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Nov 11, 2013
Boardwalk Empire “White Horse Pike” Review
For a business man like Nucky Thompson, trust is a very valuable thing, particularly when it comes to conducting said business. Who to place it with? Who to not? This fourth season of Boardwalk Empire accumulated to “White Horse Pike” for our anti-hero, in which he realised that while he have may been doing good in the business of making money, in terms of who he’s given his trust, he has failed spectacularly. The list only seems to be as long as a single person, Sally Wheet, the woman overseeing his alcohol shipment off from Tampa. She informs Nucky that all of his business partners, Meyer Lansky, Lucky Luciano, and Vincenzo Petrucelli are piggybacking heroine in on his shipments without his knowledge, for Joe Masseria. Ironically, Nucky gets Eli to go and intercept the travelling cargo personally to confirm Sally’s claims, and when the heroine is discovered they ...Read more
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Nov 04, 2013
Boardwalk Empire "Marriage and Hunting" Review
With Purnsley dead, Chalkie confides in Nucky about Narcisse's true nature. Not wanting to unnecessarily aggravate their new business partner though, Nucky tells Chalkie to let him talk to him before taking matters into his own hands. Nucky is perplexed that once again Chalkie is bringing problems to his doorstep, and cannot believe that Chalkie still thinks he owes him a favour. Het turns to Eli about what should be done about Valentin (who may have been subtly fishing for more information on Nucky's going-ons now that he may or may nor be an informant for Knox and the Bureau of Investigation), and it becomes evident that Nucky does not need more trouble by siding with Chalkie against him.

Unfortunately for Nucky neither Chalkie or Narcisse are going to make it easy for that to happen. Narcisse viciously beats Daughter Maitland after catching her lying about Purnsley's ...Read more
Oct 28, 2013
Boardwalk Empire "The Old Ship of Zion" Review
Nucky's first shipment of liquor from Florida brings his new partner Sally Wheet (both in business and the bedroom) to Atlantic City for the first time. The temperamental Sally maintains she came there on a whim, but Nucky is certain she expects him to be the perfect suitor, so he continuously offers her a place to stay, to buy her drinks, and even whacks Mickey with deceased Eddie's cane when he was obviously hoping to start something with her. While I've never been a fan of Mickey myself, having this naïve Nucky give way to his emotions and commit such a violent and unnecessary act was painful to watch. Who knows what Sally actually wanted? She seemed to be having a decent enough time with Mickey, and kept rebuffing Nucky's advances, insisting her independence and showing her nonchalant nature, but she ultimately let him do the ...Read more
Oct 22, 2013
Boardwalk Empire "William Wilson" Review
After being handed a handkerchief from Agent Knox monogramed with the initials ‘JTM’ in “North Star”, Eli raised his concerns with Nucky about their agent inside the bureau of investigation. Nucky was nonplussed that Knox carried another man’s handkerchief, but regardless, he asked his new butler Sid (which the scene overplayed as a poor substitute for Eddie) to ring Fredrick Elliott, supervisor to the Treasury Department, and Knox’s superior, only to find he doesn’t work there anymore. Suspicions raised, he called upon Gaston Means to further investigate Knox, as he did in “Resignation”. Means tells Nucky he has no incriminating information about Knox’s past. He asks about Elliott’s disappearance too, and Means tells him he retired from the bureau with no forwarding address. Nucky remains uneasy about this, and rightly so.

Knox (or in actuality, Agent James Tolliver), having his credit stolen for uncovering the ...Read more
Oct 15, 2013
Boardwalk Empire "North Star" Review
Perturbed over Eddie's death Nucky takes a visit to New York to meet with none other than his estranged wife Margaret. She seemed rather uncomfortable sitting and sharing a cinnamon roll (or not) with her husband, and refused to give him any insight into what her life has involved since she left him, other than that she lived downtown and had a job in an office. It may have seemed a callous response towards an obviously grief-stricken and confused Nucky, but ultimately Eddie's death (what Nucky said he wanted to tell her about in person) is precisely the sort of reason Margaret wanted out of Nucky's life in the first place, so it's not unreasonable. She tells him Eddie really was the very best person at looking after him, and so departing from this, a friendless and unguided Nucky headed to Tampa to work out his ...Read more
Oct 07, 2013
Boardwalk Empire "Erlkonig" Review

After poisoning Henry in "All In" Willie Thompson calls Nucky to Philadelphia to help him clean up his mess. Nucky was primarily concerned with getting the truth of what happened to Henry from Willie, but ultimately the lesson learnt wasn't about the truth at all, but rather power. Nucky's discussions with Willie gave audiences insight into the father figure within Nucky that we've not had the opportunity to see since Margaret's departure, and it was a welcome one. Despite knowing Clayton would take the fall for Willie's sins from the first mention of his roommates name, it was fun to watch Nucky spout words of wisdom, like telling Wille that there's more important things then what was said or done at a party, and that Willie will be able to live with his sins. That much was obvious, with the episode ending with Willie ...
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Sep 24, 2013
What do you think of season 4 so far?
I am pretty happy with season 4 so far. Here are the main reasons.

1) We got more of Chalky White and that is really great !

2) We have not seen Margaret yet. I would think they have write her off but she is still in the starting credits so I guess we will see her back soon.

3) The new BIG bad which I am assuming is Jeffrey Wright is a nice change from bobby cannavale from last year. He is more of a cunning sly villian which will put a good challenge to Nucky

4) Nucky is back to being the focus of the story (at least from what we see of the first 3 episodes)

5) We see more of Richard and his background story though I still do not know why they show him killing off so many people in the last 2 episodes. It was ...Read more
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Based on Nelson Johnson's book Boardwalk Empire: The Birth, High Times and Corruption of Atlantic City, this HBO drama project tells the legendary tale of the gambling mecca's origins. This show stars Steve Buscemi and Michael Pitt. Writing credits will go to The Sopranos' Terence Winter while Entourage pair Mark Wahlberg and Stephen Levinson will produce.