Boardwalk Empire

Season 1 Episode 6

Family Limitation

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 24, 2010 on HBO

Episode Recap

The episode begins with George O'Neill finishing his collections from his district. George puts the money in his bag and marks off the second to last spot on his list. Pius D'Alessio walks up to George, though George doesn't know who he is, and asks George if he has the time. George is insulted at the kid talking to him in a rude tone. Pius spits in George's face and runs. George chases after him down the boardwalk. When Pius rounds the train station, George is hit by Ignatius. The guys grab his money bag and run. George is left dazed. At the hotel, Nucky and Lucy have just finished making love. Lucy asks Nucky if he enjoyed himself. Nucky says that he did. Lucy asks if she's the only one who makes him feel good and adds that she sees how the other women look at him. Lucy hopes that she's his little tiger cup. Lucy says that he makes her want to run around the jungle and scratch. Suddenly, she pounces on Nucky and scratches his chest. Nucky screams in pain and asks her why she did that. Lucy says that she was only being a tiger. Nucky thinks that he should use a whip. Lucy tells Nucky that she couldn't help herself. Nucky looks down at the scratch marks and notes that he's bleeding. Lucy asks Nucky if he wants some gauze. Nucky tells her to forget it and tells her not to get carried away. He gets up and puts his robe on. Lucy lights up a cigarette. Margaret enters Mrs. McGarry's office. She asks her if they can speak about a private matter and Mrs. McGarry agrees. Margaret tells Mrs. McGarry that a man has made her an offer. Mrs. McGarry asks if domestic or sexual. Margaret says it was sexual. Mrs. McGarry asks who it is. Margaret says that the man runs things and can provide for her and the children. Mrs. McGarry asks her if the man would marry her. Margaret doesn't think he'll go that far. Mrs. McGarry says that none of those words are very flattering. Margaret replies that the man can provide. Mrs. McGarry asks Margaret if she knows why she lives in Atlantic City. Margaret admits that she doesn't. Mrs. McGarry informs her that Mr. McGarry owned part of an oil company in the city. She says that a man made him a large money offering for his share so Mr. McGarry took the money and built a large mansion on the shore. Margaret says that he died six months later from influenza and she moved to a smaller, more comfortable home where she is able to tend to more important matters to her. Mrs. McGarry says that temperance was meant to free women and only one more state is needed for the entire United States to ratify women's voting rights. Margaret tells Mrs. McGarry she has no mansion to sell. Mrs. McGarry tells her to do what she sees fit and she doesn't owe anyone an explanation. Mrs. McGarry does give her useful knowledge in the form of Family Limitation that deals with birth control. Elsewhere, Luciano and Gillian make love. After they finish, Gillian asks for a cigarette. Luciano asks her to call in sick tonight at the theater. Gillian asks Luciano if he ever gets tired, but Luciano says that he never gets tired with her. Gillian asks what he does with the other girls. Luciano says that there is nothing for other girls. He tells Gillian that she is the first woman he's been able to perform with in awhile. Gillian tells Luciano that he doesn't have to flatter her. Luciano informs her that he's not and he's being sincere. Gillian says that she's glad that he met her if it made him perform again. The phone starts to ring and Luciano gets up to answer it. It's Rothstein. He asks why he answered the telephone that way. Luciano brushes it off. Rothstein notes that he knows Luciano isn't in Saratoga yet. Luciano asks him how he knows that. Rothstein tells him that he has a crystal ball. Rothstein notes that Luciano isn't wearing his pants and he's waiting for a report on Jimmy Darmody. Luciano notes that he's been a little busy lately. Rothstein notes that he can understand seeing the company he has been keeping. Luciano asks him if he can call him back and he tells Rothstein that he's with Jimmy's wife. Rothstein informs Luciano that he is not with Jimmy's wife, but rather with Jimmy's mother. Rothstein hangs up and Luciano can't believe Gillian is Jimmy's mother. George meets with Nucky and Eli about the mugging. George admits that he's thunderstruck about the whole thing. Eli asks if it was someone from his ward. George says he knows everyone on his ward and it wasn't them. He thinks that they may have been from Boyd's district. Nucky asks him to be more specific. George thinks that the men were feebleminded. He promises Nucky that he's going to shake everyone in the town down to find the people that stole the money. Nucky tells George that Eli will handle it. George agrees