Blue's Clues

Season 5 Episode 7

The Big Book About Us

Aired Weekdays 10:30 AM May 20, 2002 on Nickelodeon

Episode Recap

Joe opens the episode by asking us what our favorite color is. He shows us his shirt, which is own favorite color, green. Then we find out about "The Big Book About Us." This is going to be a scrapbook containing pages that everyone in the house is making, filled with their favorite things. We help out Joe as he helps Tickety, Pail and Slippery to figure out things to put on their pages. To do so, we combine two or more of their interests into one thing that matches both. Later, as Joe continues to work on his page, he asks us for our shape. Then, Periwinkle asks for some help. He hasn't found anything yet that he can put on his page. So he skiddoos with Blue, Joe and us into a sticker book. There, Blue and Periwinkle find all sorts of neat stickers to put on their pages. They also find that they select different types of things for their pages. For example, Periwinkle likes short flowers, but Blue likes tall ones. Periwinkle likes vehicles, but Blue likes animals. In no time, they fill their pages with all sorts of great stickers. In this episode, Joe plays Blue's Clues to figure out what to put on the front cover of "The Big Book About Us." The three clues in this episode are: Clue 1: [highlight to see]Paper[/highlight to see] Clue 2: [highlight to see]Crayons[/highlight to see] Clue 3: [highlight to see]A Mirror[/highlight to see] Based on one or more of these clues, can you figure out what to put on the front of "The Big Book About Us?" The correct answer is: [Highlight to See]Self-Portraits[/Highlight to See]
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