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"Margaret Schroeder" - Season 2 Finale (spoilers)

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    [1]Dec 12, 2011
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    They killed off Jimmy, big mistake. They should have killed off Margaret Schroeder. Her religious piety makes me wanna throw up. She's living high on the hog with a racketeer yet still accepts his money with this mock charade of being a good catholic girl. She's signed the deeds to Nucky's land deal over to the church, so there goes his dreams of a "Boardwalk Empire".

    Let's hope Nucky gets the message quick sharp in the next series, if Margaret Schroeder wants sainthood why not give it to her, just arrange a little visit from Manny Horvitz (William Forsythe) with his butcher's cleaver ... Manny can get the job done, he has a certain way with women.

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    [2]Dec 12, 2011
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    after what she did with the deed in the season finale i don't think she's gonna last very long in season 3 more so when nucky finds out she cheated on him with owen, the sooner the better she's gone, it should of been her instead of jimmy last night grrr

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    [3]Dec 13, 2011
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    I couldn't agree more. I always hated the character from the very moment she opened her mouth. I'm Irish so I know her accent is terrible and by terrible I mean 1/10 bad, that accent just doesn't, nor hasn't, ever existed. Especially in Kerry where she's supposed to be from. But over time they just kept making her worse and worse as a character, I can forgive the accent, I'm used to it by now because it seems no actors even care about getting the Irish accents right even though there's loads of them to choose from. With the exception of Charlie Cox who plays Owen Slater, very good job Owen. Why not just hire and Irish actor in the first place? There must be plenty waiting for a chance. But I digress, Schroeder as a character was just bad anyway and then progressively got worse and worse and even worse still in the finale. Extremely bad writing in my opinion. Kill her now, while there's still a little hope for the show.
    This turned into a bit of a rant about accents which was unintentional but while I'm on the subject I might as well stay going ;-) I'd like to point out another show; Hell On Wheels, very good show so far but some mixed accents for the Irish characters. Some are passable, some are pretty good and others are terrible but to make it worse one of the main actors is Colm Meaney AN ACTUAL IRISHMAN, born and bred and they have him playing an American. It's just crazy.....and a little insulting that Irish characters are portrayed to poorly in American media.
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