and leaves. Nucky can't believe that this happened one hundred yards from the Ritz Carlton. Eli notes that the attackers also had to have laid in wait for George. Nucky retorts that nobody from Atlantic City would be dumb enough to do that. Eli notes that the Italians don't respect the rules. Nucky asks Eli if Luciano is still in town. Eli says that he is. Nucky is willing to bet that Eli either was involved or know who was involved. He tells Eli to go find Luciano. Eli notes that he comes and goes all the time. Nucky tells him that he needs to track him down. Eddie comes in and Nucky yells at him to knock louder next time. Nucky says that Mayor Hague wishes to tell him that he's been waiting at the hotel for several days now and unless Nucky visits him soon he says that there will only be one road through New Jersey through Jersey City. In Chicago, Jimmy plays five finger filet for the ladies in the Four Deuces. They are amazed at his skill. One of the women tells Jimmy he better not miss. Jimmy notes that is the point of the game. Capone approaches Jimmy and asks him if he's crazy. Jimmy asks Capone if he ever played the game while in the service. Capone says that he did, but they were more interested in fighting the war than keeping their hands intact. Jimmy tells Capone to do a round for old time's sake. Capone tells Jimmy that Torrio is coming. Jimmy takes the knife and puts it in his boot holster. Torrio approaches them and the group sits down. Torrio tells them that they are sitting down with Sheridan to discuss a deal to pull out of Greek Town and let Sheridan have it. Capone tries to protest, but Torrio thinks Capone is overstepping his boundaries. He reminds Capone that he brought him out to Chicago to drive his car and stand at the door, not to start wars with everyone in Chicago. Torrio asks Jimmy if he's smart. Jimmy doesn't respond. Torrio orders Capone to go clean the Buick. Capone does so. Torrio is angry at Capone and says that men like him come into the town, spill blood, and cause too much trouble. He says that they don't know how to do business. Jimmy advises Torrio that pulling out of Greek Town would be a major mistake. He notes that they made some headway at the bar in Greek Town. Torrio asks how much they brought in. Jimmy says that it's a foothold. Jimmy understands that Torrio doesn't want a war, but retreating might make him look bad. Jimmy tells Torrio that they need to talk to Sheridan and come to an understanding. Torrio is starting to warm up for the idea. At the post office, Elliot has arrived to view Van Alden's progress for the Bureau. Sebso gets the mail carriers to get the mail bags out of room. Van Alden presents Elliot with some papers and maps that he meant to send to him. The other agent that came with Elliot notes that he has a lot of stamps to do so. Elliot reads through the papers and notes that Van Alden is naming Nucky as the head of all of the alcohol operations in Atlantic City. Van Alden explains that he has intertwined many events that deal with alcohol that put Nucky in the center of it all. Elliot asks for the money trail and the witnesses that will tie Nucky to these crimes. He tells Van Alden that he needs something to take to the District Attorney's Office. Van Alden asks Elliot for the resources to build the case against Nucky. Elliot says that he needs numbers of trucks and barrels broken. Van Alden insists that Nucky committed a capital crime. Elliot doesn't see this. Van Alden believes that Nucky sent Jimmy Darmody to hijack a shipment back from Rothstein's group and was involved in the shooting deaths of five of Rothstein's men. He thinks that Hans Schroeder was then set up as the patsy for the crime. Elliot thinks that Van Alden is too obsessed with Schroeder. He asks him why he requisitioned the immigration file on Schroeder. Van Alden looks at Sebso angrily for telling Elliot that. Van Alden insists he's only being thorough, but Elliot puts Van Alden in his place and reminds him he's only a Bureau agent dealing with alcohol. Elliot tells Van Alden to bring him numbers and leaves. Nucky and Margaret finish making love. Margaret notes that it's 3:30 in Irish. Nucky teaches her the way Americans say the time and Margaret demonstrates it. She starts to use other phrases, but Nucky tells her not to go overboard. Margaret jokes that he wants an Irish maiden. Nucky asks what she wants. Margaret admits she hasn't thought of that. Margaret asks Nucky what her neighbors will think if she moves into Nucky's suite he's offering her. Nucky notes that she'll have new neighbors to talk with. Margaret asks Nucky if he's as nice to all of the other widows in Atlantic City. Nucky says he helps out where he can. Margaret notices the scratch marks and asks what happened. Nucky insists it was a hunting accident. Margaret wonders who was hunting whom. She tells Nucky