Bo' Selecta! - Season 2

Channel 4 (ended 2009)


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Episode Guide

  • Ho Ho Ho Selecta!
    Ho Ho Ho Selecta!
    Episode 10
    Michael Jackson and Mel B take up carol singing.
  • Proper Crimbo
    Proper Crimbo
    Episode 9
    The video promo for Avid Merrion's Christmas single: "Proper Crimbo". The release date is 15th December 2003.
  • Episode Eight
    Episode Eight
    Episode 8
  • Episode Seven
    Episode Seven
    Episode 7
    This episode included "The week in bits by Jodie Marsh's Tits", a tour of Mel B's house in cribs, The Bear interviewing Davina McCall and Dermot O'Leary in the Big Brother 4 studio, and Avid meeting Chris Moyles.
  • Episode Six
    Episode Six
    Episode 6
  • Episode Five
    Episode Five
    Episode 5
  • Episode Four
    Episode Four
    Episode 4
  • Episode Three
    Episode Three
    Episode 3
    Davina reveals that Jon & Fedrico have been evicted from the big brother house, Avid gets arrested for stalking Vanessa Feltz, Craig David goes on Sarah Cox's radio show, he goes on GMTV and meets Lorriane, and later meets Mel B, Vernon (from Bolton), & June (from London) on T4, Jordan tells us about the Osbournes gets new neighbours , David learning how to cycle, and Michael trying out new cuisine, Kerry McFadden joins Bear in his house on Hamster Heath, to talk about her husband and children, Tranny and Suzannah tells about the latest fashion, Ozzey bails out Avid wearing a superhero outfit, Ant & Dec see what their mystery task this week is, Christina shows us her crib and introduces us to some of her clients, Avid dreams about Miss-teeq , and they perform in the GMTV Studio, Michael and Martin play paintball, Kelly tells us about her new trainers, and how she made friends with Pink and Avril, Anoska from Big Brother joins Davina to talk about her time in Australia !moreless
  • Episode Two
    Episode Two
    Episode 2
    David Beckham talks to the English Press about joining the Disney club, Avid updates his internet diary, and teases Craig Phillips with the key, Craig David continues with his UK tour and meets Michael Jackson and Martin Basshir in his hotel hallway, Jordan tells us about One True Voice spliting up, Gareth Gates new hair style, and Kelly's new song. Jennifer Elison joins the Bear in his home on Hamster Heath, Ricky Gervias does his unique dance to a shopping market audience, Dale Wintin joins Lorraine on GMTV, Michael tells the audience how he met Catherine. Avid speaks to Myleene Klass at the FHM Awards, Mel B takes a holiday in Spain, David Blaine shows the public another trick, Davina reveals that Sissy has been evicted from Big Brother, Jonathan Ross, Christina Aquilera, Elton John, all comment on the departure of the housemate, Avid visits the lesbian duo ,Tatu, at HMV. And later ends the show with their video.moreless
  • Episode One
    Episode One
    Episode 1
    Jade gives birth to a baby with her mum by her side, Craig David goes his sold out tour , he gets excited to see his name up in lights and shows off his tour bus, Jordan tells us about Mel B given off to Girls Aloud for saying they are the new Spice Girls. Ozzy tells Sharon that he looked terrible in the 80s , Michael asks P Diddy to help him on his new record. Ant & Dec find out what their mystery task is, Marlon shows us his crib, David & Victoria talk to the American press, Avid goes to the celebrity football game and meets Rod Stewart, Kelly goes shopping in the local mall and talks about Christina Aquilera. Davina reports on Big Brother, and reveals Justine has been evicted Richard & Judy also talk about Big Brother, Gareth is speechless and Justin introduces his Monkey puppet!moreless