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  • One word about this show: garbage!

    I hate this show so much I could spit. Eveything is done in patterns of three, What the hell? Plus Steve, now Joe act so stinking stupid for the kids that it sucks big time. I never trash the old nick jr shows because they are classic show that I grew-up on. The stuff on now can not hold a candle to the old shows like Gula gula Island.
  • 0.1
    Who thought of this? I never liked this show, even when I was little I didn\\\'t like it. All the songs that they sing are so stupid. They need to take singing lessons. And what\\\'s up with everything being alive? Every single object can talk. Blues Clues is just so messed up.
  • This is not at all what i thought it would be

    I knew this was a kid's show, but i never thought it would be a baby educational show. And when i had to put up with watching it in High School, i was like WTF is this crap? And what was the teacher thinking playing this preschool garbage show for High School students? It's too predictable, too corny, too stupid for words, and i hated it all the way through. After the episodes that i had to put up with watching, i never saw this show ever again. I found Steve to be a dork and the whole show to be dumber than dirt
  • Total mistake.

    I feel that this show was a waste of my time as a young child. It could have used some more songs other then the mail song and the "thinking" chair song. They should have picked a different style of artwork for the characters but that's in my humble opinion. Some people will disagree with me on this but I personally think that the Steve guy was really weird. He always had the same style clothes on green with triangles.... I suppose that it made it easy on children to recognize him. I have no clue what Nick was thinking but I'm glad that I don't have to worry about it anymore.
  • It's too stupid stupid even for my 2 year old brother. The show seems to make no sense.

    I have just seen one episode of this show, because i could not find the TV remote. I thought the soundtrack was kind of catchy or maybe it just stayed in my mind because of the continuous repetition of it after every minute.

    The show is mostly about the guy trying to find what the dog wants to do. That's done by finding the clues. What i dont get is why is the Dog blue. Or why half of the things in the house can talk. The worst part is when they go into the picture thing. If they want to make a show for children make one that wont cause the children to go crashing their heads into picture frames.
  • I really do not like this show, but I did when I was younger but now I don't like it.

    accually I almost hate it but it is for like 2-5 year olds but still I pratically hate it it was hard for me to even come here also the reason I give it a 2.1 is that I liked it when I was 3-4. And thats all I have to say.
  • Used to be good,now it isn't.

    I used to love Blue's Clue's.I began watching it when it first came out.Blue could not talk and Steve was in it.Then it began to change.Joe came on the show.I was sad,but I decided to give Joe a chance.However,I knew from the start he will never be as good as Steve,and I was right.Joe just wasn't as good as Steve.Steve must have had something really important going on to just want to leave like that.Then they let Joe go,but Joe will never be that good.When Blue was able to talk,I had to stop watching.Giving Blue the abilty to talk ruined the show.The reason why Blue leaves clues is because she cn't talk.If she can talk,it defeats the purpose of the show.And she sounds like a boy.It's like they changed her gender!I hate to say this,but I think they ran out ideas.They should just end the show.
  • A decent show for little kids!Sure this show is good when you were younger!

    This is a great show for little kids and a bad show for big kids.In my opinion this show is really dumb brcause how can a human go shrinking to another world and have some things walking around and talking,like that salt and pepper!In a little kids opinion this is a great show!They like it because it has a dog that talks and goes into a magical world.When you are older don't watch this it will only make you more obssesed with it.I know someone who is and I am deeply ashamed.:(
  • Joe totally killed it.

    This show was good during the first few seasons, when Steve was on it. I continued to watch the original Blue's Clues past the point where I was too old for it. I would go to Blockbuster and rent VHS tapes with hours and hours of Blue's Clues on them and stay up late watching them with my sister.

    But when Joe took over, and Steve went to "college" (which obviously was a way of writing him off the show without having to tell the kiddies he quit), the show started going way, way downhill.

    I could stand it at first when the only changes were the theme song, the addition of a few characters, and Joe's many different outfits as opposed to Steve's single outfit. But then they went overboard with the changes.

