Blue's Room

Season 2 Episode 3

Masterpiece Museum

Aired Friday 12:00 PM Feb 09, 2007 on Nickelodeon

Episode Recap

Today, we enter the playroom to find Blue and Sprinkles creating pictures of each other. Blue greets us, and they both show off their drawings. Blue asks us if we like to make art projects, and what kind we like to make. Polka Dots pops out to show off his picture, a portrait of Blue made of macaroni and buttons. He says that one day, he'd like to have his art hanging in an art museum. Sprinkles asks what that is, and Polka Dots explains that an art museum is a place where everyone comes to look at art. He produces a book showcasing an art museum with three different styles of art: pointalism (art made with dots) sculpture, and the great works of art, the masterpieces. Sprinkles suddenly gets a brainstorm--why not play Art Museum today? Everyone loves the idea, and Polka Dots suggests making their own version of the art museum in the book, starting with the Pointalism exhibit. When they get there, however, they find no art in the frames! Luckily, Doodleboard knows all about pointalism, and plays Doodle Doodle Dot Guess with them to create three perfect dot-pictures for the wing. Polka Dots admires Doodle's work, and declares the Pointalism exhibit finished. Next up is the sculpture exhibit. Blue and Sprinkles find Joe there, dressed up in artist garb and constructing a coiled pot out of clay for the exhibit. We help him by showing him the movements for molding clay, and our three artists make perfect clay coiled pots. Fred and Roary add their sculptures, and Polka Dots declares the sculpture exhibit finished. That only leaves the Materpiece exhibit. When they get there, Sprinkles confesses he's not really ready to make a masterpiece yet. Blue encourages him, just as our good friend Colors Puppy stops by. A self-proclaimed masterpiece expert, he offers to help the friends paint one. As they look at examples, Sprinkles hears a sigh from a seemingly empty easel, and discovers a boy, lonely in a blank painting. With help from Colors Puppy, Sprinkles manages to create art like the great masters, filling the painting with things the boy likes, and a new friend to share it with. As Sprinkles finishes. Polka Dots looks at his work, declaring it a masterpiece. That means the museum is finished! As Polka Dots declares each section done, it transforms, getting elagant, museum-like trappings. Sprinkles' work even gets a golden frame! At that moment, visitors appear outside the door and ooh and aah over our friends' work, especially Sprinkles'. Blue and Sprinkles break off from the admirers to sing "Way Great Playdate" and bid us goodbye.