Blue's Clues - Season 5

Nickelodeon (ended 2006)


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  • Joe's First Day (1)
    At the top of the episode, Steve is playing show-and-tell. He's trying to figure out what he should show. He thinks maybe his stuffed toy, Horace the Anteater would be a good idea, or maybe his guitar. He gets a phone call and it turns out that it's from his brother, Joe. He's going to be coming over and is going to play show-and-tell with everyone. Throughout the episode, Steve plays show-and-tell with the various characters. He also spends time working on a picture to show to Joe and asks for the audiences' help. Finally, Steve has the viewers watch for Joe. He finally shows up and he and everyone else share their show-and-tell items together.moreless
  • Joe Gets a Clue (2)
    The episode starts out with Steve looking for Joe. Blue has something she wants to give to Joe, but first Steve and Blue have to find him. Steve and Joe end up in a back and forth hide-and-seek game, with both of them looking for each other inside and outside, until finally they meet up outside. This episode is all about Joe playing his first game of Blue's Clues, in which he tries to find out what it is that Blue wants to give him. He also gets to do his very first skidoo, into a picture of colored shapes, where, he Joe and Blue play another hide-and-seek game, but this time using distance comparisons to find the shape where someone is hiding.moreless
  • Steve Goes To College (3)
    Steve reveals to everyone in the house that he's going to be going to college and that Joe is going to stay and play with them while he's away. He skiddoos to show everyone what college is like and meanwhile, Joe and the entire gang set up a surprise goodbye party for Steve.moreless
  • Can You Help?
    Episode 4
    Today, Joe needs our help. That's not unusual, but it happens to be the particular theme for this episode. We help out Joe, Blue and the other characters in a number of ways. For example, we help Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper to make some blueberry pancakes for Blue. We also help out some friends in Storybook Forest to prepare for a porridge party.moreless
  • Colors Everywhere!
    Episode 5
    In this episode, Blue and her friends are creating a Portrait of Pals. It's going to contain pictures of lots of our Blue's Clues friends, but it seems that some of the colors we need are missing. In this episode, we help out with mixing needing colors to help with the portrait. We also skidoo into a book of colors where we find some friends that are literally very colorful and help them to find their color friends - learning about special colors created by mixing in the process.moreless
  • The Snack Chart
    Episode 6
    Blue has been growing and we help her and Joe use a chart to measure her. This gives us an idea when Mr. Salt wants help with snack preparation. We can use a chart to list everyone's favorite snack. Throughout the episode, we record the favorite snacks of the characters on our handy chart with columns and rows. We help Shovel and Pail with their own chart of backyard birds and squirrels. We also skidoo into a farm, where we use another chart to feed a farmer's colorful pigs.moreless
  • 5/20/02
    Joe and everyone else at the house are all creating pages for a scrapbook called "The Big Book About Us." Joe creates his on a green piece of paper, putting on it some of his favorite things and encourages us to create one as well. We also help out some of the other characters to put neat things on their pages that show what they like.moreless
  • Playing Store
    Episode 8
    Today we play store with Joe, helping him to purchase things from shops set up by our various friends. We use measurement and logic to help determine the right things to buy. Things purchased include a hat for Boris the duck and strawberries. A Blue Skidoo segment takes us into a furniture store, where we help characters to purchase new items of furniture to replace the old ones that they have outgrown.moreless
  • Patience
    Episode 9
    Periwinkle and Blue have discovered an egg in a nest in the backyard, but it hasn't hatched. They and Joe can't wait for it to hatch and the baby bird to come out, but it seems like it might take a while. It seems that we have to be patient and, until then, come up with some fun ways to pass the time. So we help Joe, Periwinkle, Blue to think of things to do and help out when things don't go right.moreless
  • Blue's Clues 100
    Blue's Clues 100
    Episode 10
    It's the 100th Blue's Clues Day and everyone in the house has put together a celebration. It's hosted by Mr. Salt and there's a special guest too: Steve, all the way from college. In addition to some singing and finding out some of the favorite Blue's Clues moments from various real kids, we also take a look back at memorable moments from past episodes through a number of montages: Places We've Been Laughs We've Had Things We've Learned Clues We've Found Songs We've Sung We also get a sneak peek at what's coming up in future episodes of the program.moreless
  • 8/5/02
    With Mailbox having distracted Joe to "help him" in the backyard, we learn that the Blue's Clues characters need our help in doing a surprise party for Joe. We help them out by keeping Joe distracted and assisting in the various preparations. We work hard, with Mr. Salt guiding us in getting things ready. With everything in place, it's a party to remember.moreless
  • I'm So Happy!
