Blue's Room

Season 2 Episode 7

Away Great Playdate

Aired Friday 12:00 PM Mar 26, 2007 on Nickelodeon

Episode Recap

As we enter the playroom today, Blue and Sprinkles greet us and introduce their friend Jaylen. Sprinkles says that they're going to play Duck, Duck Goose, and asks if we know that game. Blue asks if we want to play too, and the three friends dash over to the table, where Polka Dots, Roary, and Fred are waiting to play. Jaylen says that he can't play without his favorite hat. He produces a hat shaped like a duck head from under the table and puts it on his head. Everyone loves it, especially Sprinkles. Jaylen asks Sprinkles if he wants to wear it. Sprinkles does, so Jaylen pops it on his head. Jaylen then asks Sprinkles if he wants to be it first. Sprinkles says he's not ready, so Blue volunteers. Blue offers us a chance to be it with her—she'll tap someone, and we can say "Duck" or "Goose." We play a round, making Roary the goose. Roary's all ready to be it, when suddenly, the doorbell rings. It's Jaylen's mom, here to pick him up. Sprinkles is disappointed that we don't get to play again, but Jaylen says that we're invited to play at his house anytime! He leaves, and Sprinkles comments how fun that was. Blue suddenly realizes with shock that Sprinkles is still wearing Jaylen's duck hat! Blue and Sprinkles both run to the door… but Jaylen is already gone. Sprinkles takes off the hat, and we discover that there's a picture of a barn with ducks and a tractor inside the hat. Blue deduces that this must be a picture of where Jaylen lives. Blue and Sprinkles resolve that they must go there and return Jaylen's hat. But, Blue wonders, how are they going to get there? Suddenly, they hear Joe: "You need some transportation!" he says. They run over. Joe is standing with a cardboard box. Sprinkles asks him what transportation is. Joe explains that transportation is something that takes you somewhere. He waves his hand over the cardboard box, and Blue and Sprinkles suddenly find themselves seated in a cardboard train, with Train Conductor Joe at the front! We buckle up and help Joe get the train chugging out of Blue's Room. After a few minutes, the train arrives at a city. Blue and Sprinkles hop out, thank Joe, and start looking around for Jaylen. They run into some new friends, Sabrina and her friend Lance. They tell them they've arrived in the city—a big place where lots of people live and work. Lance suggests they all play a guessing game so they can learn about the city. After a few rounds of "I Spot," Blue and Sprinkles know about skyscrapers, taxicabs, and pretzel stands. Joe buys them all soft pretzels, and then asks if they've found Jaylen yet. Blue and Sprinkles check the hat, and discover that Jaylen definitely does not live in the city. So, they say goodbye to their new friends, and head back over to the train. Since we're in the city, Joe decides we need a different form of transportation. With a wave of his hand, Joe transforms the train into a taxicab, and he becomes Taxi Driver Joe. They drive out of the city and find themselves at a beach. Once there, Blue and Sprinkles meet Antonio and his sister Kay-lin. They invite them to help them look for seashells, as Kay-lin wants a collection like her brothers. Antonio tells us the types of shells to find, and we quickly find all three. Joe comes to admire the shells, and asks what we can do with them. We quickly make a set of drums with them, and jam to a song all about the beach. Joe then asks if the beach is where Jaylen lives. We check the picture and find that Jaylen does not live at the beach, either. So, we say goodbye to our new friends once again and return to the taxi. Blue wishes there was something that could help us fly through the sky. Joe, smiles, waves his hand over the taxi, and transforms it into a plane, and himself into Pilot Joe! They take off, and fly to a farm. The puppies immediately check the picture, and are thrilled to see that it matches their location exactly! They're even more thrilled when Jaylen comes out of the farmhouse and sits on the porch. They run up. Jaylen is thrilled to receive his hat back. Sprinkles recounts for him the adventure we had, and then asks if we can play another round of Duck, Duck, Goose. Jaylen agrees, and Joe also joins in this round. Sprinkles is it, and with our help, makes Jaylen the goose. After this, the friends say goodbye to Jaylen, and board the plane. As they fly through the sky toward home, Blue, Sprinkles and Joe sing "Way Great Playdate" and bid us goodbye.