Boardwalk & Baseball's Super Bowl of Sports Trivia

ESPN (ended 1989)


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Boardwalk & Baseball's Super Bowl of Sports Trivia

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As the 1980s drew to a close, there were people (including the person who jump-started this page) who believed Orlando would become the next entertainment capital of America. Already two movie studios/theme parks were gearing themselves up for the expected flood of offers. ESPN took a flyer on Orlando in February 1988, with the help of a sports-related theme park called Boardwalk & Baseball. The idea was to hold a single-elimination tournament, similar to the NCAAs, but not for an athletic endeavor. ESPN wanted to crown one university as the National Champion of Sports Trivia. Thirty-two colleges participated in Boardwalk & Baseball's Super Bowl of Sports Trivia, each sending a team of three students to the tournament. The format for each game was simple. In the first round, Chris Berman read a succession of questions from various categories about a variety of sports. The first was a toss-up, in which any player from either team could buzz in. A correct answer earned five points and the right to an "extra point" question worth another five points. (Miss the toss-up and the opponents could buzz in with the correct answer.) On these extra point questions, teams were allowed to confer for up to five seconds before providing an answer. Round Two worked the same way, only this time correct answers were worth ten points. The third round gave each college team a series of ten-point questions in the same category. An incorrect answer would leave the question up for the opposing team. But the biggest challenge was the final round, known as the "Hundred-Second Dash." Chris Berman read off as many questions from a grab bag of categories in the space of 100 seconds. Anyone could buzz in and get ten points for the correct answer, but a wrong answer would deduct ten points from their score. NOTE: ESPN Classic stopped rerunning Boardwalk & Baseball's Super Bowl of Sports Trivia in mid-March 2004. Because it is still possible these reruns could resurface on the same network, the creator of this page is reluctant to give information on which college won selected rounds. That is why the Episode List does not mention schools for some of the first-round games and none of the Sweet 16, Elite 8, Semifinal, and Final rounds.moreless