    The clues started to draw themselves and talk and sing to each other and the viewer, which if you ask me is utterly idiotic. Then there came the ridiculous "Blue Talks" and "Blue's Room" segments, where the characters were all puppets and the humans never knew that they could talk.

    I believe that rather than completely messing up the show's format when Steve had to go, they should have just canceled it and ceased production altogether. It would have stayed a brilliant show and gotten a higher rating out of me. Thanks a lot, Joe. Or rather, Don.
  • Why did I watch that?

    I don't know why, it isn't a waste of time at all when your a five-year-old. I was 5 year old when I watched it at the first time, and i loved it, but when you see a hundred times, I mean it's always the same story: You must find out what Blue is trying to tell ya, and you always have to help some friends of you who live in the same house, and it isn't fun anymore, why Blue don't let see what he means, and why it's so ridiculous long before he finds it out, that's why it is for kids, little kids who are fond of this show, yust like me when I was young.
  • A Classic and a trend setter.

    Blue's Clues is definately a classic. Though I'm an adult, I actually enjoy watching it every now and then. Although I can't watch to much - I mean it is a kid's show. But it is a wonderful show for the kid's and educational. I recomend this to parents with kids.
  • In Summary, there's no educational purpose for Blue's Clues

    I think Blues Clues has been going downhill. It was much better when Steve was on there. Although the overall theme was the same, he also produced and controlled what went on at the show. After since he left, its been going downhill. His "brother" Joe doesn't even play an instrument. Steve would play his Guitar when the show was signing off. I asked my cousins and they said the show was much better when Steve Burns was on there. Why do we need a stuff duck named boris on the show when we have the star of the show the blue dog. education. however, I did give it a 6 because it does entertain the kids when your tring to rest or too busy to play with them at the moment
  • I used to totally love this show when I was little..

    I used to LOVE Blue's Clues, but ever since the idiot that plays Joe came in, it went downhill. I mean, Steve was cool! He was a fun and kinda dim kind of guy, but Joe is just stupid..
    The episodes also got weird. I mean, Magenta getting glasses? What's THAT all about?! The old episodes used to have good messeges: Healthy Snacks, Get rest when you're sick, etc. Now, they hardly have them at ALL.
    Now, Blue's Room time. What the--?? Blue talks and is a puppet now?! Holy cow! And, now she hangs out with retarted puppets that don't know sqat?! What the heck is that!?

    Honestly, I sometimes miss the old Blue's Clues..
  • Compared to Teletubbies, Tweenies and Boobah, this show is genius!

    This show is ok. Hands down the best kids show and it SO leaves Teletubbies in the dust! This, unlike most drivel that Nick Jr. shows actually TEACHES children something without acting like a complete moron! I liked it back as child and I have the utter most respect for it. Not the best, but compared to the Teletubbies, this show rocks!
  • I used to watch this show and I kind of like it.

    This used to be one of my favorite shows.This show is about a dog thats a girl name Blue and his owner Steve and he plays Blues Clues only to find a clue to find out what Blue wants to do.This was one of my favorite shows better than Dora The Explorer.I pretty much used to like this show and I still have one video on tape of it.I grade this show a B because it really was my favorite children show and it was really better than all of the childish shows and it was better than Yo Gabba Gabba.
  • This Educational Show is pretty Decent well at least the old school Blue's clues and Screw the New Blue's Clues and Blue's Room, It was so Yesterday.

