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  • Disgust and delight

    Having just finished watching the season 3 finale, I am at once relieved, happy, sad, disgusted, disappointed and delighted. I guess it is pretty much something for everyone! I generally avoid seeing violence. That is how I managed to avoid becoming a fan of the show until right before season 3 began. I am a huge fan of anything to do with the 1920s, and have been working on making some hats in the style of the early-mid 20s. I actually watched it to see the fashions which, as near as I can tell, have been very realistically created. In the process, I couldn't avoid liking the characters (and hating some) and caring about what happened to them and, VOILA, I'm a fan now! I still hate the violence, but I always record each episode and never watch it until it is at least 15 minutes into the broadcast, so I can forward through the especially graphic scenes. I see who is killing whom, while avoiding having those visions stuck in my long-term memory. I do agree that the part where Gyp tortures and kills Tonino's cousin was way too much, though, and hope the writers won't feel the need to go that far again. I think we all ready hated Gyp enough, prior to that. I'm at once thrilled, sad, and disappointed by the finale. No big surprise that Nucky is still with us. He's probably the only character that we can depend on surviving, at least as long as the show keeps getting picked up for another season. I think it was obvious within the first five minutes of the season premiere, that Gyp Rosetti was going to be knocked off in the season finale. The question was just who would be doing the honor.

    I guess we have to wait until September to find out if the heroin overdose killed Gillian or not. I have been hoping she would be taken out, but I felt sorry for her when she reverted to that 13 year old girl who was raped by Jimmy's father.

    I'm very upset with Margaret, although I'm still holding out a little hope that she didn't go through with aborting Owen's baby. Anyone who has just barely had an abortion would be bleeding, quite heavily, especially if they were far enough along to be sure of the pregnancy, by the symptoms alone, as they would have been in the 1920s. Since she appeared to be a bit surprised by the blood, I'm still holding out a little hope that she didn't do it and there is another explanation for the blood.

    Richard was definitely the hero of the night! That he got Tommy safely to Julia's house was a big relief. That her father understood what was happening, and seemed to care about the boy, is hopeful, too.

    For next season, I suspect that the Ben "Bugsy" Segal character will be fleshed out to some extent. I hope there won't be a new villain introduced, as there is an abundance of characters to serve as Nucky's nemesis all ready. I hope that Richard gets to be Nucky's right hand man and realizes his dream of being with Tommy and Julia.

    I also hope that Bobby Cannavale gets new series soon! He was so incredible as Gyp Rosetti that, although that revolting character needed to be done away with, I will still miss being able to see his work!