Blue's Clues - Season 1

Nickelodeon (ended 2006)


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Episode Guide

  • Snack Time
    Episode 1
    It's our first day visiting the Blue's Clues house and right away we're welcomed in to join in a snack. Although "snacking" is the theme of the episode, there's much more to learn about than that. We help out Blue with a painting, show her the colors she needs. We identify foods by shape and later we find about "Blue Skidoo" and visit a farm, where we help some baby chicks in hats to find their friends.moreless
  • In this episode, we're concerned with what time it is and while we try to figure it out, we help our friends and have some fun along the way. We help out Tickety Tock after disturbing her and causing her to lose her numbers and bells. We do some cleaning by picking up some clothes and stuffed animals and putting them in Steve's closet. We also skidoo into a jungle and have some fun finding animals by imitating their sounds.moreless
  • Mailbox's Birthday
    Episode 3
    For Mailbox's birthday, there's a special celebration and we're invited to help out. We help decorate the cake for the party by observing patterns. We also skidoo along with Steve and Blue into a present store. There, we find the perfect present for Mailbox and then help Blue and Steve to find it when it gets lost among a bunch of other presents.moreless
  • Blue's Story Time
    Episode 4
    It's story time at the Blue's Clues house and in this episode, we get to hear some classic stories and also use our knowledge to help fix problems with some classic stories. Shovel, Pail and Blue act out "Jack and Jill" and we fill in important parts of the story - for example, they went up a hill, not a mountain. Later, Blue finds a photo album and we help to arrange some pictures of her and her preschool friend, Magenta, to tell a story. We also visit the home of the Three Bears and use logic to make sure each one gets the right bowl of porridge and cup of milk.moreless
  • 8.4
    Needs are the order of the day. After taking care of some gardening needs, we help Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper, who need to know which fruits to wash for their fruit salad. Later, we help out with Steve's need to have his clothes clean and in order when Blue gets into them and they get messed up. Then we skidoo into a picture of a beach where we help Starfish who needs to get to the ocean to get cleaned off.moreless
  • 8.9
    It's Song Time at the Blue's Clues house. Steve suggests singing "She'll Be Coming Around the Mountain," but Blue doesn't want to sing that. We have fun learning interesting things about music in this episode and helping our friends with music-related things. When the sounds of some instruments get switched, we help to change them back. We help Steve to learn a brand new song. We also skidoo into a farm, where we help some chicks choose the right lyrics and tune for the song "Row, Row, Row Your Boat."moreless
  • Adventures In Art
    Episode 7
    Today we're exploring art in many forms. Steve and Blue enjoy painting and Steve has painted a picture of Blue and Blue's painted a nice outdoor scene. Later, we help her out with painting her wagon when she find that she doesn't have the colors that she wants. We help her out by showing that mixing two colors can make a new color. We also help out a color of felt friends to use shapes to make a sailboat. Later, we skidoo into a picture of an art museum, where we learn that pictures can tell a story. Unfortunately, the story that the pictures represent isn't in the right order, so we use logic to get all the pictures back in the right place.moreless
  • 8.3
    Steve and Blue are going to the beach and while we are there, we decide what clothes would be most appropriate to wear to the beach and experiment with physics in a game of sink or float with Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper. Then, we help sea creatures find their way back to the playground by matching their shapes with the coral reef.moreless
  • Pretend Time
    Episode 9
    Sometimes, by pretending, you can explore things that you normally couldn't. Steve has an interest in flight and pretends to be a bird and later a plane. We help out some birds who are pretending to see things in clouds. We also play house with Shovel and Pail and later skidoo into a picture of a jungle and help some "rare" animals to find their friends.moreless
  • A Snowy Day
    Episode 10
    It's a snowy day and we're going outside to play. Before doing that, we observe snowflake patterns with Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper. In a Blue Skidoo segment, we help a calendar kid to fix the scene depicted in a calendar picture to match the winter season. We also help Blue to figure what she's missing when she loses some winter clothing items while trying to get dressed to go outside.moreless
  • The Trying Game
    Episode 11
