Blue's Clues

Season 5 Episode 30

The Scavenger Hunt

Aired Weekdays 10:30 AM Sep 16, 2003 on Nickelodeon

Episode Recap

Joe welcomes us in. It turns out that today, Blue and her friend Magenta have created a scavenger hunt for us and Joe. They've made a large list of things to find and give it to Joe. The list includes: Tape Player Tape Clue 2 Eggs 4 Holders 10 Chocolate Chips Clue Red Oval White, Squiggly Line Red Triangle Clue We begin the scavenger hunt and search for the tape player. We find it in the bedroom and point it out to Joe, who checks it off the list. We then find a tape hiding under the bed. Joe puts it in the tape player and hits play. We get music - some very important music. Next, we head to the kitchen to find some of the items on our list. We find Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper waiting there. We decide to look for eggs and realize that there should be some in the refrigerator. We look inside and there are three plates. Joe needs our help - we point out the one that has two eggs on it. Next, we find some paper holders and point out the tray with four on it. Last, but not least, we get the chocolate chips, making sure to get ten. In the Blue Skidoo segment for this episode, we visit a world filled with shapes, hoping to find the remaining items on our list. We again help Joe, helping him to spot the red triangle, the red oval and finally the white, squiggly line. In this episode, our scavenger hunt leads Joe to Blue's Clues to figure out what we do after we find everything on the list. The three clues in this episode are: Clue 1: [highlight to see]Music[/highlight to see] Clue 2: [highlight to see]Cupcakes[/highlight to see] Clue 3: [highlight to see]A Balloon[/highlight to see] Based on one or more of these clues, can you figure out what we do after we find everything on the list? The correct answer is: [highlight to see]Have a Party[/highlight to see]
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