't care what you other people who hate it say. It's such a great show.) Steve was phenomenal and by far the best choice to be Blue's owner. He was genuine and did an amazing job of teaching kids. When I used to watch it, I felt as if he was actually talking to me. I wish that he had stayed. Joe is NOTHING compared to Steve. So you were going bald Steve. The kids won't have cared. You could've even worn a wig. *sigh* Oh well. Blue's Clues had a great run, and it will always be one of my favorites.
  • This show was a personal favorite when I was little. Too bad it's gone now. I started the idea of preschool show's with audience participation!

    This show was a personal favorite when I was little. Too bad it's gone now. I started the idea of preschool show's with audience participation! I loved it when I was little. Blue's Room was a favorite of my little brother's. I seriously wish this show would come back on. But I truly felt that when Steve left, popularity dropped. Blue's Room was fine, but it couldn't fill in the whole between Blue and Steve. Joe was very annoying in my opionion. There should be more shows like Blue's Clues where humans interact with animated characters! I miss this show and will always be a devoted fan!
  • I love this show!

    I love Blue's clues :D. Let Me explain its about steve/joe and blue playing a game cald Blue's clues. blue Puts Paw Prints On clues What thes clues are is what blue want to do we go to the thinking chair and think. PROS: incurges kids to think,Every episode has diffent values,steve,lots or stuff. if you never seen it watch it their are dvds for it! this is acutout anamatiad show.

    Cons: Joe. joe ruin this Great show. WHY WHY NICKELODEON.

    Overall This show Rocks :) you can find it on Nick their actives,and games.

  • lues clues rocked!..

    i was obsessed with BC when i was little. i even had a giant plush of blue. anyway, this show was the best till steve left=[ after that, blue's clues wasnt the same. the show's quality ws execellent when it started but started losing it after joe came in. this show was one of my childhood favorites. i feel sorry for the kids who havent seen this. blue's clues is very educational for the kids. parents, if you have any kids, & if you happen to hav any blue's clues tapes, then show it to em so they can see nick jr.'s shows from its glory days.
  • When I have nothing to watch, I watch this.

    Blue's Clues is about this Dog with her owners, Steve and Joe, invite the viewers inside their home to figure out what Blue wants to do today. It is very funny and a great daily fix. I even played this once with a friend of mine and we had so much fun.

    I hope this show returns
  • Great, educational show, moves at just the right speed!

    Great show. Learns basic skills, as well as how to discover and reason, yet moves at a lively pace. Unlike Dora which seems to drag along, Blues Clues is really a great, healthy show.

    I also like the fact that, while a formula based show, Blues Clues does deviate its' style frequently. Again, much better than Dora's repetition!
  • 10 Stars For The Steve Episodes

    This review is specifically directed towards the Steve Burns era of Blues Clues, from 1996-2002, because the Donovan Patton episodes weren't that good.

    Like any preschooler, I enjoyed Blues Clues when I was young, and watching it again at 18 years old brings back a lot of memories. The mail song, the handy-dandy notebook, the thinking chair, I could go on and on and on about how much I remember this show. This is also a very good show for preschoolers, as it teaches them to solve clues without making them turn into negligent morons like some of the newer Nick Jr shows do. Even the Donovan Patton episodes are good for preschoolers, though personally I don't like them because the feeling was not the same as it was with Steve Burns, who is does a very good job on the show. Thank God that it's still on, though not as much as other newer shows.

  • Loved this show since I was born

    It's where Steve quit and was replaced by Joe when I quit watching this show. I mean, I HATED the newer episodes that excluded Steve and only mentioned him by the phone.
  • I Loved this Show

    I was actually in my teens when I first watched this show. Even though it was meant for preschool kids, I still enjoyed solving the problems as well. The show is about a man named Steve and his puppy Blue. Whenever Blue wants to do something, he would magically jump into various pictures and play a game of Blue's Clues, which is when Blue would leave a blue paw print on an object. When Steve would find the object he would draw the object on a notebook, helping teach kids to draw. There were always three clues to be found. In addition to finding the clue's, Steve would always have other objectives to solve. After finding all three clue's, Steve would have to solve what all three objects had in common, which would always be solved by the kids. This was very educational for kids and even I admit I got stumped at times.
  • Grew up watching

    Love this show.
  • It's a great show that teaches kids many things including counting, patience, colors etc

    Blue's Clues is a children's show centered on a young man and his dog Blue. At the beginning to the series the man's name is Steve, but after the first few seasons his brother Joe comes to live in the house because Steve goes away to college. Blue plays a game of marking things with her paw print (clues) and after three are found we figure out what she wants. It's a great show that teaches kids many things including counting, patience, colors etc. My daughter watches it everyday, and I highly recommend this show to any parent for their children.
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