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With only two episodes left in an already bloody fourth season, let's make some predictions. Vote for all characters that you think are likely to meet their maker by the time the season finale credits roll.

Note: I've left a few famous names out as a result of knowing their real-life end dates. While it's always possible that Boardwalk could take some liberties with reality, it's a safe guess that Johnny Torrio, Al Capone, Arnold Rothstein, Lucky Luciano and a few other minor characters will still be present for the fifth season. If I've missed anyone important, call it out in the comments!

Your Unofficial Death Pool Odds:

- 2:1 Dr. Valentin Narcisse - It's a miracle Narcisse has survived the last few episodes and Wright's excellent performance could easily wrap up in one season and an Emmy.
- 5:2 Chalky White, Daughter Maitland - Has this glorious season been Chalky's swan song?
- 3:1 Sally Wheet, Roy Phillips - This season's other big guest star additions have had small roles thus far. Will the show expand on them enough for a season 5 return?
- 4:1 Mickey Doyle, Gillian Darmody - Boardwalk veterans both. Mickey's continued survival is a long running joke, Gillian's a long running frustration.
- 5:1 Eli Thompson, Warren Knox - Two characters at the center of the season's central deceit. One of them has to go, right?
- 10:1 Willie Thompson - Surely the show won't be so cruel?
- 50:1 Margaret Schroeder - This show does not like to rid itself of its core actors, and Margaret's new association with Arnold Rothstein should keep her safe.
- 250:1 Nelson Van Alden, Richard Harrow - See above. Fan favorites who have been an integral part of this season's action.
- 500:1 Nucky Thompson - As Cory Barker nicely covered, Boardwalk may finally have found the best way to utilize Nucky, which is a formula that should keep on giving.

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