Boardwalk Empire

Season 3 Episode 11

Two Imposters

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 25, 2012 on HBO

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  • About this episode

    It had great art direction.
  • great episode

    fantasic episode kept me on edge of my seat all the way through it

  • Setting up the Finale

    Great episode. For the past few slower episodes I was wondering where Capone was. It seems like Torrio is phasing out and Capone is being ushered in as the guy in Chicago. More capone = making this show more interesting
  • Making up for all the slow-paced episodes we've put up with!

    - I'm a little skeptical that they will conclude the entire Rosetti conflict in just one episode... Unless they leave us with a cliffhanger. Maybe Nucky DOESN'T win right away. Maybe the Capone-Chalky army isn't quite enough, and he gets driven out of town, then the next season is all about his fight to take Atlantic City back... You never know with Boardwalk Empire!

    - I really hope they don't kill off Richard Harrow. He's obviously gearing up for something big at Gillian's brothel, but that's risky business with Rosetti and all his thugs hanging around in there.

    - Nice to have Chalky back in the series. I was worried that his only storyline was going to be getting his daughter to marry Samuel, and intimidating Eddie Cantor.
  • Speechless

    One of the best episodes I have seen.
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