Blue's Room

Season 2 Episode 2

Shape Detectives

Aired Friday 12:00 PM Feb 02, 2007 on Nickelodeon

Episode Recap

As we enter Blue's Room, Blue and Sprinkles are both dressed up in detective outfits and tell us that they're playing Shape Detectives. They make us a Shape Detective too, and we search the playroom for a star in order to practice. As soon as we find the star, detective music starts playing. Blue and Sprinkles follow it, and are shocked to discover that a Shape Detectives Detective Agency has appeared in the center of the playroom. They go inside, and are surprised by Detective Joe, who is the chief of the Agency. He teaches them their slogan:
"Shapes, shapes, all around.
Shapes are lost, then they're found."
No sooner do we settle in when Roary runs up, eager to show us his new painting. After a bit of coaxing, he reveals it to be a house, made up of four different shapes: a circle, a rectangle, a triangle, and (his personal favorite) a pentagon, Suddenly, the four shapes jump off the easel and run away! Roary is distraught. Sprinkles offers the Shape Detectives' services, and Roary quickly accepts. As he leaves, the phone rings. It's Polka Dots, claiming to know the location of the missing circle. Detective Joe sends Detectives Blue and Sprinkles over to the Purple Puzzle Door, and Polka Dots tells them that their circle is with the other circles. Whipping our magnifying glasses out, we search the playroom, discovering that there are lots of circles around blue's Room, but finally finding our circle in the clock. It returns to Roary's painting, and we return to the Agency, only to receive another phone call from Doodleboard, who says he knows where the rectangle is. The two junior detectives move out, and play Doodle Doodle Guess with Doodle to locate the shape. When the rectangle returns, it reveals that the triangle also went inside Doodle. We play some more Doodle Doodle Guess and locate that shape as well. That only leaves the pentagon to find! We head back to the agency, and get a call from Fredrica, who tells us to meet her at the lampost. All three detectives head there, and receive a note from the informant. It is the first of a series of riddles left by the pentagon, consisting of shape clues to different items in the room. When we finally track it down, Roary's masterpiece is complete! The room celebrates by joining Blue in singing "Way Great Playdate" as we exit.

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