Blue's Clues

Nickelodeon (ended 2006)


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  • Good show for children.

    This is great for children around. It has alot of essential things needed IRL.

    Plot: It's about Steve and his pet blue. They make exciting things around! And blue knows them all! But Steve has to know what to make!

    Characters: Average, it has some talking objects, but not as plenty as Dora The Explorer. It went a little downhill when Joe replaced Steve.

    Value: Very great. This will teach how to make the kids more indepedent in things and searching. For example, look for the green folder, in this show, look for the paper with a pawprint in it. The pawprint makes the scavenging hunt more easier because it's aimed at kids 5 below. It can also help on some school projects.

    Art: Nice, that's how the animation works in that era.

    Overall: 9. This is one of the good childhood shows around. Teaches kids good things.