Boardwalk Empire

Season 1 Episode 8

Hold Me in Paradise

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 07, 2010 on HBO

Episode Recap

The episode begins with Eli sitting in Nucky's office listening to some muffled voices outside. He starts to arrange things on the desk to his liking, feeling like he is the one in charge rather than Nucky. Halloran enters the room and Eli asks him who he was talking to outside. Halloran informs him that it was only a drunken man that got off on the wrong floor. Eli can't believe that there isn't anyone outside to see him about things. Halloran remarks that the waiting room is always filled when Nucky is in town. Eli is upset and rants about how things are when Nucky is gone. He doesn't understand why people won't come to see him when he's in charge. Halloran says that people trust Nucky and they know that when there's trouble that is who they go to. Eli orders Halloran to pour him a cup of coffee. Halloran obliges. Eli thinks that he could run Atlantic City just as well as Nucky can and wishes that other people would have faith in him. Suddenly, there is a knock on the door. It's Ward Boss O'Neill. He walks in and realizes that Eli is the one in the office. He tries to leave, but Eli asks him why he can't talk to him. O'Neill remembers that Nucky is out of town this weekend at the Republican Convention. Eli notes that he's in charge so O'Neill can talk to him. O'Neill tells Eli that on Friday, his daughter is getting her leg braces and he wanted to take the day off to go to the appointment. Eli asks O'Neill who usually fills in when he takes off. O'Neill remarks that Neary used to fill in, but since he was arrested he's had to take over Neary's block. Halloran didn't know that O'Neill's daughter had polio. Eli tells O'Neill that he can take the day off to be with his daughter. O'Neill asks if he's sure that's alright. Eli retorts that he just gave him permission and asks why O'Neill doubts the decision. O'Neill says he doesn't and thanks Eli for giving him the day off. In Chicago, Nucky and Eddie arrive at their hotel. Eddie is very upset with the manager because Nucky was to be given the presidential suite. The manager apologizes and notes that Republican Presidential Candidate General Leonard Wood had also made the request. Nucky notes that General Wood is only a candidate for the Republican ticket and isn't as important. The manager insists that the ambassador suite is just as nice as the presidential suite. Nucky tells the manager to take General Wood's belongings to the ambassador suite. The manager still protests, but Nucky tells the manager that General Wood is a war hero and a shoe-in for the presidential election. Nucky remarks that he is a better tipper than General Wood and pulls out a wad of cash for the manager. Nucky tells the manager he wants some champagne in the room as well. The manager relents and gives the presidential suite to Nucky. Nucky and Eddie go to the dining room to have some lunch. Nucky opens up a pamphlet for the convention and starts to read a poster about Big Jim Colosimo. Senator Edge approaches the group and greets them. Nucky asks Senator Edge why he's in Chicago. Senator Edge states that he's here for the Republican Convention like everyone else. Nucky asks Senator Edge if he's going to try and get the vice-president slot for the Republican ticket. Senator Edge notes that Nucky is putting a great idea in his head. Senator Edge tells Nucky that Harry Daugherty is holding a reception tonight and he was hoping that Nucky could go in his place. Senator Edge notes that Daugherty is Warren G. Harding's campaign manager. Nucky doesn't think that anyone is pushing for Harding to win anything. Senator Edge notes that Harding is a good man and Nucky could really make some good connections. Nucky knows that Senator Edge's pressing engagement is with a woman, but he agrees to take his place. Senator Edge thinks that they can get the right candidate in their back pocket and then the skies are the limit for them. Nucky remarks that he doesn't care about the sky, but he does care about the roads that need to run through Atlantic City. Nucky tells him that he will go visit Daugherty for him. Senator Edge thanks Nucky and goes to visit other politicians. Eddie notes that Senator Edge is in a good humor. Nucky doesn't want to hear it and tells Eddie to go check on the room. Back in Atlantic City, Margaret and Annabelle are having tea in the Ritz. Margaret shows Annabelle the new bracelet that Nucky just bought for her and Annabelle thinks that it is very nice. Annabelle notes that Nucky is either a fine jeweler or someone is doing his shopping for him. Margaret notes she wouldn't be