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  • New to the series as of January 2013

    I am not a subscriber to HBO and therefore never heard of this series. After Christmas I was at the store and I seen this series for sale - upon reading the basics and seeing the main actor, director, etc. (names are not my strongest point) I decided to try it. From 5 minutes into it I loved it. My wife at first hated it and thought it was boring. Fortunately for her I kept watching and now we are both addicted to it and love it. We haven't watched any television since and are now just starting season two on DVD. This is a GREAT show! Not since the Shield or the Wire have I been so enthralled by a show. I do hope they continue this show for many years as it seems all the best ones end too soon (Deadwood, The Wire, The Shield). They need better advertising though - if I didn't stumble upon this by accident I would have never discovered it.