Blue's Clues

Season 6 Episode 5

Skidoo Adventure

Aired Weekdays 10:30 AM Mar 15, 2004 on Nickelodeon

Episode Recap

Joe welcomes us in, talking about something that he and the Blue's Clues characters have made. It's really exciting and he wants us to close our eyes and follow him, so we can be surprised when we see it. So we do so and when we open our eyes, we come face to face with "Wacky Wild World," a giant craft project with a number of sections. Joe created "Cardboard Land," Slippery made "Bubblopolis," Blue created a clay desert and there's also an area called "Puzzletown." As Joe gushes over the project, Blue skidoos inside. We go too and check out some pictures of all the neat things that we're going to explore. There's also a picture of home, so that we can get back, like in any skidoo, but just then, a stiff wind blows it away. Joe and Blue try to catch it but come up empty. A Balloon Fairy shows up and tells us that to get the picture back, we need to go on an adventure. She gives Blue a magic wand to collect letters. We need to find four of them to create a magic word. Joe compares it to finding clues. After reciting a rhyme to open a gate, we're on our way. Joe sings about Wacky Wild World and it's not long before we spot the first letter: an M. To get to it, we help Joe and Blue to select a bowl to use as a boat to cross a river. They hop in, put on lifejackets and cross. With the first letter secure, we continue into Bubblopolis, where we find the letter E. It floats across a giant pit, but fortunately, a Bubble named "Bubbly" shows up to help us out. It surrounds Joe and Blue in a giant bubble, then we blow on it to get them across the pit. We get the second letter, so we now have ME**. With two letters still needed, we visit Blue's clay desert and notice that the third letter, an O, is up on the moon. A clay blob shows up and says that being clay, it can change into anything. It demonstrates that it can change into a car, a boat, a rocket and a goat and we're asked to select which one would help in getting the letter. We select the rocket and with the third letter obtained, we need only one more to make the magic word. As we continue exploring, we find an "H." It's a very fast letter and it ends up hiding in a locked house. Three cups show up and to get the key to the house, they want us to play the old shell game. So we watch carefully to see which cup the key is hiding under and correctly identify it once the cups have stopped moving. Unfortunately, the letter escapes again, this time hiding up on top of a castle wall. We're in Puzzletown and a puzzle piece shows up and provides a magic flying carpet. We help Joe and Blue to power it using clapping and we finally get the letter. Now that we have them all, we realize that we'll need to rearrange the letters to get the right word. After a couple of failed attempts, Joe finally figures out the correct word, "home" and as we shout it repeatedly, the picture of home comes closer and closer, until we're finally able to return.

"Blue's Room"

In Blue's Room, Blue recalls the fun we had on our adventure, noting that home is a great place to be. Polka Dots, Roary and Fred all share their thoughts on why home is a great place. They then launch into a song number about how home is the most spectacular place they've ever known. Blue stops occasionally to ask questions about things such as what we do in our homes and what our favorite room is.