Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice

Season 1 Episode 11

My Butcher is a Thief

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Dec 12, 1973 on ABC

Episode Recap

Carol has gotten a great deal on some steaks from a salesman called 'Mr. Tenderloin' (Hoke Howell), who sells door-to-door.  Soon, they suspect that the meat may have been illegally obtained, and, the next day, Mr. Tenderloin pays Ted a visit, in Ted's office.  After the meeting, Ted buys nearly $300 worth of the beef.  Soon, they find out that Tenderloin is a wanted man, and, when an agent with The Bureau Of Range Protection (Gordon Jump) visits Ted in his office, the next day, Ted argues that he had no idea that the beef was stolen.  The agent comes to the Henderson home, to confiscate the beef, and Ted figures out that the agent is crooked, as well.   Ted blackmails the agent into letting him keep the beef, and the turns most of it over to an orphanage.  However, there are a few steaks that the Hendersons overlooked, still in their freezer.  Ted refuses to eat it, until Alice reminds him that -- With their original outlay -- The meat is worth some $75 a pound.