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With Purnsley dead, Chalkie confides in Nucky about Narcisse's true nature. Not wanting to unnecessarily aggravate their new business partner though, Nucky tells Chalkie to let him talk to him before taking matters into his own hands. Nucky is perplexed that once again Chalkie is bringing problems to his doorstep, and cannot believe that Chalkie still thinks he owes him a favour. Het turns to Eli about what should be done about Valentin (who may have been subtly fishing for more information on Nucky's going-ons now that he may or may nor be an informant for Knox and the Bureau of Investigation), and it becomes evident that Nucky does not need more trouble by siding with Chalkie against him.

Unfortunately for Nucky neither Chalkie or Narcisse are going to make it easy for that to happen. Narcisse viciously beats Daughter Maitland after catching her lying about Purnsley's disappearance and her infatuation with Chalkie. Chalkie receives a phone call that interrupts his daughter Maybelle's wedding planning informing him of the incident, and he goes to see Daughter, much to his family's protest.

While enjoying a comedian at The Onyx Club, Nucky is approached by Narcisse who sits down at his table without hesitation. Nucky is obviously perturbed by Narcisse brash entrance, and is concerned about the other patrons staring, but Narcisse is not, and tells Nucky that Chalkie's time is up. Before Nucky can become too defensive towards the remark, Chalkie burst into the club, threatening Narcisse. Nucky tries to diffuse the situation and tells Chalkie not to start a war against Narcisse, because it'll be a war he fights alone, before Chalkie storms off. Later, while Chalkie is comforting Daughter, the pair are interrupted my his own daughter, Maybelle, who has caught onto Chalkie's act and followed him there. Angry at finding him with another woman, she flees.

Van Alden's also having family troubles. His wife's constantly complaining about the state of their unfinished property, and she angrily scolds him for doing such tedious work for O'Banion when he could potentially earn so much more money working for him. O'Banion is none too pleased with him either, continuing to question him about the day he disappeared with the Capone's, and whether or not he knew anything about Stu's death on the same day. Van Alden goes out to deliver a wreath for O'Banion, but the receiver turns out to be none other than Al Capone, who wants to kill O'Banion and needs to know everything about his life to do so. Rather than give up this information, Van Alden indirectly takes his wife's advice - he tells Capone that he'll kill O'Banion for him for a thousand dollars. He takes a gun to work the next day, with every intention of carrying out the deed, until he is jumped by three of his ex co-workers who he sold irons door-to-door alongside side, one of whom he brandished with an iron, mutilating his face, and who now wants revenge. Poor Van Alden never can catch a break, and frustrated, he is forced to kill the three men and postpone his killing of O'Banion until later that night (and Capone pays him a very forceful visit at his home to make sure he doesn't screw it up again). That night O'Banion again questions Van Alden about Stu's death, and Van Alden snaps, telling him that Al Capone killed him, that he' killed the men earlier that day along with his prohibition partner, and that he's been posing under the alias of George Mueller. O'Banion is unmoved by his outpouring and goes to tend to customers at the front of the flower show, who turn out to be hit men who kill O'Banion, and swiftly depart. Van Alden steps over O'Banion bullet-ridden before and takes a thousand dollars out of the cash register before returning home to his wife with the money, making it clear he's the man of the house.

Julia Sagorsky, too, is forced to admit she needs one of these when the judge at the hearing regarding Tommy's adoption asks her about her martial status, and tells both her and Gillian that the case will be deliberate and decided in a month. Julia questions Harrow as to what her and her father, Paul, talk about at night, and while Harrow tells her it's only about war stories, she knows he's lying. Her father is worried about her future wellbeing, and she knows something is wrong with him, unaware he has cirrhosis, but Richard tells her that he will tell her what's wrong in time. While she is insistent in maintaining her independence she realises if she has any chance to keep Tommy, that she must marry. Richard asks who, and she tells him he wouldn't be a bad husband, and while he's initially speechless, he accepts the offer, and the pair get married at the courthouse.

Now with a family reliant on him, Richard approaches Nucky, who's concerned for his future safety after the ordeal with Chalkie and Narcisse, outside his house. He tells Nucly that he is now married, and that he needs a job. Once inside, Nucky rings Sally Wheet in Florida, waking her up. He asks her what a man does in Florida, and she tells him, whatever that man likes. He expresses interest in coming to check on the business, but she tells him business is business, nothing more.

"Marriage and Hunting" was all about drawing lines, and the dangerous potential of crossing them. Nucky is about to be caught up in a war he is desperate to keep out of between Chalkie and Narcisse, men who both have a lot to lose, but whose anger and stubbornness blur out any signs of danger for them. Van Alden threw caution to the wind, and it would seem that the quiet and dutiful George Mueller is no more, and that the Boardwalk is about to heat up for all of its characters.
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