surprised if Eddie was doing the shopping. Margaret and Annabelle decide to order some cream cakes to take home for their children. Suddenly, Isabelle comes over to their table and asks Margaret for some help. Margaret asks Isabelle what she needs help with. Lucy staggers out of the Belle Femme and notes that everybody now knows everybody. Annabelle tries to greet Lucy, but Lucy doesn't want to talk to her. Isabelle whispers to Margaret that Lucy wants to make a large purchase, but Nucky cut Lucy's credit. Lucy tells Isabelle that Americans don't whisper and asks her what they are talking about. Isabelle says that she was only asking Margaret for help. Lucy mocks that Margaret really is a lot of help. Lucy starts to taunt Margaret, but Margaret keeps her cool. She notes that Lucy isn't being herself right now and asks her to leave. Lucy retorts that Margaret doesn't own the lobby of the Ritz and turns to Annabelle. She notes that Annabelle is a fake friend for hanging out with Margaret. Margaret again tells Lucy to calm down. Lucy notes that Margaret thinks that Nucky loves her, but tells her that if she really thinks that she is dumb. Margaret loses it and slaps Lucy across the face. Margaret tells Lucy that the next time this happens it won't be as pleasant for her. At the Darmody residence, Angela is painting a picture of a nude woman. Angela turns to Tommy and asks him what he thinks of the painting. Tommy thinks that the woman in the painting is pretty. Gillian arrives and tells Angela that the grocery bill is overdue. She tells Angela that she owes the grocery store $11. Angela asks Gillian if she checked the post office. Gillian tells Angela that she hasn't seen any letters from Jimmy. Gillian thinks it's time for Angela to get a job. Angela notes that Mary told her the same thing. Gillian asks Angela if she wants to sell perfume. Angela doesn't want a job that makes her go door to door. Gillian says that some of the perfumes really smell wonderful. Angela insists that is not the type of job she wants. Gillian notes that women like Angela don't wear perfume. Angela retorts that she wears perfume, but doesn't want a job selling it. Angela says that there is an art dealer in New York that has agreed to look at her work with thoughts of selling it. Angela admits that there is no guarantee, but Mary is setting it up for her. Gillian suggests that Angela take a stenography course. Angela isn't sure about that. At the post office, the mailman brings a letter to Van Alden. Van Alden heads to his office and opens the letter. It is addressed to Angela. Inside is some money from Jimmy to Angela. Van Alden opens his desk, revealing over a dozen letters he's intercepted and puts the new one in with the rest of them. In New York City, Rothstein meets with Fallon again to discuss the World Series rigging. Fallon informs Rothstein that the District Attorney is investigating a lot of individuals about the World Series. Rothstein asks Fallon who is being questioned. Fallon says that many of the players on the team are being questioned. Rothstein knows that they are trying to get the players to cave in. Fallon doesn't think that it will work, but notes there is always a chance that someone might talk. Rothstein says that many of the players are talking about it. Fallon asks how much of a threat the players are. Rothstein believes that if some of them are put on a witness chair they will sing to the jury. Fallon tells Rothstein to go over his statement again. Rothstein's statement talks about him being an American patriot and a lover of baseball. He says that he would never disgrace baseball by rigging it. Fallon suggests that Rothstein use the word, besmirch, as it sounds more formal. Rothstein agrees and continues to practice his statement. He says that he was approached by several gamblers with the idea of rigging the World Series, but he turned the offer down. Rothstein continues and says that when he found out about the plan, he didn't even bet a single dollar on the game. Rothstein says that he is approached by a lot of gamblers every day, but says it isn't illegal to listen to foolish schemes. Fallon thinks that Rothstein chose his words wisely and tells him he should go to law school. Rothstein says that he prefers to make his living honestly. Nucky arrives at Daugherty's reception and is able to meet with Harry Daugherty. Nucky orders a bourbon and tells Daugherty that Senator Edge sends his regrets for not coming. Daugherty notes that a lot of individuals have indicated that Nucky is the man to see about certain matters. Nucky says that depends on what the person wants. Daugherty asks Nucky if he is really able to pick everyone on his delegation