Blue's Clues - Season 2

Nickelodeon (ended 2006)


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Episode Guide

  • Blue's Room Snacktime Playdate
    We're in Blue's Room all day today and it's time for our playdate! But what will we play?
  • Blue's School
    Episode 21
    Hop on board our cardboard bus and help Steve pick up our friends for a day of pretend school; where Blue is the teacher! We play Blue's Clues to figure out where we'll be going.
  • Hide and Seek
    Episode 21
    A hide-and-seek game gets us going as we look for things all throughout the episode. For example, we get calls from Felt Friends to help them find things that they're giving each other and so we use their descriptions to figure it out. Later, we skidoo into Blue's current favorite story, a book where everything is in Blue. We listen to blues music and try to figure out what Blue's favorite party of the story is.moreless
  • 8/1/06
    Blue can't decide what to do today. Mr. Salt encourages us to pick a few items from around the house and use our imaginations to invent something new to do with them.
  • Mechanics!
    Episode 20
    Blue has a toy plane she enjoys flying, but when she tries to fly it, it falls, hits the ground and breaks. We help her to fix it by showing her that it just had a broken wing and she can tape it. We are enlisted as mechanics and help characters to solve their mechanical problems and questions. We show Shovel and Pail how ramps work. We have great fun with a tape recorder and later skidoo into a game board. There, we help several characters that are experiencing transportation difficulties.moreless
  • When trying to do something, it helps if you don't say that you can't do it and also if you get a little encouragement. So we help some of our friends at the Blue's Clues house to do some things they've been trying to do. We help Slippery to blow a very big bubble. We help Baby Bear find a collage and we help Steve with a puzzle he's been working on.moreless
  • Blue Is Frustrated
    Episode 18
    Frustration - it happens to everyone, even characters on Blue's Clues. Fortunately, there's a way to deal with it, if you feel frustrated, the best thing to do is: stop, take a deep breath and think. Steve uses this idea when he has trouble keeping the picture by the Thinking Chair straight. This idea helps out Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper as well and later in the blue Skidoo segment we help out Rabbit who's frustrated about trying to balance things on a teeter-totter.moreless
  • Nurture!
    Episode 17
    Sometimes, things need to be nurtured in order to grow and live properly. We help Steve and Blue with this by figuring out that their plants need water. We also attend to other needs, such as the various things needed to care for a baby when Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper ask us to look after Paprika. Later, we skidoo into a safari book and help some jungle animals to get their baths.moreless
  • What Did Blue See?
    Episode 16
    In this episode, we get a whole new perspective on things when we look at stuff through things and from various angles. We have fun with a kaleidoscope and mirrors too. We also skidoo into a computer program. There we visit Squirrel Park and help friends to find each other by listening to them describe what they can see from where they are.moreless
  • Today, the characters check out some fun games. Steve tries his hand at juggling and also shows us a neat trick with the letter "L." We help out a felt friend to practice the game of tic-tac-toe. Later, we help Shovel, Pail and Blue to play following directions game called "Mother May I."moreless
  • Blue's Sad Day
    Episode 14
    When we come in, we find that Blue's ears are droopy and she seems to be very sad. We suggest how we and Steve might be able to help her and then we help some of the other characters as well. We help out a felt friend who's scared of someone in an angry looking mask. We also skidoo into a picture of Blue's school and find several of the students in "tough situations." By thinking about their problems, we're able to recommend the better solution of two choices.moreless
  • The Lost Episode!
    Episode 13
    In this episode, the characters are dealing with trying to find things that they've lost. Sometimes it's not easy, but they have a little handy saying in the form of a song to help them, when you lose something --- "go back, go back, go back to where you were!" This helps out Steve to find something that he lost and later we help out Shovel and Pail and a kid named Felix after he loses some things when we help to walk him to school.moreless
  • Blue has a special surprise in this episode, but it won't be ready till two o'clock. We spend the time learning more about time itself and helping our friends. We help Tickety Tock learn how to move her hands to indicate times. In a Blue Skidoo segment, we play the "Race Against Time."moreless
  • When it starts raining outside, Steve and Blue aren't upset because they can have lots of fun indoors. In fact, the rain sounds a lot like music. So we take the opportunity to explore all sorts of different music. We find Mr. Salt, Mrs. Pepper and Paprika and help out with their water xylophone. We have fun with Steve tapping out rhythms and we also skidoo into a farm, where we match up animals based on the songs they're singing.moreless
  • Blue has drawn a picture of herself, Magenta and Steve. Steve thinks it would be great to hang it on the refrigerator, but Blue has another idea. As we try to figure what it is, we work on solving some problems step-by-step. We help Steve to figure out who made an ice cream in the kitchen by becoming amateur detectives. We also skidoo into a bakery and follow a step-by-step recipe to make a tasty treat.moreless
  • Blue's Birthday
    Episode 9
    Today is Blue's birthday, but we've shown up a little early, so we help to set things up. As we get things set up, we notice things that are out of place or missing and help to make things right. We also play party games and help Steve look for presents in a special skidoo segment. Many guests come and we watch Blue unwrap presents and also receive some celebrity greetings.

