Blue's Room

Season 1 Episode 4

It's Hug Day

Aired Friday 12:00 PM Feb 07, 2005 on Nickelodeon

Episode Recap

Today, we appear atop the Blue's Room staircase, and find Blue asking herself if we've arrived yet. When she sees us, she joyously says that she was waiting and waiting and now we're there! She greets us as the Playdate Spinner descends. With a few puffs, we send the wheel spinning. Today, the arrow lands on a picture of two friends embracing with a heart between them—it's Hug Day! Moona taps the spinner with her wand, and heart and paper doll decorations appear all around the room. Everyone is excited that it's Hug Day, but no one more than Roary, who makes Blue his first hug recipient, almost knocking them both to the floor! Roary apologizes for his forcefulness and Blue asks us if we know about Hug Day. Roary explains that it's a day where you hug everybody you love. Blue adds that she even likes to hug herself, because, she loves herself. She demonstrates by wrapping her arms around herself and saying, "Hug hug hug hug hug hug hug!" She invites us to try it. As Roary attempts to do this (unsuccessfully) Blue invites us to have a Hug Day playdate with her, and joins the whole room in a chorus of "In Blue's Room." Roary gives Blue another big hug, and then gives Polka Dots one just as big. Polka Dots then reveals that we're going to make something special for someone we appreciate. Blue asks us if we know what the word "appreciate" means. She says she's not sure, and goes over to Dictionary to check it out. Dictionary defines our Word of the Day: "Appreciate: to love, enjoy, want to thank." Blue says she appreciates us because we're nice to her, and we're her friends. Roary then comes in for another hug. He then goes off to give Silly Seat one. Blue comments on how good of a hugger Roary is, just as Doodle Board calls. Today, Doodle Board helps us practice our Word of the Day by playing Doodle Doodle Guess about people and things we appreciate. At the end of the game, Blue says she appreciates so many things and asks us what we appreciate and why. She comments on how nice that is. Next, Boogie-Woogie calls. We wish him Happy Hug Day, and Blue says that we appreciate him because he always plays music for them. Boogie Woogie says that he has a special Hug Day game of Boogie Woogie to play—you dance when he says "boogie," and when he says "woogie" you find somebody to hug, We play this for two rounds, doing the Fred and the Blue in the process. We even get to make up our own dance! After the game, we suddenly hear a new Song Call: "Ahhhhhhh-read me!" Blue is puzzled and goes up the stairs to check out who that could be. When she reaches her Bookshelf, she sees that a book on the top shelf is nearly jumping at the prospect of being read. She sits on the windowsill, and the book jumps down to join her. She introduces the book as "Hug" and notices there's a monkey on the cover, and Polka Dots offers to be the monkey in this story, as he has a pair of monkey ears. Blue gives us a pair too, and we practice being monkeys before Blue opens the book and begins reading. Polka Dots plays the main monkey, looking for a hug. Roary plays the elephant that helps the monkey in his search. Fred plays the mama monkey.

In this episode, we play Polka Dots Puzzles to figure out what we're going to make for someone we appreciate. The three puzzle pieces are: Piece 1: right edge of a rectangle Piece 2: picture of a heart Piece 3: left edge of a rectangle

Bases on one or more of these pieces, can you figure out what we're going to make? Answer: a Hug Day card The puzzle turns into a real Hug Day card and Blue decides to give it to us because she appreciates us for being special and being her friend. Then the Clock chimes and Blue sings "Way Great Playdate." As we leave the room, we see all the playroom friends hugging each other and giving each other Hug Day cards.
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