and they will win. Nucky says that they will test that theory shortly with the election. Daugherty tells Nucky that he really thinks that Harding could become the next president and adds that if Senator Edge is the vice-president candidate then it could be solid. Nucky notes that he doesn't think that Harding's chances are very good at all. Daugherty admits that General Wood and Frank Lowden are the frontrunners for the election. He notes that there are inquiries on both men over the black market right now. Daugherty notes that another candidate, Johnson, was the man that started the investigation that made a lot of enemies for him. Nucky notes that the field has no first raters and Harding is the best of the second raters. Daugherty says that is exactly right. Nucky thinks that Harding looks like a president. Daugherty says that's half of the battle and that part he has won. Daugherty tells Nucky to come meet Harding. Before he walks with Daugherty, Nucky notices a woman with an infant daughter standing at the door. The woman insists that she should be on the guest list, but the man says that she isn't and refuses to give her entry. Nucky meets Harding and his wife, Florence. Nucky tells Harding that he read a speech that Harding gave in Rhode Island. He says that it was a great speech. Harding notes that he can spend hours talking about subjects. Harding states that Americans don't want someone to stir the pot, but someone that will maintain stability in the nation. Harding vows to do his best to keep America stable and give the people what they want. While Harding is talking, Nucky notes the woman and her daughter being escorted away from the reception. Daugherty tells Harding that they have several other individuals to meet. He tells Nucky that they will talk later and hopes that he'll consider what they talked about. Florence stays behind to talk with Nucky. Nucky notes that Florence must be proud of Harding. Florence actually states that she isn't happy about all of this. She admits to Nucky that a fortune teller revealed that Harding will die in office. Florence abruptly leaves Nucky. Out in the lobby, the woman, Nan Britton, and her daughter head toward the elevator. Nucky approaches them and notes that Nan has a beautiful daughter. He hopes that she is a young Republican. Nan tells Nucky that she is grooming her to be one. Nucky asks Nan why she's at the convention. Nan reveals that she is a friend of Harding's, but she puts an accent on the word friend. Nucky notes that it is great to have friends in politics. Nan asks Nucky if he has any children. Nucky admits that he doesn't. He notes that he did have a son, but he died. Nan apologizes. Van Alden finally goes home to see his wife, Rose. Rose serves Van Alden some tea and the two hold hands. Van Alden says a prayer for their food and they begin to eat. Van Alden notes that the tulips are looking ragged in the garden. Rose suddenly starts to sob. Van Alden asks her what is wrong. Rose tells him that she isn't a woman because she can't produce children. Rose says that every time she goes through the menstrual cycle, she feels like a disappointment to him. Van Alden asks her not to talk about it now and tells her to eat. Rose tells Van Alden that she talked with her friend, Naomi, and she thinks that they might be able to get some help. Van Alden asks Rose why everyone needs to know about their private problems. Rose notes that Naomi was having trouble and she had a blockage in her fallopian tubes. Van Alden says that if God wanted them to have children now then he would have made her pregnant. Rose retorts that if God wanted them to die of appendicitis he wouldn't have given them the means of treating it. Van Alden tells her that her friends are telling her lies. Rose tells Van Alden that there is a physician in Manhattan that can perform the surgery. Van Alden notes that he can't afford the money for a surgery because the expenses barely pay for their living. Rose tells Van Alden that she wants to give him a son and continues to sob. Van Alden comforts her and tells her that he wants her to be happy. He promises that he'll do what he can. Back in Atlantic City, Eli meets with the ward bosses and they watch some pornography films. Eli asks the ward bosses if everything has been worked out for O'Neill's pickup. Boyd tells Eli that he will handle O'Neill's section and Fleming will make the collection for Neary's section. Eli says that he'll take O'Neill's section on his own and pick up the money at Lolly Steinman's casino. Suddenly, the film catches on fire and the men have to put out the flames. They laugh at the movie and note it was too hot to watch. Back in Chicago, Nucky and Eddie