that she has to go pick up the children and head into work. Nucky insists that she doesn't have to. Margaret gives Nucky a kiss and gets out of bed. She goes to the bathroom and gets out the Family Limitations book. It advises Margaret to use Lysol as a means of birth control. Margaret grabs the Lysol. In Chicago, Jimmy meets Capone's family. Jimmy asks Capone if he can help him do something. Capone insists that he's a guest and if he does anything he'll break his leg. Capone's wife, Mae, tells Jimmy that she heard about Pearl at the restaurant. She thinks it's such a tragedy about what happened to her and is put under the impression that she was hit by a car. Capone tells Mae to tell the driver next time to be careful. Capone's mother, Teresina, helps Capone cook and prepare the eggs. Capone calls his son, Sonny, and tells him it's time to eat. Sonny doesn't seem to care and continues to play with his toy. Mae notes that Sonny is in his own little world. Capone tells Sonny it's time for dinner and stamps on the floor. Mae puts Sonny in his chair. Teresina asks Capone if Mae is going to lend a hand and calls her a name. Mae retorts that she doesn't speak Italian, but she understood what was just said. Capone sits down and says that he has such a family. He says that he has a dumbbell for a son. Mae tells him not to say that. Jimmy tells everyone about his son, Tommy, at home. Jimmy says that he has dark eyes like his mother. Capone asks Jimmy if Tommy responds to him. Jimmy says that he does, but Tommy also lives in his own little world. Jimmy asks Sonny if he likes his eggs, but Sonny doesn't say anything. Capone confirms that Sonny isn't intelligent at all. Teresina slips on Sonny's toy and the dinner ends up falling on the floor. Mae and Capone help her clean it up, but Sonny doesn't notice anything. Jimmy snaps his fingers next to Sonny's ears. Capone notices him doing that. We realize that Sonny is deaf. At Belle Femme, Isabelle shows Lucy some underwear that she might like. Lucy doesn't like underwear and asks why anyone would want to wear it. Isabelle comments that some women like to hide while others like to reveal. Lucy says that she wants something vampy and sheer. Isabelle goes to find something. Lucy turns to Margaret and notes that she has quite a job. Margaret notes that she's had worse jobs in her life. Lucy bets that she has. Isabelle returns with the underwear and Lucy says she wants to see what it looks like on Margaret. Margaret takes the underwear back into the dressing room. Lucy sits down to see how the underwear will look. Margaret isn't comfortable with Lucy watching, but she takes off her dress and underwear. Lucy notes that she doesn't wear a brassiere. Margaret doesn't think that they are comfortable. Lucy suggests that she try wearing one again. Lucy notes that Margaret's bosom is saggy and a person could tell that she has had children. Lucy says that she looks like one of the kitchen helps or a one night stand. Margaret notes that Nucky doesn't seem to mind. Lucy doesn't think that Margaret knows much. Margaret retorts that she knows more than Lucy thinks. Lucy tells Margaret that Nucky was raised a good Catholic boy, but every once in a while he thinks he's going to Hell and he'll change. Lucy says that all she has to do is make a certain face and make love to him and then he doesn't feel Catholic anymore. Margaret says that every spring in Ireland a man would bring his rooster to the town. She says that he had trained it to peck a song on a piano. Lucy asks what the point is. Margaret says that the first year they thought it was the best thing they ever saw. She says the second year he came they laughed at his tattered clothes. She admits that they didn't even go see the man the third year he came. She says that the rooster only knew one song. Lucy asks what the point it. Margaret says that Lucy might not be all that she thinks she is. Margaret leaves the dressing room and informs Isabelle that she is quitting. She leaves Belle Femme. Later that day, Eddie takes Teddy, Emily, and Margaret to their new home that Nucky has provided for them. Eddie gathers their suitcases and takes them into the house. Margaret walks in and tells the children not to break anything. Eddie adds that if anything is broken it will be replaced immediately. He tells her that there is food to start with, a bathroom, a dining room set, and bedrooms for all of them plus a master bedroom. Margaret is very impressed with the home. Eddie says that he has to go now. Margaret asks Eddie if she has to wait for Nucky. Eddie tells Margaret that Nucky will call her. Margaret asks Eddie if Nucky is nice to her. Eddie insists that Nucky is nice and is one of the nicest men he's ever worked for. At the hotel, Nucky and Eli grill Luciano about the mugging. Nucky calls Luciano a thief that shows up where he doesn't