    Episode 12
    In this episode, we talk about what makes us happy and also find out what makes some of the Blue's Clues characters happy. Periwinkle likes magic, of course and Shovel has a favorite animal he likes to do impressions of. Joe's happy just to see us because we're so helpful. Unfortunately, sometimes we aren't always happy, as we find out in the Blue Skiddoo segment. There, we find several characters that are having problems and help them to solve their problems so that they're happy again.moreless
  • The Boat Float
    Episode 13
    In this episode, we have fun with the characters making boats and learning more about them. We learn how boats should be constructed and things that will cause them to sink or float. We help all of the characters to make sure that their boats float. Ia Blue Skidoo segment, we visit a beach filled with different types of boats. We help some of them to figure out why they're not moving, or going in circles. Then, we get to take an exciting ride on a speedboat.moreless
  • Bedtime Business
    Episode 14
    We've come to the Blue's Clues house at night and so we help Joe and Blue with their bedtime routine - their bedtime business! We watch as Joe tucks in his duck Boris and then learn about important pre-sleepytime activities. The characters have small clothing crisis, but with our help in identifying clothing through features such as spots and stripes, the problem is solved. We also help out with washing up, reading a story and more.moreless
  • Shape Searchers
    Episode 15
    Blue has created a fun game called Shape Searchers. She pulls out a shape from a bag of hers and we try to find it. In this episode, we search for shapes in all sorts of places, pointing them out as we see them. We also have a Blue Skidoo segment filled with shapes. We meet some shapes and show them how they can combine with other shapes to make various things.moreless
  • 9/30/02
    Blue is going to the doctor. She isn't sick, but she is getting a checkup and so we help her gather the things she needs to get ready, including a stuffed animal to hold on to in case she gets scared. We play doctor and nurse with Shovel and Pail and later join Blue for her checkup. After her checkup, Blue has a special surprise for Joe.moreless
  • Contraptions!
    Episode 17
    Joe and Blue have been having some fun making neat contraptions. In this episode, we learn about devices such a pulleys and levers as we check out the contraptions the various characters have made. We use our prediction skills to try and figure out what the contraptions do. We also skidoo into a computer contraption game where we help Gilda the builder to complete some unfinished contraptions.moreless
  • A Brand New Game
    Episode 18
    Joe has invented a brand new game called "Presto Change-Joe" and his idea is catching on with the other characters. In this episode, we have fun in taking part in new games, doing things like playing pretend and imitating behaviors. A game of Periwinkle's provides an opportunity for memorization. We also join in a game of Franny felt friend's in a Blue Skidoo segment and act out based on things that are lying around her room.moreless
  • A Surprise Guest
    Episode 19
    Joe and Blue are expecting a surprise guest, so to get ready she and Joe clean Blue's room, with our help in putting things away in the proper places. We also help Blue put away her toys. In the Blue Skidoo segment, we visit Blue's preschool and help Orange Kitten, Green Puppy and Duck put away the toys to get the preschool cleaned up. Back at the Blue's Clues house, we set up an apple juice party for the guest.moreless
  • Dress Up Day
    Episode 20
    Today, the characters are playing dress-up and we get to watch them, join in and have some fun pretending. The fun starts as Joe becomes Explorer Joe and later dresses up as a robot. We see some of our favorite characters dress up as a crossing guard, an astronaut and more. Later, in a Blue Skidoo segment, we help an ostrich to put on a play, finding the proper props and costumes to make the play work.moreless
  • Blue's Big Band
    Episode 21
    Blue has created "Blue's Big Band" and many of the characters, including Joe and ourselves will be playing instruments in the band. We practice with Tickety and later listen to some music that Mr. Salt, Mrs. Pepper and family are creating simply by using an old washboard. We follow along to some of Periwinkle's beats as he plays on the drums. Later, we skiddoo and meet Piano, who guides us through a musical story about a group of piggies.moreless
