Boardwalk Empire

Season 1 Episode 10

The Emerald City

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 21, 2010 on HBO



  • Quotes

    • Margaret Schroeder: (reading to Emily and Teddy) "I built that palace and the Emerald City too," remarked the Wizard in a thoughtful tone, "and I'd like to see them again, for I was very happy amongst the Munchkins and Winkies and Quadlings and Gillikins." "Who are they?" asked the boy. "The four nations that inhabit the land of Oz," was the reply.
      (she looks up and sees Harrow hovering in the doorway. The children look nervous)
      Richard Harrow: Sorry.
      (he turns to leave)
      Margaret Schroeder: (after a pause)
      Mr. Harrow...
      (he turns back)
      We're reading The Wizard of Oz by Frank Baum.
      Richard Harrow: Yes?
      (he comes in and sits down)
      Margaret Schroeder: "I wonder if they would treat me nicely if I went there again." "Of course they would," declared Dorothy. "They are still proud of their former Wizard and often speak of you kindly." "Do you happen to know whatever became of the Tin Woodsman and the Scarecrow?" he inquired. "They live in Oz yet," said the girl, "and are very important people."
      (she turns the page and shows Harrow the illustration of the Tin Man)
      Richard Harrow: Hmm. The Tin Woodsman.
      (to the children)
      That's me.
      (he taps his mask)
      I think I need some oil.
      (the children giggle)
      Emily Schroeder: Mama, it's really him?
      Margaret Schroeder: Why, yes, dear, directly from Oz. And who better to have in our house than the mighty Tin Woodsman?
      (she smiles at Harrow, and he smiles shyly back)