Boardwalk Empire

Season 2 Episode 12

To The Lost

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Dec 11, 2011 on HBO

Episode Recap

Two masked men (actually Jimmy and Richard) drive up to a Klansmen meeting and demand to know the identities of the men who shot up Chalky White's operation and killed his men. They kill off two Klansmen to show that they mean business.

Meanwhile, Nucky is meeting with Manny Horwitz. Manny confesses that Waxy Gordon is edging into problem territory right now and he needs help getting rid of him. Nucky considers it, if Manny stops hounding Jimmy. Manny agrees.

Back at Chalky's, the three gunmen who killed Chalky's men are delivered by Jimmy, along with $5000 for each of the victims' families. Chalky is surprised, since he only asked for $3000. Jimmy wants Chalky to send Nucky a message. He wants to meet with his old mentor.

Nucky arrives home to find Emily trying to walk in her new crutches, but Margaret has left the house. She's gone to talk to Randolph along with her priest. Randolph and Margaret share some time alone, with Margaret telling Randolph that her husband abused her and her children. And that Nucky was the one who saved her from that life.

Nucky speaks with Fallon, who says that Margaret's testimony might be the crux of the trial. Even if she says nothing bad about him, the jury might believe the worst.

Nucky arrives at Jimmy's house with Owen, who is asked to wait outside. Jimmy tells Nucky that the Commodore is dead. Nucky demands to know why Jimmy wanted to kill Nucky. Jimmy confesses that it was all Eli's idea. Jimmy promises to take care of Nucky's legal issues.

Margaret and Nucky talk about their varying views on religion. He wishes for them to get married so that she won't testify against him. Nucky doesn't want to go to prison and be separated from Margaret. Margaret agrees and they get married, with Nucky reminding her to sign the deed of New Jersey land back over to him afterwards.

Ward Boss Neary is having sex with his secretary when Jimmy and Richard burst in. They chase the woman away and force Neary to type up a letter which recants his testimony in Nucky's trial. After the letter is finished, Richard shoves a gun barrel into Neary's mouth and kills him.

Van Alden, his daughter, and her nanny move into a house in Cicero together.

Nucky's case falls into a mistrial when Randolph doesn't have enough evidence to convict him. The only person still in deep trouble is Deputy Halloran, who will be sent to Levenworth for his part.

Eli returns home and Nucky speaks with him. Eli vehemently denies that he wanted Nucky dead. Nucky says that Eli will probably have to serve 2 years in prison, but he'll be out in 1. Meanwhile Nucky will take care of Eli's family.

Rothstein and Luciano begin a promising heroin-dealing operation. Nucky calls up Rothstein inquiring about Horwitz. Rothstein doesn't care what happens to Horwitz, so Nucky is free to take him instead.

Nucky calls Jimmy, saying that he has Manny and Jimmy is free to speak with him. Jimmy arrives, unarmed, and wonders who will kill Manny. Nucky shoots Jimmy dead, telling him that he's not seeking forgiveness. Later Nucky tells Margaret that Jimmy went to reenlist in the army.

As Nucky and his associates celebrate the building of a new freeway through the state, Margaret signs off ownership of that land to the church.

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