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  • Fantastic!

    Boardwalk Empire is a fantastic show! Great cast and acting, amazing look and costumes/make-up. This show should have a ton more awards than it has. Only thing that upsets me is the last season needed more episodes, they skipped a lot of real life events . the gambler) and some of the stories were really abbreviated where entire episodes could have better finished things off.

  • Enjoy the Ride!

    "Nucky" et al, create a fascinating look into the lifestyle of the prohibition era, and the "Roaring 20's". As a Historian I certainly take issue with what is passed for fact. Irregardless, the show is interesting and entertaining as a fiction series, where I wait with baited breath for the next instalment. I do have a question however. Why is it ending after the eighth episode of season 5? The other seasons having gone for 12 each? Was there a dispute? Was it cancelled?
  • The blues never felt so good

    Iv watched Broadwalk Empire from the first season and I just wasn't sold until this season. It always looked great but the pacing at times was always a little off for me. I know it sacrilege to say but I thought it was better than breaking bad this year. The characters are fleshed out and the music has been a really nice element. Chalky and Capone have taken up more of the stage and the show is better for it. Watching this and then the standard network procedural, there really is a enormous gap in every aspect. You wont regret giving this your time
  • One of the best shows on TV

    I loved this show from the very first episode. HBO seems to be pretty much the only non-Brit outfit which bothers to produce fully realised shows these days, with three-dimensional characters rather than cardboard cut-outs and lame, improbable storylines Worth a straight ten in my book..
  • Boardwalk Empire rules!!

    One of the best shows currently on TV. Everything's spot on: casting, scenario, wardrobe, music, sets, props, cinematography; It breathes the Twenties and feels real. Especially the casting of Steve Buscemi as protagonist Nucky Thompson is at least as good as picking Bryan Cranston as Walter White. Like many of the characters the fans suffer blow by blow but keep coming back for more. Always a few nasty surprises and demises of loved characters when you least expect them. Just like it would be in a thug's life. Too bad this season's already finished again, but Boardwalk Empire will be back for a fifth season. Al Capone is finally a capo and my beloved mister Pink is more ruthless than ever, so it'll be a long wait but definitely worth it. It's a real slow burner this one so it's not everyone's poison but if you have the patience to see it through Boardwal Empire delivers time and time again. Not for the faint at heart 'cause some scenes can be extremely brutal, but what would you expect gangsters playing
  • New to the series as of January 2013

    I am not a subscriber to HBO and therefore never heard of this series. After Christmas I was at the store and I seen this series for sale - upon reading the basics and seeing the main actor, director, etc. (names are not my strongest point) I decided to try it. From 5 minutes into it I loved it. My wife at first hated it and thought it was boring. Fortunately for her I kept watching and now we are both addicted to it and love it. We haven't watched any television since and are now just starting season two on DVD. This is a GREAT show! Not since the Shield or the Wire have I been so enthralled by a show. I do hope they continue this show for many years as it seems all the best ones end too soon (Deadwood, The Wire, The Shield). They need better advertising though - if I didn't stumble upon this by accident I would have never discovered it.
  • Best show EVER.

    If you don't like this show, you are wrong and you should feel bad. This third season has set the bar so high, I doubt any show can ever reach it again. Perfection. If you're too "disgusted" to appreciate this level of genius, go back to watching Storage Wars or Honey Boo Boo or whatever bottom feeding garbage you prefer.

  • Exceptional!

    Steve Buscemi, an outstanding actor once again giving an amazing performance in a well-documented, well-written series. True to form we see the corruption and violence of the era. One moment tugging at the heartstrings, the next inducing chills of spine felt terror. Travelling through time the show encapsulates not only the political and economic structure of those very tough years but gives a view of everything from suffrage to prohibition, and immigration. It may not be pretty - but true, a part of history that cannot be denied. All part of what made us what we are today. Great performances all round.
  • Holy sh*t, that was really frick'n good!

    Some people already said it, everything is outstanding! The acting, writing directing, special effects... Also Steve Buscemi is The man for this show, his unguilty looks compared with the looks of a man who is clear thinking and very smart. I can recommend this show to people who like a show where you have think a little to follow the story line.
  • The epic drama has returned to our TVs!. The acting, the writing, the cinematography and the directing put together this master piece. My recommendation for the show… it is a must watch.