belong. Luciano notes that it isn't a crime to look at the ocean. Nucky says that it's his ocean and it was a crime since Rothstein tried to take $100,000 from him. Luciano notes that Rothstein sees things differently than Nucky. Eli reminds Luciano that Nucky is the man that runs Atlantic City. Luciano says that Rothstein runs New York. Eli notes that Luciano seems to like Atlantic City because he won't leave. Luciano states that he likes the view between Gillian's legs. Nucky doesn't take kindly to his comment and slaps him upside the head. Luciano tries to attack Nucky, but Eli holds Luciano back. He holds him in a chokehold. Nucky tells Luciano that while Gillian is free to do whatever she pleases, Luciano needs to treat her with the utmost respect and no less. Luciano is let go and Nucky tells him that everything he sees around him belongs to him. Nucky warns Luciano that if he steals from one of his men then he is stealing from him as well. Nucky tells him to tell his boys and Rothstein the message. Luciano insists that he hasn't stolen anything. There is a strong knock at the door. Eddie comes in and Nucky asks what he's doing. Eddie notes that Nucky told him to knock in a manly fashion. Nucky asks him what he wants. Eddie tells Nucky that Margaret is happy with her new accommodations. Nucky tells Luciano he can go. Luciano thanks Nucky for showing him how it's done in Atlantic City and leaves. In Chicago, Jimmy writes a letter for Angela and puts some money in the note. He seals the letter. One of the prostitutes, Kitty, asks him if he needs a little company. Jimmy tells her that he doesn't need company right now. Kitty gives Jimmy the book, Free Air, and tells him that Pearl left the book in her room. Jimmy thanks her for giving it back to him. Kitty asks Jimmy to come downstairs and sit with them. Jimmy tells her that he'll be downstairs in a few minutes. Kitty leaves him to finish. Jimmy opens the book and flips through it. A picture of two oranges with faces falls out. Pearl had written their names under the oranges and the word, smack, when the two oranges kissed. Jimmy folds it up and puts it in his drawer. Jimmy puts his dog tags on and closes the drawers. Van Alden goes to Margaret's old neighborhood and knocks on her door. There is no answer and Van Alden peers inside to find nobody home. He knocks again. The neighbor, Edith, informs Van Alden that Margaret has moved out. Van Alden asks Edith where Margaret has gone. Edith thinks she might be out drinking champagne. Van Alden asks why she thinks that. Edith says that she's out all the time working at the Belle Femme, and leaves Edith the children all day. Van Alden notes that Margaret has a newfound self. Edith says that she has a high opinion of herself and it's only been four months since Hans' death. Edith feels that Hans was a nice man and always brought her things to eat. Edith says that a blue limousine pulled out and took Margaret and the kids out of the house. Van Alden asks if the limousine was a Rolls Royce. Edith states that it was. She asks Van Alden if Margaret's done something wrong. Van Alden asks if there's anything else she can tell him. Edith calls Margaret a whore and walks inside. Sheridan talks with the girl at the counter and tells her that she looks like an actress. He tells her that he might take her to the pictures. Torrio, Jimmy, and Capone walk into the hotel to see Sheridan. Sheridan greets them and says that the sign outside said no dogs or Irish so now someone can buy the place. Torrio mocks that he is a role model. Sheridan has his men frisk the three. Torrio asks Sheridan if he really doesn't trust him and Sheridan responds point blank that he doesn't. The men take off their coats and leave them at the counter. Sheridan tells the men to tip the girl well because she's a good worker. Sheridan asks them what they need. He notes that they are the ones that called the meeting and informs the men that he is carrying a gun and so are the rest of his men. Capone retorts that this wasn't the deal. Sheridan says he isn't talking unless these terms are put in place. Capone tells Torrio that he doesn't like this. Sheridan tells them that if he wanted to kill them they wouldn't have made it past the front door. Torrio agrees and Jimmy promises Capone everything will be fine. The men go upstairs to have their discussion. Sheridan apologizes for slashing Pearl's face, but he tells them that he is the kind of man that can't take a threat lying down so he had to do something. Torrio notes that they were only trying to expand business and it wasn't a threat. Capone says that they were only dipping their toes in. Sheridan notes that they got wet and Pearl definitely did. He chuckles about it. Jimmy tells Sheridan that Pearl was 18-years-old. Sheridan asks if they're really going to get sentimental on him now. He tells Capone that