    My 91st Review after a God awful Educational cartoon, "Firehouse Tales"

    This is one of the most Fairest Shows on Nick jr it's also the only old school Nick jr show Left but they are still making new epiosdes. The new epiosdes suck butt and they were getting stale and Pasted their prime. Steve was better then Joe, Joe can kiss my Tan Butt! Screw that son of a *beep*!!! He's the true Reason why Joe ruined the Entire show. this show is better then Dora the Explorer because when she talks to the viewers they're wern't any Kids voices and if the viewers did Not say anything, she still got it. Dora's So Flipping Stupid. is Live action and Cartoon Combined. It's just about the same old thing every epiosde, First it starts off with steve or Joe, and they see what blue is or what she wants to do, They play this annoying game called: "Blue's Clues!" Then They get their "Handy Dandy Notebook" from "Side Table Drawer"! Then they sing that annoying song and it gets so Old after the very first Episode! Then they look for clues, Well Blue's Paw-prints are on the clues. "Blue's Clues"! when steve or joe say: "blue's clues" there is sound putted on top of the saying just about all the dang time. That gets so annoying it makes you and me wanna plug OUR ears Dang it! During their quest for clues they sometimes see their friends or Skiadoo into paintings, Pictures, Books, Computers, Game Boards or Dreams for a hidden clue either one out of three clues of the epiosde once they got all 3 clues they sit down in their thinking chair and "Think!" then they put the clues together and steve was better because he sometimes goofs around and I STILL laugh at that! then the 2nd time they try to solve the puzzle, steve really gets serious and they figure it out and they sing: "We Just Figured out blue's clues" Which is just about the same as the song in the Beginning of the Epsiode and then they do what blue wants and then the show ends and sing the "So Long!" Song! Now Finally the Grade, Maybe.... a B-. Here the Results:

    Voice-acting: B 7.0/10.0 Solid and Decent.

    Animation: A 8.5/10.0 very cute and Charming.

    Graphics: D-- 4.0/10.0 Poor Movement Frame-rate on the Graphics.

    Sound: E 3.0/10.0 The Blue's clues song once they grab their: "Handy Dandy Notebook" Gives me a Headache! Dialouge: C 6.0/10.0 Well at least it's better then Dora the Explorer because the scripts for THIS show, Barely made SENSE! Educational Value: A 8.0/10.0 In fact, very good indeed. With full of education Systems like: Math, Scinece, Social Skills, and Early Literacy, This show is very decent.

    Lasting Appeal: C-- 5.0/10.0 It's pretty much the same thing every epiosde and mostly the new epiosdes.

    Overall: B- 6.8/10.0 I might be a little too old for this stuff but if you're a fan of this show, then this is the show for YOU! Well, that's all for this decent toddlers show, Good Night Everyone.
  • I like it in a different way than it is supposed to be liked.

    no offenceto blues clues fans, but i don't really like the show, but when i am bored a watch it because it is sorta dumb, again no offence, but it is hillarious out of stupidity,no offence.just the other day i turned on the tv and blues clues was on, i was bored so i watched it and i realized it was really funny because i thought that it was stupid. sometimes stupidity can be funny.
  • Follow Blue

    To get a clue... and solve the scavenger hunt with each episode and with the host... neat cartoon for your child to see!

    Okay first off I'm going to say I liked only the episodes with Steve in them, they were really original, then Joe came and I didn't like the change. I feel kind of embarrassed to write a review of this show...since it's for the young ones. :P I still like to keep video tapes to remember the good episodes of Blues Clues. Also I heard when Joe came Steve went off a became a rockstar, but I kind of think that's a rumor. I was never used to the change to Joe because Steve was classic and silly and he's the actor I grew up with, also when Blue was a puppet and started to talk, that's when Blues Clues just went way downhill. So come on Nick bring back this show and put Steve back on! Final grade: C
  • a really good classic kids show target at young viewers

    i used to watch this show when i was like 5 blues clues is about a show that features a dog and a guy and ther is two salt and pepper shakers and some other things in the house and there is clues sacared around the house in the shapes of blue paw prints and they go in search to find things or look for missing people. it was a really good show and i enjoyed watching it when i was younger and it is a great show for kids i thought and that is why i gave it a 7
  • Alittle too childish for my taste.

    blues clues is about an animated dog and his human owner joe and steve steve leaves the show to amke room for joe mid way through tuhe series. it teaches kids good values and edutcates them above problem solving and other things. i watched it whne i was a kid and look how i turned out! its a great great great show i wish it atill came on but sadly it doesnt. it should come on on noggin sometimes atleast once a week. Nikc MUST start airing the early episodes sometime soon or ill crack up. the later episodes arent as good.
  • Better than most kiddy shows but still cheesy :P

