Blushing Bloopers

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Blushing Bloopers

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Blushing Bloopers is a hilarious exposition of the many blunders and mishaps that typically would not make it past network censors. This entertaining compilation is a rarity because bloopers like the ones in the program are usually not kept by the studio. Some of the shows featured in Blushing Bloopers are MASH, Star Trek, The Lone Ranger, Happy Days, and The Waltons. This is a collection meant for adults as it includes nudity and obscene language. It features widely popular celebrities and actors such as Jerry Lewis, Errol Flynn, Ronald Reagan, and Sammy Davis Jr., among many others. The bloopers in the film cover a wide range of time periods, from back in the thirties all the way to the movies of the nineties. Blushing Bloopers, from Passport Video, is sure to keep the attention of viewers in this comical and often times witty exposition of bloopers from the entertainment industry.

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