Blue's Room

Season 1 Episode 2

Fred's Birthday

Aired Friday 12:00 PM Nov 24, 2004 on Nickelodeon

Episode Recap

Today, we appear in Blue's Room atop the staircase. Blue greets us and asks us what we should play. The Playdate Spinner descends and we blow on it several times to get it spinning. When it finally stops, it's landed on a picture of a birthday cake—it's a Fred's Birthday Playdate! Moona taps the spinner with her wand, and we see that the room is now decorated with presents and balloons and streamers. Roary and Polka Dots both fly up on balloons. Roary practices his birthday roar, and Polka Dots suggests that we all have a birthday party for Fred. Blue suggests that we all hide and surprise Fred, just as we hear Fred's voice. The playroom friends all hide in a stack of presents and jump out. Fred is glad we remembered her birthday. She explains that every day she pretends it's her birthday, but today, it really is her birthday! A party hat appears on her head, and Blue compliments her on it. She asks us what sort of decorations we can see. She then asks Fred what the best part of her birthday party playdate will be, and Fred says it is that she can do it all with us. The whole room joins Blue and Fred in a chorus of "In Blue's Room." "Let's celebrate!" Fred says happily. Blue asks us if we know what the word "celebrate" means. She says that she thinks she knows, but she wants to check Dictionary. Dictionary defines our Word of the Day: "Celebrate: to have a great time with your family and friends to honor someone special." We practice the word, just as Polka Dots pops out of one of his doors and announces that he's made up a new game for Fred: Birthday Party Puzzle Surprise. Both Blue and Fred are intrigued. Polka Dots throws out a present. Inside the present, we find a puzzle piece with a hint on it telling us to go to the Clock Tree. We go there, and find another present with a hint telling us to go to Dress-Up Chest. We go there, open him up, and play out the story "Little Gorilla," about a tiny gorilla who grew and grew into a big gorilla, only to find that the other animals still loved him—enough to throw a birthday party for him-- even though he grew bigger, because he was himself. Fred plays Little Gorilla, we play the elephants along with Blue, and Roary plays the hippopotamus. After the story, Dress-Up gives us our next present, which contains a puzzle piece with a hint telling us to go to Boogie-Woogie. We go, and Boogie-Woogie leads us in a song called "Do the Fred." He then gives us the last present, which contains Polka Dots' surprise for Fred:

A New Birthday Crown

Fred is very pleased and grateful for this kind gift. Polka Dots then leads Fred over to the Table, where all the playroom friends have gathered to have the birthday party, which includes a giant cake. Everybody sings the Blue's Room Birthday Song to Fred, and she, with our help, blows out the candle. Then the Clock chimes, and Moona tells Blue it's time to go. Fred thanks us for being at her birthday party, and joins Blue in singing "Way Great Playdate" as we exit the room.
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