arrive at the Four Deuces. An armed man checks them for weapons. Torrio comes downstairs and tells the guard to stop checking them. He tells him that Nucky is a friend. Torrio leads Nucky to a table and tells him that it's a new world down in Chicago. Nucky notes that if Sheridan was still alive he would agree. Torrio is glad that Nucky heard about that. He adds that Jimmy helped out a lot on that hit. Torrio notes that he would offer Nucky some liquor, but notes that they don't have any right now on account of Nucky. Torrio asks Nucky where the alcohol is. Nucky promises that the shipment is sailing across the ocean as they speak. Torrio notes that they have been creative with their liquor since Prohibition and Nucky notes that the bootlegged rum doesn't taste good at all. Nucky asks Torrio if he knows anything about Harry Daugherty. Torrio admits that he's never heard of Daugherty. Nucky informs Torrio that Daugherty is Harding's campaign manager. Torrio notes that Nucky should talk to Judge Graves because he's from Ohio like Harding. Torrio signals to Judge Graves and introduces him to Nucky. Graves notes that he was only in New Jersey for a day, but he enjoyed his time there. Nucky promises that if he ever wants to stay he will pay for his expenses. Graves takes a seat and Nucky asks about Harding. Graves notes that Harding is only a puppet for the Cleveland moneymakers. Graves admits that he likes Harding a little more with a campaign manager like Daugherty. Nucky thinks Daugherty is shady, but Graves notes that Daugherty is a man of his word and comes through for people when he intends on doing so. The women come to Graves and notes that his woman is here. Graves bids the men farewell and Nucky tells him that his offer still stands. Nucky's attention is turned to a commotion in the lobby. Jimmy drags a man down the stairs and holds him up. Jimmy tells the man that when a woman tells him to stop, it means stop. He slaps the man and tells him that if he acts up again he'll cut him up. Jimmy walks into the bar and finds Nucky with Torrio. Jimmy asks Nucky if everything is alright. Nucky says that everything is fine. Jimmy asks why Nucky is in Chicago. Nucky remarks that he comes to Chicago a lot. Nucky notes that Jimmy is looking well in his new suit. Jimmy states that Torrio is helpful. Nucky tells Eddie to call a cab. Jimmy offers Nucky to give them a lift. Nucky notes it's like old times, but notes that everyone at home has managed to get along without him. Jimmy asks about Angela. Nucky suggests that Jimmy call her and find out. Jimmy insists that he's been writing letters to Angela, but she hasn't responded. Nucky tells Jimmy that he should be sending Angela and Tommy money instead of buying himself a new wristwatch. He leaves Jimmy. In Atlantic City, Eli drops by Lolly's casino to pick up the money for the week. When he walks in, he notices that the record player is skipping and there isn't any sound. He walks in and notices Lolly hunched over on a card table with his head down. Eli asks Lolly what he's doing. Lolly looks up and we see some of the D'Alessio brothers surround Eli. Eli notices that the patrons of the casino are all tied up. The D'Alessio brothers order Eli not to move, but Eli goes for his gun. One of the D'Alessio brothers shoots Eli in the stomach. Eli falls to the ground. The D'Alessio brothers grab the money and make a clean getaway from the casino. Eli moans in pain from his gunshot wound. Back in Chicago, Nucky and Senator Edge sit down to have dinner. Eddie walks into the dinner hall and whispers something to Nucky. We realize he's telling Nucky that Eli was shot. Nucky asks how bad. Eddie whispers in his ear again and we don't hear what he says. Senator Edge asks Nucky if everything is alright. Nucky says he needs to make a phone call. Nucky walks out to the payphone and dials for Margaret. Margaret gets out of bed to answer the phone. Margaret asks Nucky if everything is alright. Nucky admits that everything isn't alright. He tells Margaret that Eli has been shot. Margaret asks Nucky if Eli is dead. Nucky says that Eli is still alive, but in critical condition. Margaret promises to go see Eli as soon as she gets a babysitter for the children. Nucky tells her that's not what he needs her to do. Nucky tells her that Eli is being cared for. He wants her to go to the Ritz and go to the office to safeguard some business records. Margaret suggests that Boyd or Fleming watch over the office. Nucky tells Margaret that he has no idea what is going on and until he clears everything up he only trusts her. Margaret promises that he can trust her. Nucky tells Margaret to safeguard his ledger book and put it in the shoe compartment