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  • Not my kind of show, but it had something going before they killed off the character Jimmy Darmody

    First, I just want to say, I'm not a fan of mob shows or movies, but I watched this show because I was bored.

    Gangs, corruption, speakeasies, Prohibition. I think HBO did a great job portraying the roaring twenties and the rise of corrupt politicians as well as gangsters. I have no problem saying that HBO is too wild for me because the show is also heavy on the sex and ballistic with the bloody content, but then again, it is a mob show. HBO has that reputation for graphic material. My biggest problem with this show is that it dragged on and took long to even reach a climax.

    Honestly none of the other secondary characters were the least bit interesting. I found Nucky's mistress to a pain in the ass and she contradicted herself foolishly. I'm a female and I felt disgusted by how this show portrayed woman. Goodness, do we all need a man to pimp us and provide everything for us??

    On a good note, Steve Buscemi was more than convincing as the gangster Nucky Thompson. I wonder if he was a real life gangster/politician. He is fantastic and funny in this show, but I have to say his character wasn't the most interesting.

    I feel the writers made a grave mistake by killing the character Jimmy Darmody, especially when the core storyline revolved deeply around him and his business/betrayal/father-son relationship with Nucky. After a while you become familiar with Nucky Thompson and figure out the kind of man he is, but Jimmy was ever-changing. With him, there was so much ambiguity and I felt that he was too smart to fall into the trap that eventually killed him. He kept me watching the show. Him and his friend Richard were the most interesting. Maybe because they saw war first-hand. They were both tortured and that made them kindred souls.

    I also feel Jimmy was the only one that could maybe beat or rival Nucky at his game. The 2nd season finale seemed like that last showdown between Nucky and Jimmy should've come when HBO decides to wrap up the show for good.

    I don't know how the next season will be, but I won't be surprised if the show loses momentum or the ratings dip because of that. He was too much of an important character that a lot of fans probably empathized with. Sometimes when a well-loved character is gone, a show may lose appeal. There are perfect examples of that in television history.

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