  • 3/3/03
    When Joe needs help finding Baby Bird, we learn about the importance of directions. From left and right to up and down and more, we learn all about directions in this episode. Directions come in handy when a felt friend needs our help in getting back to his felt frame. They can even help classic storybook characters, such as Little Bo Peep, when help her to find her sheep in a Blue Skidoo segment.moreless
  • Story Wall
    Episode 23
    Joe and Blue are creating a "story wall" - a series of pictures on a wall telling the tale of "Two Rabbits Who Went to Their Grandma's House." Their names are Rebecca and Robbie and this episode we learn their story and even help to create it. We consider some of the characters' creations for the story and help them select the right pictures that match the story they want to tell. We even get to skiddoo into the story and watch events as they happen.moreless
  • The Alphabet Train
    Episode 24
    Joe and Blue are creating an alphabet train, with the help of the Blue's Clues characters. There are going to be boxes from A-Z connected to the train and each one will contain something to represent that letter. We help the characters throughout to figure out what they can put it the boxes and also help to make sure everything is in order. Our skidoo trip takes us into a magnet board, where we find every more things for the boxes. Once train is complete, we join in a song about the alphabet.moreless
  • Numbers Everywhere!
    Episode 25
    In this episode, we explore numbers, counting and basic arithmetic. We help out to find missing numbers by using counting to figure out where they're hiding. We also skiddoo into a book filled with numbers. There, we help out a couple of different numbers to tell a story and learn addition and subtraction in the process.moreless
  • Blue's Predictions
    Episode 26
    When we correctly predict that when Blue pokes a soap bubble, it'll pop, we decide it would be fun to predict other things as well. In this episode, we use observations and logic to figure out things that will happen. We watch a robot race that Paprika sets up and use what she tells us about the robots to guess which will cross the finish line first. In the Blue Skidoo segment, we hop inside a storybook, where we predict what will happen in the story of Penguin Pierre, with the help of Bookmark to guide us along.moreless
  • 6/23/03
    Today, there's a big neighborhood festival being held in the Blue's Clues neighborhood. Everyone's excited about everything that's happening, although different things excite different characters. Magic is always a mainstay with Periwinkle and he has Joe and Blue play a "Guess Who" game and then provides Joe with a festival passport in which he can put stickers to represent the various events he's attended. By playing Shovel's beanbag toss game, we get another sticker, as well as a modeled look of the neighborhood. Matlee the librarian also has a game to play - a storybook game in which we match characters with the stories that they belong in. At the end of it all, the evening is capped off with a beautiful fireworks display.moreless
  • 8/11/03
    Joe and Blue accompany Periwinkle to his first day of preschool. He's a bit nervous to go, but he's okay since we're there with him for his first day. Once he gets there, he finds that he thinks that school is lots of fun. He takes part in activities such as "circle time" and "painting time" and even gets to feed the pet rabbit, Giggles. When it's time to go home, he likes school so much that he wants to play it as a game back at home.moreless
  • Meet Polka Dots!
    Episode 29
    This episode introduces us to Polka Dots, a small, stuffed green dog-toy of Blue's with pink polka-dots. We also learn more about Joe's stuffed duck, Boris. We play pretend with Slippery, learning that using our imagination and perhaps our own stuffed friend, we can do anything we want to do. Then, we meet Periwinkle's friend, Mr. Plate and visit new places and situations with the two of them.moreless
  • The Scavenger Hunt
    Episode 30
    Blue and her friend Magenta have created a scavenger hunt for us and Joe. We look all over the Blue's Clues house to find things on the list. A visit to the kitchen results in a tasty treat and we find several things on the list. Then, for some special shape-searching, we skidoo along with Blue and Magenta into a shape world.moreless
  • Let's Write!