    I used to like this show when I was younger and sometimes, if I'm totally bored, I'll watch it today. However, the thing that killed the show was Joe.
    Joe is a huge step down from Steve. He's ugly, not funny and has NO charisma. If I watched this show more often, I would probably start throwing food at Joe. He also sucks at singing.
    I think it's funny when Joe pretends to be stupid, but not in the way they want you to think, if you have any clue what I mean. He just looks around stupidly like he just got a wedgie from an invisible person.

    Overall: If your kid wants to watch it, go to the library and see if they have any Blue movies with Steve, he's so much better than Joe.
  • Ok for kids

    It's just great for kids!
  • Ahh brings back old memories...

    I used to watch this show all the time when I was little and I loved it and I still sort of like it. Probably because i'm an animation-reality fan like this and who framed roger rabbit but i just came here and didn't realize this was made 1996 but i don't care it's a great show and it will raise the children's interest and entertainment yes this is an entertaining show, i remember that day when i was watching a show i like on noggin then they said that blues clues was coming up. I was about to change the channel to watch something else since i haven't seen this show for a long time but i saw the beginning and it held my interest i wanted to watch it instead because i don't think there was anything on tv to watch so i watched this and it's still a great show. I highly recommend children of all ages in the US should watch it.
  • I used to like this show when I was a preschooler but now, it is just plain creepy.

    When I was little, I would sit down on the couch and watch a cute little blue dog and the steve guy singing and dance, finding old and new friends, and discovering new things as they look for clues. but todays blues clues is just creepy. now, blue can talk instead of saying his cute little \\\'bows\\\'he used to make and to give us a clue to what he is saying. steve is also replaced with this guy who creeps me out. To me, it would be better to let your preschooler watch something else or watch the old episodes they have on the VHS or DVD.
  • Good show for children.

    This is great for children around. It has alot of essential things needed IRL.

    Plot: It's about Steve and his pet blue. They make exciting things around! And blue knows them all! But Steve has to know what to make!

    Characters: Average, it has some talking objects, but not as plenty as Dora The Explorer. It went a little downhill when Joe replaced Steve.

    Value: Very great. This will teach how to make the kids more indepedent in things and searching. For example, look for the green folder, in this show, look for the paper with a pawprint in it. The pawprint makes the scavenging hunt more easier because it's aimed at kids 5 below. It can also help on some school projects.

    Art: Nice, that's how the animation works in that era.

    Overall: 9. This is one of the good childhood shows around. Teaches kids good things.
  • It brings back childhood memories.

    I remember this show when i was seven, it was the most awesome show i've ever seen soo cool that even teenager will like this show. Well decades ago it wasn't Joe will host on Blue Clues it was Steve well many people wanted to know what ever happened to Steve
    well i don't know what ever happened to Steve. It is actually a kids show and educational for little kids. Even a teenager will love this show in my opinion. Although it is not an animated cartoon. The host of the show is now Joe well i don't have an argument of him.
  • This is a classic children\'s show.

    This show is VERY unique. It involves a dog named Blue, who\'s owner is a man named Joe. Joe tries to figure out what Blue wants by playing a game called Blue\'s Clues. In Blue\'s Clues Blue leaves paw prints on various items. At the end of every episode Joe sits in a chair and figures out what Blue wants. The show has a number of songs that are sang in every episode such as Mail Time, Now it\'s time for so long and many others. Blue has many friends like Salt and Pepper, Shovel and Pail, and Side Table Drawer.
  • Blue is a puppy that puts her paw prints on three clues. Steve has to deduce the clues (with the help of off screen children) and figure out what Blue wants. It is a fun 20 some minute show for children.