Anastos' jaw is cracked and won't be able to eat regular food for another month. Torrio says that this entire thing is a huge misunderstanding. Sheridan agrees to that and apologizes for Pearl. Jimmy notes that it would be nice to have Liam actually make the apology. Sheridan tells Jimmy that Liam works for him and he told him to pick a prostitute to prove the point. He says that Pearl was the unfortunate choice. Torrio says that it's done and over with. Torrio wants to talk about money. Sheridan says that he is willing to give them a three block territory. While Sheridan is talking, Jimmy itches his leg. When he does, the knife he owns is revealed. Sheridan's men panic and pull their guns on Jimmy. They reveal that Jimmy had a knife. Sheridan thought that the men searched them. Sheridan asks him why he would sneak a blade into a meeting. Torrio remarks that Sheridan has guns. Jimmy insists that he forgot he had it on him and apologizes. Sheridan suggests cutting Jimmy's throat and he might remember next time. Sheridan looks at the handle and sees a barb sticking out. He asks what it is. Jimmy says that it's called a skull crusher and it's used to crack walnuts. Sheridan says he'll crack some with it and let him know. Sheridan offers everyone a drink to let bygones be bygones. After the meeting is done, the group walks back down into the lobby. Torrio tells them that he has to use the bathroom and Capone says he'll bring the car around. When Sheridan gets his coat, he notices that there is a new girl with her back turned. Sheridan asks her where the blond girl is. The new woman tells Sheridan that she went on lunch break. Sheridan pays no attention and takes his coat. Capone and Jimmy retrieve their coats and we finally see that the girl is Kitty. She gives Jimmy his coat back which contains a gun. Jimmy thanks her. Jimmy walks down the hall and shoots two of Sheridan's men in the head. Capone reveals a shotgun and shoots the third man. Jimmy wounds Sheridan in the belly and Sheridan falls. Torrio tells the boys to wrap it up and leaves the men to finish. Jimmy grabs Sheridan and tells him that he thinks it's understandable that Greek Town belongs to Torrio now. He kills Sheridan with a shot to the head. He retrieves his knife and the three men leave the bloody scene along with Kitty. At her new home, Nucky gets dressed while Margaret tries out the new bathroom. Nucky notes that she takes awhile in the bathroom. Margaret states that she is just taking in the new house. Nucky is glad she can make her happy. Margaret kisses Nucky several times and thanks him for everything. Before they can continue, the phone rings. Margaret notes it'll take awhile for her to get used to that. Nucky answers it and doesn't sound too happy. Margaret asks Nucky if everything's alright. Nucky says that it's just business. He asks Margaret if she knows who Hardeen is. Margaret says that she doesn't. Nucky tells her that he's Harry Houdini's brother and he's opening at the Globe tonight. Nucky wants her to come with him and they'll have a supper with Hardeen afterwards. Margaret is excited about this. Margaret asks if Hardeen escapes from things like Harry. Nucky thinks that he will escape from the dinner check. At the Four Deuces, Torrio celebrates over Sheridan's death and the fact that they are in charge of Greek Town though. He thanks Jimmy for his brilliant strategies. Jimmy notes that Sheridan's crew will come after them eventually. Torrio asks Jimmy if he's going to stay in Chicago now. Jimmy says yes. Torrio says that he could use a dozen men like Jimmy in his outfit. Capone toasts to Jimmy for being a stand up guy when he's not pissing himself. Capone tells the story about firing the shot into the pillow. Capone jokes that nobody could clean a latrine better than Jimmy either. Jimmy calls Capone captain and asks him how he got his scars. Capone says that he doesn't need to brag about what he did. Jimmy says that Capone's battalion was so lost he thought he was in Brooklyn. Jimmy knows that Capone lied about his scars and he also knows that Capone never served in the war. Nucky eats with Mayor Hague. Mayor Hague says that he's a simple man and all he ever needs a meal, a woman, and a nice, thick envelope. Nucky says that he got him all three when he visited. Mayor Hague agrees. Nucky asks Mayor Hague if he'll fight Atlantic City for the Road Appropriations Funds. Mayor Hague notes that roads need to be constructed up north as well. Nucky promises that there's plenty for both of them to get their roads. Mayor Hague asks if he has friends in Trenton. Nucky says that he has a man that's going to the White House. Mayor Hague knows that he's talking about Senator Edge. Nucky notes that Senator Edge isn't the best on paper, but if he makes it to the White House, it will benefit them greatly. The butlers bring in more food for the men. Mayor