    I have to admit that I have a special love for HBO and their series, because they have brought a new concept of television series. I saw the first season of Boardwalk Empire completely. This show is excellent filmed, well-acted by all the actors, especially for Steve Buscemi, the protagonist, and some other secondary characters like the messianic ex-soldier that is missing half of his face.

    The story is very entertaining, with intrigues and power games that catch you and make you want to know what is going to happen. Good combination between personal histories and the politics of the time, between drama and action.

    Board Walk Empire is an interesting exploration of a time that is considerate splendid for the American fiction. This TV series needs to build a totally new world for the audience and it makes it getting us involved inside the characters's drama.

    Definitively the atmosphere is amazing, showing consistent with the script. The set and the clothes are absolutely fabulous, as well as the fantastic performance of the actors.

  • Awesome!!!! Was waitin for it forever and was way above my expectations.Gr8 direction by the master,gr8 casting and a story which flows at the rite pace.Awesome sets of 1920..If u liked godfather, goodfellas, sopranos..u wud love this show.TV at its best!

    Awesome!!!! Was waitin for it forever and was way above my expectations.........hav been suffering from post Wire syndrome (if u know what I mean!) last a show to fix it. Gr8 direction by the master, gr8 casting and a story which flows at just the rite pace. awesome sets of 1920.......If u liked godfather, goodfellas, sopranos.....u wud love this show. If u did not like them....even then i wud recommend u to watch the 1st episode, just may change yur mind! Its really good storytelling....btw Wire fans Omar has a role in this..... Steve Buscemi is gr8 as politician Nucky Johnson as is his protege Michael Pitt as Jimmy and rest of the support cast also play their roles well....the budget for this show wud be more than most hollywood movies judging by the pilot....the scale, music and atmosphere is truly amazing.

    Television at its best!
  • Welcome to your new best show ever...

    I was looking forward to this show very much, and did it deliver? you bet it did. The look of this show is stunning, the cast perfect and writing is tight. As the story builds through this pilot I found myself already liking the characters and already pondering as to where these will be heading in future episodes. As if it needs saying but Steve Buscemi is one of our fines actors and this could be his finest hour.

    After the dire pacific outing, HBO bounce right back on track and give us something near the heights of The Sopranos & Deadwood and for my clam, for what its worth, this could be the one to fight Tony and his mob for the title of the best show ever.
  • This show probably isn't for you... unless you like genuinely awesome, epic television. At it's finest. With Steve Buschemi.

    This show is what we laymen call "Fricking Awesome and Amazing in pretty much every way". It's got everything a period piece needs: stunning costumes, period music, truly genuine atmosphere, and did I mention the costumes? Fantastic.

    The acting isn't anything to sneeze at, either. Not that they don't have amazing characters to work with. Steve Buschemi absolutely kills with the charming but corrupt Nucky Thompson; Kelly MacDonald shines brilliantly as the sweet, innocent Mrs. Margaret Schroeder; Throw in Michael Pitt as the fledgling gangster Jimmy and Michael Shannon who convincingly plays the terrifyingly creepy Agent Nelson Van Alden and you have a sensational cast just as amazing as the characters they portray. You can't go wrong with these people.

    The intense plots and shocking images never cease to surprise you at every turn. HBO takes full advantage of it's pay-to-watch status and never fails to pile on the extreme violence and nudity whenever it so deems fit. But the twists! Oh, the twists are the best part. You may think you know what's going on, you may be 100 percent certain, but let me tell you, you don't know squat.
  • This show makes Steve Buscemi look VERY sexy and that is saying something!

    I've always had a thing for Steve Buscemi, who knows what it is but this show has figured it out and capitalized on it. It is enrapturing, it overwhelms the senses with beauty and cruelty at the same time. It makes me want a bigger television, just to I can enjoy every minute detail. It is also the show I spend the most time goggling details on after the show to see what it real and what is not. The two blend seamlessly together in this grand pageant though history. It is 'like' a mini-series from the late 70s or 80s but it is so much better, so much richer, basically it is just so much more. Thanks
  • If you are going to watch anything, and I do mean anything, Watch this show. You will be very far from disappointed and you know when it's done that it was an hour well spent.


