Bo' Selecta! - Season 1

Channel 4 (ended 2009)


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  • Proper Bo' Selecta!
    The second special episode which includes clips from the first season, and also some new footage and sketches..
  • Proper Bo' Selecta!
    Special episode which features higlights of the first series including clips of Michael Jackson, Mel B and David Blaine. There's also some new scenes including Michael Jackson being interviewed by Martin Bashir.
  • Episode Six
    Episode Six
    Episode 7
    Kate Thornton, Barbara Windsor and Mariella Fostrup guest. David Blaine tries to stay in a ice-block for a week. Craig David goes home to Leeds, to introduce us to his friends and family.
  • Episode Five
    Episode Five
    Episode 6
    Sarah Cawood joins the bear the on the sofa, to talk about Top of the Pops. Destiny's Child take the day off and visit a beauty salon in Bradford, Beyonce slags off the other members while Kelly keeps repeating the word -"Question". Avid goes to the Soap Awards and Meets some of the Hollyoaks stars, Coronation Streets' Suranne Jones, & Sally Lindsay and Eastenders' Alex Ferns.moreless
  • Episode Four
    Episode Four
    Episode 5
    Keith Duffy & Christine Hamilton guest. Michael Jackson introduces us to his sister Janet and tells off the Osbournes for swearing. Whilst Avid's neighbour Ozzey meets Avid's houseguest Craig.
  • Episode Three
    Episode Three
    Episode 4
    Terri Dwyer, Kate Thornton, Vanessa Feltz and Michael Ball guest. John Lennon comes back to life to visit his dead wife, Michael Jackson does some chicken-ice-skating and Avid goes to get Michael Ball's autograph.
  • Episode Two
    Episode Two
    Episode 3
    We join Britney Spears on her day off. Enrique's mole talks about Gareth Gates drunken behaviour and the 2000th episode of Top of the Pops. The Bear interviews Tess Daly. Michael Jackson takes part in blind boxing. Avid shows us his newest picture of himself auditioning for Popstars: The Rivals. Elton John tells us why he likes using the internet. Craig David tries conquering the world of medieval jousting in the same way he's conquered R'n'B. Avid surprises Penny Smith at the GMTV studios. David Blaine helps a woman overcome her fear of Chickens. Geri Halliwell does a celebrity test. Michael Jackson plays a game of cricket bat in the nuts. Da Craig has some problems when allowed to share a bed with Avid for the night, which interrupts Avid's dream of his life with Kylie Minogue.moreless
  • Episode One
    Episode One
    Episode 2
    Avid Merrion welcomes you to his home, and gives you a tour of his flat. Michael Jackson also introduces himself and his family in "The Jacksons". Enrique's mole gives all the latest news in "The week in whole by Enrique's mole", Liberty X are interviewed by The Bear from his treehouse on Hampstead Heath and Mel B advertises her new book. Avid stalks Jade Goody for a while on the streets of London, we see Craig David's 7 Days, and Avid then breaks in, to interview Davina McCall. David Blaine does some street magic, Avid and Davina end the show together singing "It Had To Be You".moreless
  • Pilot
    Episode 1
    This unaired episode guest starred Davina McCall.