Blue's Room

Season 1 Episode 1

Snacktime Playdate

Aired Friday 12:00 PM Aug 02, 2004 on Nickelodeon

Episode Recap

As we enter Blue's Room, we see Blue greeting her friends as usual. Catching sight of us, she greets us and asks if we are ready for our playdate. She then asks what we like to play. Just then, someting decends to land atop the stairs. Blue takes us up there and introduces the Playdate Spinner. Blowing on it, she explains, will determine the subject of our playdate. On the count of three, we blow on the wheel, and when it stops, it has landed on a drawing of apples and pretzels-- which means we're going to have a snacktime playdate. Moona flies in, and with a wave of her wand, the playroom is decorated with all sorts of snacks! We hear giggling, and turn to discover three cupcakes running away from Fred! Fred explains that cupcakes are her favorite birthday snack, and that these particular cupcakes keep running away! We help her resume her chase, and Blue officially starts our playdate with a chorus of "In Blue's Room." The first thing to occur is a call from Doodleboard-- it's time for Doodle Doodle Guess. As we play, we discover the favorite snacks of some of our Blue's Room friends. After we finish, the cupcakes run by again, and Fred runs after them, calling the cupcakes scrumptious. Blue is confused-- what does that word mean? All of a sudden, we hear a new Song Call-- "Words, words, words, words, wooooooooords!" Blue explains that that's Dictionary. We go over, and Dictionary defines our Word of the Day-- "Scrumptious: tasty, delicious, yummy for your tummy." Blue thanks Dictionary, and we practice saying the new word with her. Throughout the rest of the playdate, Blue finds ways to use this tasty new word. Next is Dress-Up-Time. We act out the story of If You Give a Mouse a Cookie. Blue gets a little carried away at the end with the repitition of the story, but Dress-Up chest quickly cuts her off to bring conclusion to the story.

Throughout the playdate, we play Polka Dots Puzzles to figure out what our snacktime surprise will be. Each piece that Polka Dots presents has a part of a picture of the surprise on it. The pictures are: 1: Balloons 2: Chair and plate with banana peel on it 3: plate with carrots on it 4: sun decoration

Based on one or more of these pictures, can you figure out what our surprise is? Answer: Snack Party

Moona taps the completed picture with her wand, and we find ourselves facing a table loaded with everyone's favorite snacks! Everyone gathers around, and we all join in with Boogie Woogie on the song, "Snack Party." Then Blue teaches us how to make banana pops by taking half a banana and placing it on a craft stick. She tops hers with yogurt and granola. Roary tops his with papya. Polka Dots tops his with sprinkles. Fred tops hers with strawberries. Fred has finally managed to catch the runaway cupcakes. As we finish, Journal calls. Blue writes that she likes snacks because they make her big and strong, and asks us what our favorite snack is and what it tastes like. The Clock chimes, which means its time for us to go. Blue asks if we'll come over again. She says she can't wait for the next time. With a chorus of "Way Great Playdate," we are taken out of the room by Moona.
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