Blue's Room

Season 1 Episode 3

Blue's Holiday Wishes

Aired Friday 12:00 PM Dec 03, 2004 on Nickelodeon

Episode Recap

It's a snowy night as we enter Blue's Room. We find Blue looking at the snow out the window. She turns, greets us, and wishes us happy holidays. We see that she's wearing a scarf. She points out the snow and how pretty it is. We suddenly hear singing. Blue asks us what song it is. We confirm it's "Jingle Bells" and join in the singing as we go over and discover that the singers are Fred, Roary, and Polka Dots, all in winter clothing and on a giant sleigh. As they finish singing, they "drive" off, and Blue and the whole room join together in a chorus of "In Blue's Room" with holiday-theme lyrics. Blue says that she likes singing songs for the holidays, but the thing she likes best is spending time with friends, like us. Then, she asks us if we know who else she likes to spend time with. She produces a picture of Joe. She announces that he's coming over for a holiday visit today. She says she loves it when he comes to visit. She then sings a new song to the tune of The 12 Days of Christmas called "What I Really Like About the Holidays" putting Joe's visit in the "partridge in a pear tree" spot. As she finishes, she hears Polka Dots exclaiming that it's really snowing hard now. Roary is excited by this, but to everyone's surprise, Blue reacts with an "Oh, no!" She explains that Joe may not be able to find the room with all this snow. Everyone is worried for a few seconds, until Polka Dots suggests that we put a candle outside for Joe to help him find the room. As everyone agrees to the merits of this idea, a candle appears and introduces himself, saying he's just the candle for the job. He zips off and reappears outside the window with his wick lit. However, the wind and snow start blowing fiercely, and he says it may not be so easy—the wind might blow him out. Blue encourages him to keep glowing, and Polka Dots promises that they will keep checking on him. Polka Dots asks for our help to do so. We agree. Then, Doodle Board calls us. We go over, and Blue asks him what he likes about the holidays. Doodle Board answers that he likes the decorations. He suggests we play Doodle Doodle Guess to finish decorating. As each picture finishes, we sing our version of Deck the Halls to place it in our playroom. The first doodle is a Christmas tree, Doodle Board's favorite thing about the holidays. The second doodle is a star, Fred's favorite thing about the holidays. The final doodle is a menorah, Roary's favorite thing about the holidays. Roary begins to explain about Hanukah, when Fred appears, wanting to blow out the candles. Polka Dots stops her, explaining that these candles will go out on their own. Roary explains the story of Hanukah being the miracle of light, while Fred describes the star from the Christmas story as pointing to a birthday celebration. Polka Dots compares the star to Candle, and we go over to check on him. Candle's still burning brightly, but reports no sign of Joe. While we wait, we sing the "Holidays" song again, adding the favorite decorations to it. After this, we hunt for Polka Dots and are presented with a Polka Dots Puzzle Cookie. Blue then asks Polka Dots what his favorite thing about the holidays is, and he replies, "Generosity." Blue asks us if we know what "generosity" means. She doesn't, so Dictionary calls us. She defines our Word of the Day: "Generosity: giving to others and being kind to make someone happy." To practice it, we put it in our Holidays song. Boogie-Woogie then calls us. Boogie-Woogie says that his favorite thing about the holidays is "The Dreidel Song." Boogie-Woogie brings out his friend Dreidel, and we join in a hip-hop version of The Dreidel Song. The doorbell rings, and Blue's friend Antonio comes to visit, bringing a homemade picture of Blue and her friends, as making homemade presents is his favorite holiday thing. Blue and Polka Dots marvel at it and the 3 friends sing the Word of the Day together. Blue and Polka Dots then go to check on Candle. He's still burning, but hopes that Joe will arrive soon. Suddenly, we hear sleigh bells, and a voice saying, "Joe ho ho!" It's Joe! He arrives in a sleigh wearing a Santa hat, singing a version of "Up on the Housetop." Joe greets us and wishes everyone happy holidays, and thanks Candle for lighting his way. He says the holidays wouldn't be the same without spending time with us. Joe then announces he's brought presents. He presents Blue with a hat he made himself. Blue comments that it matches the scarf he made her last year. Joe puts it on her head, and Blue asks if we like it. Polka Dots then asks Joe what he likes most about the holidays, and Joe says he enjoys spending time with loved ones. We add that to the song and everybody sings it all the way through—even Antonio! Blue then thanks Joe and us for coming over and as everyone else starts visiting, Moona takes us out of the room. Over the credits, everyone sings "Jingle Bells."
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