    This episode is all about trying our best in the hopes of learning something, or getting even better at something we already know how to do. With Blue's encouragement, Steve takes up juggling, advancing from one ball, to two, to three. We help Tickety to tell what time it is by associating times with familiar objects and rituals. In Storybook Forest, we find Grown-Up Baby Bear and explore possible future career options for her, noting that she can be anything she wants to be. We also help young animals to find their parents, noting that some animals change forms as they grow up.moreless
  • 8.6
    Today, all sorts of games are being played at the Blue's Clues house, starting with hide-and-seek. We help Steve find Blue and he'd like to play again, but it would seem Blue doesn't want to play any more hide-and-seek. We help Shovel and Pail with a jigsaw puzzle. Later, into a skidoo segment, we play Gingerbread Boy's game, which is a riddle game to find his house.moreless
  • The Grow Show
    Episode 13
    As we come in, Steve thinks that maybe we've grown some and it turns out that Blue's been growing too. As we focus on growing, we learn all about how plants grow. We also find out where they grow when we help some Felt Friends. In addition, an investigation with Shovel and Pail helps us to learn about length and volume.moreless
  • Today, the Blue's Clues characters are playing "song games" - acting out and dancing when singing songs. Steve plays the "Head and Shoulders" song game, but we have to help him out to remember some of the words to the song. We join Blue and a monkey in the song game "Two Little Monkeys." We have to follow along with the monkey, once again helping out Steve, who keeps forgetting parts of the song and ends up singing some very silly things. We play "If You're Happy and You Know It" with Tickety Tock and then we skidoo to a beach, where we find pairings of animals and try to guess which one of them is dancing along to a noise that can be heard on the beach.moreless
  • Steve and Blue have been creating newspaper hats. This episode is all about making things. Using patterns, we help Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper to make a picture frame. We try to identify things that a couple of our felt friends are making by looking at their shapes. We also skidoo into a bakery where we help to make a banana cake.moreless
  • Steve and Blue have been putting on plays based on stories from books. As we get ready to put on another play, we take a look at all sorts of different stories. When Blue knocks some books out of bookshelf, we take the time to put them back on the shelf and also help some lost characters get back to the proper storybooks that they belong in. Later, we skidoo into a storybook, where we help out Bunny to make a play with us and Steve as the star characters.moreless
  • As we try to figure out Tickety Tock's favorite nursery rhyme, we learn all about rhyming and poetry. We help out Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper to pack a special lunch and learn about alliteration - they only want to pack things that start with a "p" sound. We learn about analogies when trying to solve a riddle to help some friends pass a tollbooth. Later, in the Blue Skidoo segment, we help a classic nursery rhyme character to finish a rhyming poem.moreless
  • 8.7
    Blue is afraid of something and it's got her all shaky and nervous. In this episode, we take a look at things that can be scary and find out that by taking a closer look, they may not be so scary at all. We check out shadows with Shovel and Pail, figuring out what they really are. A photo session with Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper finds something interesting. It turns out that it can be hard tell what things are up-close and they can even be scary. But by looking carefully, we can identify them. Later, Blue and Steve skidoo together in a haunted house. There, they find Boo, who's terrified of scary noises. We help him to find the source of the noises and he's not so scared anymore.moreless
  • Magenta Comes Over
    Episode 19
    Blue's friend, Magenta is coming over to the Blue's Clues house. As we wait for her and get ready, we help out some of our other friends. We help Shovel and Pail with a game of hide-and-seek in the backyard by following footprints. We help Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper create a snack for Magenta and Blue, using the concept of opposites. A Blue Skidoo segment takes us into a felt frame, where we try to help two Felt Friends dress up in costumes.moreless
  • Blue's News!
    Episode 20
    This episode has Steve and us, traveling all around and also outside the Blue's Clues house looking for notes. The notes help us to find Blue's Clues and more. We help Shovel and Pail out with a treasure hunt, which also leads us to another note. We solve riddles with a felt friend and later we skidoo into a chalkboard world in search of Slippery's friend.moreless