until he gets home. Margaret asks him when he will be home. Nucky promises that he is catching the first train that leaves Chicago. Margaret asks Nucky if he's alright. Nucky admits that he doesn't know and hangs up. Nucky grabs a drink at the bar and ponders what he's going to do. Jimmy and Richard come into the bar to join him. Jimmy admits to Nucky that Capone bought him the suit. Nucky asks Jimmy who Richard is. Jimmy introduces Richard and notes he's a war friend. The men toast to the lost. Jimmy notes that Nucky called him and notes that this isn't a social call. Nucky tells Jimmy that he needs him to come home. Jimmy asks if he needs him or wants him to come home. Nucky informs Jimmy that Eli was shot and Lolly's was robbed. Jimmy asks Nucky who did it. Nucky admits that he doesn't know, but adds that they are in a war right now. He notes that Chalky's man, Kendall, was hung and O'Neill was attacked on the boardwalk. Nucky thinks that someone feels that he is weak and doesn't have the means to retaliate. Jimmy notes that Nucky has the entire sheriff's department under his payroll. Nucky notes that Eli is in charge of that and he's in the hospital. Nucky admits that he might have to take actions that he doesn't want Eli a part of. Jimmy notes that earlier today, Nucky looked at him like he was a bug he scraped off his boot. He notes that now the world is falling apart and Nucky needs his long, lost son back. Nucky tells Jimmy not to overestimate himself. Jimmy notes that he's doing well in Chicago. Nucky notes to Jimmy that he is Irish and Torrio is Italian. Jimmy will always be an outsider no matter what. Nucky tells Jimmy that he'll give him 5% of all profits that come by boat and 10% of all profits that come in trucks. Jimmy asks Nucky about Van Alden and the investigation. Nucky promises to work that out. Jimmy admits he has to think about the proposition. Nucky tells him that he'll give him some time and tells Jimmy never to keep him waiting again. He leaves so Jimmy can make up his mind. Back in Atlantic City, Margaret arrives at Nucky's office. She walks over to his desk and turns on the lamp to see. She sits down in his chair to know what it's like for him to be boss. She opens up the drawer and finds the ledger book that Nucky was talking about. Margaret stares at the ledger book for several seconds, but before she can open it, the telephone rings. Margaret answers it, but there is no voice on the other line. She hears heavy breathing and informs the caller who she is. The other line is disconnected and Margaret wonders who it was. At the Republican Convention, Nucky meets with Daugherty before everyone else arrives. Nucky notes that it is quite a place. Daugherty is happy with it as well. Nucky informs Daugherty that he has to leave for home immediately. Daugherty notes the convention hasn't started yet. Nucky says that he's made inquiries and heard great things from Judge Graves. Daugherty notes that Graves probably noted that he likes to play ball. Nucky asks if Daugherty is good at what he does. Daugherty says he is. Nucky admits that Harding just might have a chance at getting the Republican nomination. Daugherty notes that Nucky originally was backing Wood. Nucky thinks they'll deadlock in the votes. Nucky admits that Harding might not win right off the bat, but by the fifth or sixth ballot someone is going to want a winner and Harding is the man to do it. Nucky says that he will throw the New Jersey delegates votes to Harding. Daugherty asks if that is in exchange for Senator Edge getting vice president. Nucky actually doesn't want Senator Edge to get the vice president nomination. Daugherty asks Nucky what he's missing. Nucky calls Senator Edge a liar and a backstabber. He notes that he gave Atlantic City's road money to Mayor Frank Hague. Daugherty chuckles and notes that it's a rich play. Nucky asks Daugherty how he's going to take care of Harding's lady trouble. Daugherty asks which ones he's referring to. Nucky is amazed that there's more than one. Daugherty notes that Harding gets around and he can't even keep track. He notes that one of them is trying to blackmail Harding. Nucky asks if Nan is the one blackmailing him. Daugherty says no, and admits that Nan is only in love with Harding. Nucky asks Daugherty if the daughter is Harding's. Daugherty notes that Nan and her daughter could cost Harding the election. Nucky says that he'll help with that. He tells Daugherty that he will take Nan with him to Atlantic City and keep her with Margaret until the presidential election. Nucky says that after the election, she is Daugherty's problem and he expects the road money for Atlantic City. Daugherty notes that Harding