Blue's Room

Friday 12:00 PM on Nickelodeon Premiered Aug 01, 2004 Between Seasons


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Blue's Room

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Blue's Room is a spin-off of the wildly popular children's series Blue's Clues. Blue's Room is a special place where Blue the dog can talk to her friends and learn about the world around her. With Moona the fairy's help, we enter a place that was created just for Blue, a place where learning is never more than a game away, and where Blue discovers that she can TALK! With her playroom friends by her side, Blue is ready to take preschoolers on adventures in reading, creativity, and communication!

The Occupants of Blue's Room: Blue: An inquisitive, friendly blue puppy, Blue is always ready to greet her friends with a hearty, "Hi, you!" Blue jumps into activities with a childlike playfulness, always eager to try new things. She is also not shy about her "arty" side, always ready to burst into a song and dance number!

Sprinkles: He may be new to Blue's Room, but that doesn't mean he doesn't fit in! Sprinkles may need a bit of coaxing to join in play, but when he does, there's a lot of fun to be had!

Polka Dots: Blue's stuffed doll, Polka Dots, is given life in Blue's Room—and what a life he has! Polka Dots is even more playful than his friend, Blue is! With a mind always on silly things, Polka Dots can always be counted on to liven up any activity with his happy disposition. He is best known for "Polka Dots Puzzles' a game in which we must find puzzle pieces around Blue's Room, and put them together to get—a surprise!

Fred(erica) Frederica, or Fred as she likes to be called, is always thinking about one thing: birthdays! Fred can usually be found pretending it's her birthday, or thinking about what the perfect present would be. Fred is polite, friendly, and always happy! She also knows our Words of the Day before anyone else!

Roar E. Saurus (Roary) You can usually tell where Roary is by listening for his distinctive "Rooooooooooar!" While Roary may be trying to create a loud scary roar, he is anything but scary! A lovable dinosaur that likes to sit up high, Roary is always eager to join Blue on her adventures!

Doodle Board: Song Call: Doodely-doodely-doodely-doodely-Doodle Board! Doodle Board loves to draw pictures and play Doodle Doodle Guess. Can you figure out what he's drawing?

Dress Up Chest: Song Call: Dress-up time! Dress-up-time! With a turn of Blue's Key, Dress Up Chest is ready to give us costumes that help us "Be anything, now that we're pretending!"

Boogie-Woogie: Song Call: Boogie-woogie, boogie, boogie boogie, boogie-woogie, boogie, boogie-woogie! Boogie-Woogie is always ready to play music for us to dance to. This is one jukebox that knows how to get down!

Silly Seat: Song Call: A-silly-silly-silly-silly-silly-silly seeeeeeat! Silly Seat's one mission is to make us laugh. Whether he uses a silly song and dance, or tells a silly knock-knock joke, he usually succeeds!

Bookshelf: Song Call: Ahhhhhhhh-Read me! Here in Blue's Room, the books fly off the shelves--literally! If there's a book with a story to be read, it will eagerly jump to the windowsill so we can read it with Blue!

Dictionary: Song Call: Words, words, words, words, woooooords! When we run into a word we don't know, this is the book we look for. Dictionary shows us a picture of the word, and also tells us what it means so we can use the new word throughout our playdate!

Journal: Song Call: Let's Journal! At the end of our time in Blue's Room, Journal is always ready to receive our thoughts and hear about the fun we had!

Moona: The fairy who gave Blue her room. Moona's job in Blue's Room is to perform the magic that is sometimes needed for our adventures. She also has the sad job of telling Blue when it's time to leave.

Get ready to play in Blue's Room!moreless

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AIRED ON 3/29/2007

Season 2 : Episode 10


Joey Mazzarino

Joey Mazzarino

Roary / Sprinkles / Boogie Woogie

Tyler Bunch

Tyler Bunch

Dress-Up Chest

Peter Linz

Peter Linz

Polka Dots / Doodleboard

Cheryl Blaylock

Cheryl Blaylock


Jared Goldsmith

Jared Goldsmith

Silly Seat

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