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  • Amazing for people that UNDERSTAND..

    After reading a few comments about people saying they will quit watching because of the violence.. What did you think this show was about? Nookie and Capone sharing tea at a dinner party? People that get sick to their stomach and easily offended obviously have not experienced the dark side of the world to appreciate the writing and those actual scenes that go into making a show like this and bringing the truth to the "simple" minded folk.

    World is bad enough? Well some people do not know anything about the world.. You think what is done nowadays is worse? Least we get to see that it was always there for some people.. In fact on more of a inappropriate level back then. Makes you appreciate the laws of our society a bit more I would think.

    Boardwalk is quick witted and has some of the best endings per season. If ya do not like it that is understandable.. but to bring up the fact ya do not due to violence and sick scenes.. Well ya should not have watched this kind of show to begin with or got started in it.. It was pretty obvious what it was all about.. even on a synopsis. move on to like BIg Bang Theory or Vegas ;)