has to sign off on that. Nucky is positive that Harding will agree after the favor. Daugherty and Nucky shake hands. Daugherty notes that Al Jolson agreed to write Harding's campaign song. Nucky suggests Eddie Cantor, saying that he's better. He leaves Daugherty to head home. Jimmy calls Gillian and Gillian is glad to hear from him. Jimmy tells Gillian that he saw Nucky in Chicago for the Republican Convention. Gillian asks Jimmy if she knows what happened to Eli. Jimmy says that he does. Gillian notes that the world is going to hell in a hand basket. Gillian adds that Jimmy sounds lonesome. Jimmy admits that he was thinking of home. Gillian asks Jimmy if he's eating well. Jimmy says that he is eating fine. Gillian asks Jimmy to come home. Jimmy asks Gillian about Luciano. Gillian admits she doesn't know where to begin. At the hotel, Nucky pays for his room and goes to leave with Eddie and Nan. Senator Edge approaches Nucky and stops him before he can leave. Senator Edge asks Nucky where he's going. Nucky states that he has to go home. Senator Edge notes that the voting hasn't happened yet and he needs the New Jersey delegation. Nucky tells Senator Edge to ask Frank Hague. Senator Edge asks what he means. Nucky notes that he knows about Edge and Hague's longtime friendship. Senator Edge retorts that he is talking to a U.S. Senator. Nucky knows that Senator Edge gave the money to Hague. Senator Edge tries to deny it, but Nucky isn't buying his lies. Senator Edge says that it's only politics and he'll make it up to him later when he's in the White House. Nucky retorts that the only way Senator Edge is getting into the White House is if he goes on a tour of it. Nucky leaves Senator Edge in the lobby. At the Four Deuces, Torrio and Capone play cards with some of their friends. Jimmy watches them laugh and talk to each other in Italian. Jimmy realizes that what Nucky said was true as the Italians already have close bonds with each other that they've had for a long time. At the post office, Van Alden opens up another letter. This one is from Rose. Inside is an article called Joys of Maternity that talks about the surgery that Rose wants. Van Alden reads it and opens up his desk drawer. He pulls out a bunch of cash from Jimmy's envelopes to mail and starts to pile it on the desk. On the train home, Nan reads a love poem to Nucky and Eddie that was written by Harding. Nucky notes that Harding has a way with words. The conductor informs everyone that they will be making a stop soon. Nan goes to freshen up for the stop. Nucky asks the conductor if he's heard anything from Chicago about the Republican Convention. The conductor informs Nucky that Harding received the Republican nomination after 10 ballots. Nucky smiles to himself and notes that Harding is going to be the next President of the United States. Rose receives the letter from Van Alden, but it doesn't contain the money. Instead, Van Alden sent the money to Angela who was the rightful receiver. She is amazed with the amount of money. Van Alden wrote a letter to Rose telling her to believe in God's plan like Sarah, Rebecca, and Hannah did in the Bible. He says that by trusting in God's plan, they will be able to bestow the faith and love of God to any offspring that they will have. Rose is very distraught and rips the letter to pieces. She sits down at the table and starts to sob. Eli is being treated at his house for the gunshot wound. Nucky arrives home and Eli's wife, June, hugs him. Nucky promises June that Eli will be fine. The doctor says that it might take some time, but they will get Eli back on his feet. Nucky asks to talk to his brother alone and the group leaves the two. Nucky asks Eli how he's doing. Eli tells Nucky that the men came out of nowhere and there was nothing he could have done. Nucky tells Eli that it's only money and he can forget it. Eli says that they are under siege right now. Nucky tells Eli that he asked Jimmy to come home for some help. Nucky notes that they've been running their business for a long time and this has never happened to them before. Eli notes that it's a new world. Margaret sits in Nucky's office watching over everything. She stares at the ledger book again, wondering if she should disobey Nucky's orders and open it. After looking at it for a few seconds longer, Margaret gives in and opens the ledger. She flips through the pages and stops on a particular page. On this page, Nucky made notes of purchases for liquor in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Margaret is shocked and starts to realize just what Nucky does for a living. The episode ends with Margaret staring into nothingness.

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