Boardwalk Empire

Season 2 Episode 12

To The Lost

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Dec 11, 2011 on HBO

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  • Here was a man.

    A hell of an end for one of my characters of the show. He went out on his own terms, coming unarmed and ready for death. His final scenes were very touching, especially the one with his son and Harrow and his conversation about returning from the war. It was a terrific death scene. "I died in the trenches years a go."

    I feel bad that some people are quitting the show now, I mean I don't think it's the best show out right now, but it's still one hell of a great show. It's a gangster show, if you don't expect some main characters to die, then there would be nothing at stake. He had it coming, failing to kill Nucky and Manny both and not being able to take control of the booze trade. That's consequence. But I, too, would've loved to see Jimmy stick around for one more season.

    But even with his death, you can expect some strong stories next year. I mean Van Alden hanging out in Cicero, Al Capone will surely get some shit done there (maybe even with Van Alden). Harrow, the man with half a face, it'll be interesting to see what he does, seek blood or take care of Jimmy's family. There's also Nucky, while I'll admit I don't like him that much (but I do love Steve Buscemi), but you can be sure he's gonna look to fuck some people over. And then you got Manny, who's probably the most badass Jew with a cleaver ever. So there's still lots going on. With Jimmy's death, there's gonna be one new character, he'll never replace Jimmy but he'll sure add more depth/death to the show.

    To the lost.