    Take an adorable twenty-something guy, a computer animated blue puppy, add a dash of spices (Mr. Salt, Mrs. Pepper and Paprika to be specific), throw in your favorite preschooler and you have the perfect recipe for a delightful Nick Jr. show. "Blue's Clues," and the format in which it is shown, are simply ingenious. In the show, Steve (the adorable twenty-something guy I mentioned earlier) is the only live action character in an animated world. Every episode, his dog, Blue, has something that she wants to tell Steve, and in order to do this, she goes around the house leaving blue paw prints on clues. While trying to find the clues, Steve often stops to help his friends (Slippery Soap, Mr. Salt, Mrs. Pepper, Paprika, Shovel and Pail, the Felt Friends and various others) with some dilemma they may be having (shapes, colors, what doesn't belong, etc). At the end of the show, Steve asks the children's help to figure out what Blue is trying to tell him. There are various songs that remain the same from episode to episode. The songs are simple enough for the child that I baby-sit to sing and dance along with. Each week, the same episode of `Blue's Clues' is shown for five days. The thought process behind this is that the more times a child sees something, the more they pick up from it and the better that they feel about themselves for having learned something. I have seen this plan succeed. On Monday, the four-year-old that I baby-sit asks me what the answers are. I dumb myself down as Steve does on the show in order for the little boy to learn the answers. On Tuesday, he's a little more vocal because he learned some things the day before. On Wednesday, he's interacting with Steve and Blue for a good portion of show. By Thursday, he has everything figured out and answers them easily. On Friday, he's a pro at it and answers the questions before Steve can even get them out of his mouth. `Blue's Clues' is a pleasant and welcome change from other television shows. It is totally interactive and because Steve relies on the kids help to figure things out, it makes them feel like good. Not to mention, it's 25 straight minutes where I don't have to worry about what the child is watching because I feel safe letting him watch "Blue's Clues".

    Steve has left the show and is now a musician. I own his cd and it is actually quite good. Joe is his replacement. Anti Joe Pro Steve. I refuse to watch any of the new ones, because Joe is -not- Steve.
  • A great show I found alot of fun when I was a child.

    “Blue’s Clues” is one of those Nick Jr. shows that does not drive me to kick the creator’s ass. It originally starred Steve and his blue dog, Blue (of course). Every day, Blue leaves Steve with three clues that pertain to what Blue wants to do for the day. These “clues” are actually Blue’s paw prints on objects that relate to the activity she wants to do. Everytime that Steve finds one of Blue’s clues, he writes them down (actually, he draws them) on his handy dandy… his handy dandy… HIS HANDY DANDY…?! (“Notebook!”) Notebook!

    “Blue’s Clues” is another one of those interactive children’s shows that counts on you (the viewer) to help Steve in his search for clues and finding out what Blue wants to do. But, unlike some other interactive shows, a girl’s voice coming from out of nowhere shouts out the answer. I think this idea is better than the “moment of silence” treatment because it tells you the answer and brings you a better understanding of what is going on (if you are slow, that is). Take this little example…

    VOICE FROM NOWHERE: “A clue! A clue!”
    STEVE: “A clue? Where?”
    VOICE FROM NOWHERE: “On the box of condoms!”
    STEVE: “…Cut! Cut! Cut! I thought we wouldn’t make a sex episode!”

    While other shows like “Dora the Explorer” do this…

    DORA: “What are we going to do with this obviously rotten tomato sandwich?”
    *Dora stares at you with her big, creepy eyes for five seconds*
    DORA: “Yeah! Eat it! Good job, amigo! Give yourself a pat on the back!”
    *You pat yourself on the back, knowing you did not do anything*

    After Steve Burns’s departure from Blue’s Clues in the early millennium due to college purposes, his brother Joe takes his place! While Joe does not liven up the show like his brother did, I still found him a great replacement for Steve, albeit he was not as dramatic.

    JOE: “Oh. We found a clue. Yayyy…”

    Still, I loved this show as a child. Actually, this was the only show I loved as a child. Regardless, though, I will not be watching it anymore because it is too low-grade-level for me. I will still miss the show, however.
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