    To learn more about the video bonus segment for this episode, check the Recap section.moreless
  • Math!
    Episode 8
    This episode looks at math, mostly counting, but also basic addition and subtraction. We count the steps that it takes to get to various locations. We also help some of our friends with figuring out who has more or less of something. Then, after figuring that out, we help them to total it. We also skidoo into a present (gift) store, where Steve takes care of buying a new crayon that he needs and even picks up a special extra something.moreless
  • Blue's ABCs
    Episode 7
    This episode is all about books, words and letters. Steve himself has A Really Great Book, although we never do get to find out the contents of it. To fit with the theme, various objects are labeled such as the Thinking Chair and even Steve himself. By reading off a grocery list, we help Mr. Salt and Mr. Pepper to due their grocery shopping in order to feed a hungry Paprika. Later, we skidoo into a storybook and determine the correct order of words to make complete sentences through visual and contextual clues.moreless
  • In this episode, we explore the dreams of the various characters. We also learn that if you try hard enough, sometimes you can change your dream. That way, if you're scared by something, you can make it go away. Additionally, we find out that if you try hard enough, sometimes dreams can come true.moreless
  • It's clean-up time and as we help Steve and Blue to find things to clean up, Steve gets the idea that we could turn the trash into something else. He draws a recycling logo on the screen and in this episode, we learn all about recycling. We help Steve when he encounters a group of recycling bins to figure out what things go in which bin. We help Tickety to make something neat out of her old stuff. Later, we skidoo into Recycle Town where we help the mayor to find ways to recycle all sorts of things, since nothing in Recycle Town is ever thrown away, it's all recycled.moreless
  • Steve and Blue have been doing experiments to see what things sink and float. We find Shovel and Pail and help them out with their experiments with nature. We take a look at things through a magnifying glass and try to guess what they are. In the Blue Skidoo segment, we meet up with the Sun and learn all about the different planets in our solar system.moreless
  • Blue's Senses!
    Episode 3
    In this episode, we explore our senses, from hearing to touch and more. A hunt for a missing wind-up toy under Steve's bed gets us learning about all sorts of sensations, from something prickly, to something very soft. We test a number of senses when trying to find things while playing "Lights On, Lights Off." We also skidoo into a computer game where "sound notes" provide us with sounds and we figure out what makes those sounds.moreless
  • 11/9/97
    Steve and Blue have been building things and so in this episode we explore construction and measurement. We find some popsicle sticks assembling themselves in various shapes and try to figure out what they're creating. We help out Shovel and Pail - first to measure their sand castles and see which is taller and then to even them up. Later, in the Blue Skidoo segment, we help a friend named Tink who was flung out of her contraption world to get back to where she belongs.moreless
  • 11/2/97
    Steve isn't feeling well. He has the sniffles and so we try to help him out while learning about healthy things in the process. While in the kitchen, we categorize healthy snacks with Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper, then Steve gets a quick check-up with Shovel and Pail. We also skidoo into a book, where we meet a girl named Jill who wants us to try to figure out what happens in her story when she goes out to play in the rain.moreless