    Episode 31
    Joe and Blue have been having fun writing labels, labeling all sorts of different things in the Blue's Clues house. We have fun with writing too, as Joe teaches us a trick where we can write a letter in the air using our finger. We find a character named Marky up in the attic and we help him to make labels for a couple of boxes. In the Blue Skidoo segment, Joe finds himself holding a very large paintbrush and a character named Palette shows up and asks us to help her write a word.moreless
  • Magenta's Messages
    Episode 32
    Magenta is taking a trip to the beach and she asks us to look after her house. Fortunately, we're not without help, she's left us a number of written and picture messages to tell us what to do. We help out with things such as feeding her fish and taking out her recycling. We get to find out what more of the inside of her house looks like and even have fun solving the game of Blue's Clues outside.moreless
  • Body Language
    Episode 33
    In this episode, we study body lanuage to learn about feelings. We practice showing feelings with our faces and also trying to identify others feelings based on their faces. A skiddoo segment shows us that we can tell a lot just from shadows. We help to make a play that's acted out entirely using body language.moreless
  • Blue's Big Car Trip
    Episode 34
    In this episode, we go on a car trip with a lady named Carmen. We learn all about important safety rules for riding in the car. We also learn how to pass time in the car, since sometimes long trips can get boring. We also groove to the music of a famous singer.moreless
  • Look Carefully...
    Episode 35
    This episode is all about observing things carefully to learn more about them. For example, we look carefully at a duck to figure out what it's doing. We play a game called Mystery Box with Shovel, Pail and Gopher. Later, we end up in a parody of a game show where observing things carefully could earn us big prizes... or not.moreless
  • I Did That!
    Episode 36
    This episode is all about actions and consequences. By singing "I did that," or "you did that," we learn that by doing certain things, we can cause things to happen or make people feel a certain way. For example, Tickety makes Pail mad when she knocks over his block tower and we find a way to help her out. We also visit Blue's school, where we explore sharing and taking turns.moreless
  • 9/25/03
    The animals from Blue's picture book, Animals, Animals, Animals are running loose in the Blue's Clues house. In this episode, we find them all, learning in the process what's special about them and how they make use of it in their natural habitats. We play a game of hide-and-seek with Shovel and Pail to find one animal and have some wacky fun with another. The animals could be anywhere, but they're not dangerous, so we have fun as we find them all.moreless
  • Morning Music
    Episode 38
    Coming into the Blue's Clues house, it's very early in the morning and so we follow the cahracters and learn about morning routines through song. We help Joe in figuring out what to do in the bathroom in the morning. We also help him with getting dressed. Later, a character called Shoehorn helps out with putting on his shoes. We also skiddoo into a shoe catalog for more work with shoe-tying.moreless
  • 12/12/03
    When Joe and the characters and of the Blue's Clues house gather for the holidays, Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper show us a special present - two videos showing everyone when they were young. We take a look back and see Baby Joe and Young Steve as well as younger versions of many of the characters. Find out about how Steve first got Blue. See the very first time that Steve and Blue ever played "Blue's Clues." Also featuring a special phone call by Steve.moreless
  • Monsters
    Episode 40
  • Classic Clues
    Classic Clues
    Episode 41
    This video contains the unaired Steve episodes "Blue's School" and "Something to Do Blue." The DVD version offers bonus episodes that have been shown on television: "Rhyme Time" and "Puppets." "Blue's School" Blue decides to pretend to be a teacher and hold her own pretend class. We take part in all sorts of fun activities such as "Painting Time" and "Weather Time." We even get to enjoy a special treat and learn about bus safety. "Something to Do Blue" In this last ever Steve episode, both Steve and Blue are looking for something fun to do. Steve's singing and playing his guitar seem to be out, but Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper introduce us to the "Something to Do Stew," a neat way to find something new to do. We have fun coming up with new uses for things and even skiddoo to help some friends who are bored with playing the same old things.moreless
  • Blue
    Episode 42
    A Special 7 Minute Short Show. Originally Planned To Air On CBS.