    This show is amazing!!! Everything from the acting to the sets and the overall storyline will never fail to "wow" you. Set in the prohibition era with costume design that is as genuine as I have ever seen as well as true period music. This show literally pulls you in to Atlantic City. It is a great example of how the mafia was able to rise to power during prohibition days with great intelligence and brutallity. For anyone who loves mafia related stories and just overall great television this is your show.

  • The Sopranos meet bio pick, but with Steve Buscemi and Michael Pitt!!

    Are we really surprised that HBO has done it again? I think not... Some might criticize that we have seen the whole mob thing from them before with the Sopranos, but those people aren't true fans of the Sopranos! I will gladly take more of where that came from. Beyond its similarities to our favorite NJ crime family, Boardwalk Empire really does a great job of immersing the viewer into the epoch. I don't even have to mention the quality of the acting and writing, I mean its HBO after all. Even their flops out class most other shows. What I find most intriguing about BE, however, is the dramatizing of historical events. Although not entirely historically accurate, I feel enough fact seeps through the narrative to really create that sense of believability that you just don't get that often with TV these days. Couple that with great story telling and I think you have a hands-down winner. I foresee Emmys in this show's future!
  • Feels authentic

    This show had a very slow burn of a first season but if stuck with it you were rewarded with fully fleshed out characters and story lines each season thereafter. The costume sets, music are all top notch and makes you feel like you are in the era. If you don't appreciate character development and only want action this show may not be for you. There are many episodes that are slow burns but quite necessary for both story and for the action scenes to be more effective. This show is tied for HBO's best currently running shows.
  • Hooch! if you love Boardwalk Empire, you will love this

    I am a huge fan of the 1920's and the prohibition era! if you are as well check out this project.

    Hooch on Kickstarter!

    You will not be disappointed!
  • A Real Epic Program!

    What is there not to like of this Epic Every Scene . I Enjoyed how the careful time was given to each of the cast members life and happenings were careful worked out. Personally , I Would Have Given a 10, But, I Wouldn't Have Killed Off Owen.
  • Great

    Thought from the start Id like this show, hated when Jimmy died, but gotta say that aside form some things I think erronous, Its a great show, and it so reminds me of how things are still run in countries lets say like the DRwhere I live, corruption so upfront, and the public knows who the bad guys show
  • The Gangs are back!!!

    Ok when The Sopranos ended, lets faced it, the mob tv shows were gone
    Now, with Boardwalk Empire, they are back and HBO effors to regain control of Sunday evenings are working
    I love this show, specially Steve Buscemi hes awsome in the role, and a tv show that was rewened for a second season only after the premiere you have to love it the episode are good i mean not a 10 (The first one directed by Scorsesse -sorry the bad spelling- was a 10) but they are like an 8 and thats enough good to make you want to watch the show
    Bravo HBO "The Sopranos" are gone (but foerever remembered) now "Boardwalk Guys" are here... to take control!!!!

    XO XO

  • Gold Standard Television series of the prohibition years. Splendidly cast characters and well acted scripts with sets out of this world.

    Steve Buscemi who I loved in the Sopranos cameo role really drives this series along. In a period of political corruption and gangland wars for territorial control; he trips daintily over cracks in the sidewalk avoiding a premature termination from both sides; whilst carrying on a romantic affair with aplomb. You have to love him even though you would never tolerate him in your town - Or would you? There are a host of characters opening up all over and the story ties together well. I noticed a recent review that described Capone as a fat drunken lout. Well- wasn't that exactly what he was. There was nothing heroic about him or any of them come to that. Like Tony Soprano - fascinating from a distance but best viewed from the safety of a bulletproof TV screen I think. The next series cannot come soon enough
  • So Sad...

    What a shame to see such a great show go; great characters, awesome settings, a storyline that relates to real life events, sad sad sad! Especially when you see mind numbing "run away from the gouls" shows actually gaining ratings when clearly, the writers haven't had a clue what to come up with for a looooong time ( in case you're wondering; yes, I am talking about the god awful walking dead ) . Another one bites the dust; so long Nuck!
  • Boardwalk Empire is great

    This show is awesome. From the cast, the script, the scenario, ecc ecc.

