Bo' Selecta!

Channel 4 (ended 2009)


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  • A poorly thought out over milked comedy thats had its day... get rid of it... let it be removed from the annuals of history!

    You may think the idea of watching a man get dressed up as fifteen to twenty famous people and take the piss out of them could get a little dull... and you'd be wrong... we've seen this in the past with many comedy sketch shows giving many people all over the globe side splitting pains of laughter...

    This however is not one of those sketch shows, comedy drawn from rubbishy masks and the stupid caricature-esk depths of the shows characters limits this shows possibilities to about one series (at most)... the real mistake here was to have 3 seasons...

    My advice to you if you've never seen this show before is not to bother... if you still want to then maybe you could waste some time watching 2-3 episodes but I wouldn't advise any more then that... you'll find the comedy dry and slightly dull... simply put, Why did this even get a full season?
  • Good at times.

    Rude but funny.

    Bo Selecta was good in the first and second series (well i say good, funny) and most of the characters were funny but I couldn't tune into the third series because the content was purile.

    Gone were the funny characters and replaced with Avid humping chairs and destroying the shows already tattered rep.

    But along came Bo in the USA which was better than the rest of the shows combined. If it weren't for this show i would have rated Bo Selecta alot less.

    Avid Merrion is annoying in the first three seasons.

    But I think that he ha given us some great catchphrases over the years.

    Do not watch the third season!