Blue's Room

Friday 12:00 PM on Nickelodeon Premiered Aug 01, 2004 Between Seasons


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  • Stop the madness!

    OK OK let me see I got it all clear. A dog name blue has now turn in to a puppet that you can barf by looking at his face. A orange dinosaur that cant rour if his life depended on it. A doll that likes tea parties. A green dog that has a voice of making children cry. A spotted dog, blues brother that looks nothing like Blue. Where was Joe when this situation happened? Whats the meaning to this show? First there was Blue`s clues, now Blues room. Whats next Blues game show!!!! I want 30 minutes of my life back.
  • Not as good as the original, but still good!

    Blue's Room is not as good or as captivating as the classic Blue's Clues, but this gets the job done.

    Blue is absolutley ADORABLE as a puppet and her talking voice is sweet, very standable and not annoying. Sprinkles is highly adorable and a great add to the show. It is also great to see Joe back! I love Joe.

    Although Blue's Clues is no longer played, there is still plenty of fun with new friends like the doodle board and Roary the dinosaur. Sometimes they draw and sometimes they read stories, but it's always plenty of fun in Blue's Room.
  • This is just to say that I like Blue's Clues over Blue's Room.

    It's just not the same, my 23 month old daughter loves finding the clues with Joe. Why did they change it? I mean it's okay that Blue can talk to us, that's fine. But, why can't they keep the part where you can find the clues?

    How about doing two shows? One for Blue's Room and one for Blue's Clues. I don't know, seeing poor Joe in one of the latest episodes where he plays King Joe and Blue and her gang have to find his 4 dragons, I felt bad for him. If they're going to change it just let go of Joe already. But, the thing is a large majority of the fans like Joe & Steve.

    that's just what I think.
    Katelyn's Mom
  • this killed blue's clues...

    this show or w/e it's supposed to be, is lame! not to mention it klled blue's clues. i dont like the fact that blue & her friens are puppets. i miss the animated blue:( give me blues clues over this any day. blue's room is just retarded! i think this show is cancelled cuz i never see it on nick jr. anymore. dont waste your time with this! watch the original blue's clues instead. when i saw this i thought "aaaahhhhhh! blue's a puppet! make it stop!!!" i hope this never comes back on tv. whoever thought of this is retarded!
  • What have they done to Blue!?! D:

    That was horrible, Blue shouldn't be a puppet or talk, that wrecked my childhood when this aired, more memories would flow away after seeing this. Why would they make Blue a puppet anyway, that puppet looks weird, along with that green one! I thought up to this point Blues Clues would get cancelled soon, because of this. Blue's voice was very annoying to top it off. This ruined blues Clues in so many ways, also I think they sang a song at the end of every episode, that was also very annoying. I'm glad this show doesn't seem to be on anymore, it was a discrase to Blues Clues, Sorry Blue's Room's fans. Final Grade: F-
  • This would die Blue..

    What is this? Like Blue is now a puppet and he can talk... why!! this is even worse than mickey mouse clubhouse. Again, Blue the animated was turned into a puppet. The characters on Blue's Room is annoying, the green dog puppet was the most annoying character in the show, it drives me crazy when he said polka dot!, polka dot!, polka dot!, EVERYWHERE!!!!!.

    C'mon please stop with this. I don't like the puppet Blue. What will next, blue's clues the video game with a M rating, or a game show.

    Bring back Blue's Clues, it was greatest show ever, bring it back.
  • This killed Blue's Clues.

    Blue can talk. Not a good thing. Characters are very nice to be a target practice. Voice acting, and art is crap. The Ed. Value of this has gone down to zero. If I can rate this below 0, I will because they killed one of the most educational shows.
  • I don't like this show

    This show is not bad.Blue looks so scary and the others are horrifying to even look at.This show is mostly ruined & Blue says ''hi you'' WTF learn peoples names Blue.This show better than super why,The Flintstones and Waybuloo but is worse than Kerwhizz,Jake and the Neverland Pirates and Johnny and the sprites.I'm unfortunatly afraid of puppets and their apperences to me are scary.Blue looks so scary as a puppet so NO MORE SHOWS WITH PUPPETS!!!!!!!!!!
  • Great Overall!

    This show seems extremely underrated. Most people compare it to Blue's Clues, which I have to say is completely different. The show alone is creative, smart, and funny (even for adults). Nick has done a great job!
  • Ecstatic to have found this show!

    Most of the preschool shows played on TV today lack educational value (although my youngest loves the PAW Patrol, and I do too, I must admit that it doesn't teach much of anything). Blue's Room is a perfect example of what kids' TV used to be: educational. This show has no mind-numbing "fact recitation" like in Disney's kiddie shows, and likable puppet characters. The storylines are simple, yet don't get boring over a span of 30 minutes or so. Recommended, for anyone who's looking for a quality preschool series.