Boardwalk Empire

Season 3 Episode 12

Margate Sands

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Dec 02, 2012 on HBO

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  • To The Lost

    what a great season finale I was just mesmerized by the whole atmosphere created by season 3. The way season 3 started off I thought it was getting slow and having more distractions but then you know boardwalk empire is about telling story of every character and his past and then at last a big explosion comes up it was very sad to see owen slater death I felt very depressed at that movement but then I remember the lines of nucky kent death was also very sad good to chalky white came to help nucky Thompson when all his friends betrayed him now what about gyp rossetti very strange fellow I think of him as sexual driving character good to see his death I still don't know why capone came to rescue nucky I think he offered something he couldn't refuse and at last the political slap that nucky gave to Arnold with that George mellon distillery thing was just amazing but then you know that you cant be half a gangster so till season 4 goodbye
  • About this episode

    It had great art direction.
  • one less to worry about...

    Great finale for a season full of problems of all sorts for Nucky. I guess Rosetti was the most unstable and hard-to-deal-with character he ever had to face (can't help myself, but all the time, Gyp made me think of Till Lindemann, the lead singer of . The Emmy for Bobby Cannavale was really well-deserved!

  • Nucky rules

    Worthy final of 3rd season. All lose ropes come together.
  • Hurry up already....

    Most epic season finale I've ever seen in a serie. Love the transition of Nucky from being a legitimate character from the Boardwalk into a more darker person. I can't wait for season 4 to start.
  • Richard is the man

    Loved the season finale Richard was like The Terminator in this episode and i loved every minute of it.
  • season 4 asap pls i need more

    sad to see Gyp go out like that he brought alot to the show will be hard to replace him with another bad guy

    i thought as end episode i t was a bit slow for final episode it was more like middle season episode

    i was expecting more cliffhangers for season 4

    still love the show and big fan bring on season 4 asap
  • Next season please!

    Liked the Chalky-Capone love-hate relationship. The little laugh at the end between them was really nice. Ofc Richard was the man, we all knew this was coming and he def delivered. Nucky screwing over Rothstein in his own little ways was also really nice to see, that's his way of doing things. Although now he's suspicious of everyone and accepted the gangster part of himself too, by throwing away the little rose at the end. Luciano is going to retaliate, hopefully his partner and him get a better storyline next season. Gyp and Gillian finally got what they deserved. Only curious about what's going to happen to Richard, apparently he doesn't want to bother Julia (i think was her name? correct me if i'm wrong) with what he's done, wonder what he will do from now on. Hopefully Richard and Van Alden get more screen-time next season :)). Bosses be bosses.
  • Leave it to Richard.

    Richard delivered. Nothing else is even worth mentioning. I hope Margaret is written off of the show..

    This season delivered 5 or 6 episodes of pure filler. the rest was decent.
  • Fine end to the season!

    Great end to a great season! This episode and the previous one definitely make up for some of the slow paced ones in the middle of the season. My heart was pounding this entire episode!


    - Glad Richard survived (although he seems to not have much to live for) He handles those guns like a BOSS, but I was on the edge of my seat thinking someone was going to shoot him... I hope we get to see more of him in season 4. I know it's HBO and not a fairy tale, but I really wish they'd let him live happily ever after. Just this one time.

    - I knew Tonino was going to be the one to kill Gyp, after Gyp killed his cousin in front of him. Crazy fuck.

    - That Gaston Means is a tricky dicky! Was he manipulating Andrew Mellon the entire time? Rothstein is going to be pissed if he gets arrested over that distillery business... Maybe there will be a repeat of the Rothstein-Thompson war from Season 1!

    - So what happened with Gillian? How did she survive that massive dose of heroin, intended to kill a big guy like Gyp? She obviously knows how much it takes to kill someone, as we saw with the Jimmy lookalike.

    - Anyone understand why Capone and Chalky's guys massacred Masseria's men on the way back? I thought they made an arrangement for them to just Unless it was just a signal to Massiera to not mess with Nucky in the future?

    - I'm a little confused about what happened with Luciano, Lansky, and their heroin. What's their situation now? Rothstein and Massiera speak in such convoluted language, that sometimes it's hard to understand what's going on.
  • Spoiler Alert

    Just watched clips reel of finale! 2 leadsin a row! They kill Nucky! I can't believe it.


    Gyp=Dead Harrow=alive Margaret=alive Jillian=Dead Eli=Dead Chalky=Dead Don't know how they fill out the cast. Looks like maybe they go to Chicago. the former fed guy in Chicago ends up killing Harrow. StrangE stand-off over quicklY LIKE iNDIANA jONES KILLING THE SWORDSMAN WITH GUN
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