    I just finished season one in 2 days and I'm already watching season two, this show is addictive.

    I truly advice everyone to give a shot of this show because is a great one.

    The only problem that I have with the show, like for a lot of movie too, is the fact that all the "Italian" speaking dialogues are not done in Italian. Every time a character is supposed to speak Italian he is talking gibberish with he add of some casual Italian words. It's extremely annoying, especially for the Italian audience. They spend million on this show, why not bring someone who really speak Italian and teach some lines to the actors??!!

    It's like when a movie character is present as Chinese but in reality he is speaking Japanese during the entire movie. Most of the people will not see the difference but for a lot of others this is kinda of annoying.
  • Great season

    I've been watching since the beginning, and the funny thing is that every other year, BE is never what I look forward to the most. The quality is top notch; but the pacing seems to falter at times, and the sheer glut of "minor" characters often forces even the more interesting ones to be marginalized for the sake of the greater stories of each season.

    That said, and as one reviewer has already put it, if it's all taken as a prelude to what's happening now, then WOW has it been amazing! This season has been fan-damn-tastic! Chalky, Al, van Alden, and Richard have so much more to do- and even better: these supremely awesome characters are starting to intersect. It's mostly completely separate from the main Nucky stuff, for now, and it's been better for it IMO. Those guys definitely have the chops to keep our attention!

    Meanwhile, Nucky's story, along with nephew Willie's intro the family business, had been good to.

    There's not a single thread this season that I'm not enjoying- tho I didn't miss Gillian this past Sunday...
  • Loyal? Begrudgingly ;)

    I've seen every episode from the start. Fantastic show. Recommended to everyone. Spoiler alert when Jimmy dies I was pissed. Very much so. But it turns out there was some discord between Michael Pitt and I think Terrence Winters. Or something like that, apparently it was irreparable. So what can you do? I like many swore off the show, but than had an off season to cool off. By the time the next season premiered I was back on board the boardwalk. I personally love Margaret and I think Nuckie stained her. The new trailer looks great but I was hoping that Gillian was dead. She should be dead. Anyway can't wait.
  • Amazing for people that UNDERSTAND..

    After reading a few comments about people saying they will quit watching because of the violence.. What did you think this show was about? Nookie and Capone sharing tea at a dinner party? People that get sick to their stomach and easily offended obviously have not experienced the dark side of the world to appreciate the writing and those actual scenes that go into making a show like this and bringing the truth to the "simple" minded folk.

    World is bad enough? Well some people do not know anything about the world.. You think what is done nowadays is worse? Least we get to see that it was always there for some people.. In fact on more of a inappropriate level back then. Makes you appreciate the laws of our society a bit more I would think.

    Boardwalk is quick witted and has some of the best endings per season. If ya do not like it that is understandable.. but to bring up the fact ya do not due to violence and sick scenes.. Well ya should not have watched this kind of show to begin with or got started in it.. It was pretty obvious what it was all about.. even on a synopsis. move on to like BIg Bang Theory or Vegas ;)
  • Great show.

    Boardwalk empire is a great show with no shortage of compelling characters. in fact i think they could get rid of a couple of characters and flesh out others a bit more. B.E. gives me more filler than I can appreciate. It has more than enough red herrings, characters that join the cast, captivate you, then turn into living props and do nothing but take up space. Like Owen Sleater and Billie Kent. They provided nothing but filler this season, while Chalky, Purnsley, Meyer, Lucky, Ricard and Al practically disappeared. I like that Richard has a girl friend now. The writers should shear off time wasting storylines and characters and focus on the people who make it great.
  • Hoodlums, not icons

    Boardwalk Empire is a hard-hitting drama series that tells the tale of Atlantic City's less than stellar past. Steve Buscemi as ethically questionable city treasurer Enoch "Nucky" Thompson, who just happened upon the burgeoning business of bootlegging liquor during Prohibition shortly after WWI.

    This show doesn't glorify gangsters like it's predecessor series, The Sopranos, rather it tells how the gangsters of that era manage to thrive & survive by means of corruption & violence & the way it affects their personal lives.

    I became a fan just after seeing the first couple of episodes & i haven't regretted it once.

    Nucky Thompson, a man of the people, just the wrong kind of people.
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