Hague asks where they're going after this. Nucky asks where else there is to go. Mayor Hague notes that he could just go home if there's nothing more to discuss. Nucky asks if he wants to go see Hardeen Houdini. He says that he was going to bring Margaret with him. Mayor Hague doesn't want to be the third wheel. Nucky promises to get him a date. At the Four Deuces, Jimmy is sitting in his room alone when there's a knock at the door. Jimmy asks who it is, but there's only another knock. Jimmy asks again who is there, but nobody answers. Jimmy cocks his gun and walks towards the door. It's only Capone. Jimmy asks Capone what he has behind his back. Capone reveals that he has some steaks. Capone says that when they met the first time he said that he liked them. Jimmy invites Capone inside. Capone tells Jimmy that the stuff he said about him being in the war makes him look bad. Jimmy asks if that's what they are. Capone asks him what he thought they were. Jimmy thought they were accomplices, but Capone says that they're the same. Jimmy says that he's invited to the house whenever he wants to make the steaks. Jimmy agrees. Capone tells Jimmy that Sonny truly is deaf. Jimmy says that he knows. Capone thinks that Sonny is being punished for all of the things he's done. Jimmy tells Capone to take Sonny to a doctor. Capone informs Jimmy that it can't be fixed because it's something in the blood. Capone says that he plays the mandolin and he sings to him. He tells Jimmy that he puts his hand on Sonny's heart and feels it without knowing what it is. Jimmy tells him to keep at it. He notes that they are finding new things to cure everything. Nucky and Mayor Hague go to a whorehouse to talk. Nucky notes that there's a lot of noise in here. Mayor Hague asks Nucky what his pleasure is. Nucky says he wants a two lane highway going south from Newark to the Pennsylvania border. He asks if they can shake on it. Mayor Hague tells Nucky that he's putting a lot on Senator Edge. Mayor Hague advises Nucky not to do so. Nucky asks him why he shouldn't. Mayor Hague informs Nucky that Senator Edge is a silent partner in a paving company. Nucky asks him where. Mayor Hague says it's in Jersey City. Nucky asks Mayor Hague why he would tell him that. Mayor Hague says that men like Senator Edge come and go, but the bosses are here to stay. At the new house, Margaret reads Teddy and Emily a story. She tells the sitter, Mrs. Charlton that normally the children would be in bed by now. Mrs. Charlton says it's alright and she knows how things are. She tells Margaret that she babysits for most of the other mothers in the neighborhood. Margaret says that she's seeing Hardeen tonight. Mrs. Charlton is glad to hear that. The telephone rings and Margaret goes to answer it. It's Eddie. Margaret asks Eddie when he's coming to get her. Eddie apologizes, but tells her that Nucky has business he had to attend to so he won't be going out with her tonight. Margaret is very upset by this. Eddie promises Margaret that Nucky will call her. Suddenly, a woman named Annabelle enters into her home dressed to go out. She introduces herself as the neighbor that lives across the street. Margaret introduces herself and her children to them. Annabelle tells Margaret that she heard Mrs. Charlton was watching her children and was hoping to leave her daughter, Ruby, with them as well. Annabelle introduces Ruby and tells them to go make new friends. Annabelle tells Margaret that she appreciates the help and assures her that all of the girls help each other out in the neighborhood. Annabelle says that she didn't have time to make arrangements, but promises to pay her back when she can. Annabelle asks if this is the house with three bedrooms. Margaret says that it is. Annabelle notes that someone is treating her well. At his hotel room, Van Alden reads over Margaret's hospital admission that notes that she suffered a miscarriage. He takes a puff of his cigarette and looks at a photo of Margaret longingly. At the whorehouse, Mayor Hague enjoys himself with some girls. Nucky is with another prostitute. The prostitute asks Nucky what's going on with him. Nucky tells her that he tries to be a good man. The prostitute tells Nucky that it's too late to be good tonight. She starts to unbutton his vest. Margaret waits at home in the dark for her phone to ring, but it never does. Van Alden takes off his shirt and undershirt. He puts the photo of his wife facedown and then walks to his suitcase. He takes one of the leather straps off of it and looks at Margaret's photo. He props it up and we see that is back is full of whip marks. Van Alden ties a knot in the leather strap and takes a deep breath. He then starts to whip himself in the back with the leather strap several times. The episode ends with Van Alden whipping his back.

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